30 Days, 30 Artists: Day 5

Malcom “Mac Miller” McCormick

Favorite Songs: “Senior Skip Day” ; “Get Up” ; “Best Day Ever” ; “Smile Back” ; “Missed Calls” ; “Loud”

Favorite Album/Mixtape: Blue Slide Park ; Best Day Ever ; Macadelic shall be listened to once I get my new computer :)

Favorite Lyrics: “right now lets get this paper, and smile for all them haters…” ; “never gave a fxck and nothing bout me changed…” ; “I aint no hipster, but girl I can make your hips stir…” ; “I’m the type to bring you right back down to earth…” ; “life goes on, days get brighter…” ; “after all, only get one life, so there’s no time to stall…” ; “they say you waste time asleep, but I’m just tryna dream…” ; “Best Day Ever” lyrics

First Time You Heard Them: I had heard about him all over Tumblr and YouTube around March 2011, but I finally listened to him over Spring Break 2k11. It was “Knock, Knock”. I think that it was around the time he was on tour with Wiz. I loved the energy and flow of the song, and the lyrics were good, so I listened more to him. “Senior Skip Day” and “All Around the World” also had me into to this boy. I finally listened to the mixtape Best Day Ever and from then, I was hooked. His personality shines through his music on so many different levels. In songs like “Party on Fifth Ave” you get the wild Mac who likes to party and have a good time. While in songs like “Best Day Ever” you see the serious side, where he looks at things from different perspectives, but he almost always seem to find something optimistic in everything. I love listening to him because no matter what kind of mood you’re in, his music always manages to make you feel better. 

Recommend ONE song to your followers: cheepas I keep up with this three, instead of one. Hmm… “Best Day Ever”, “America” and “Missed Calls" 

- nothing, BUT lovee for this boy, innuh. ♥:* #mostDOPE