malcolm x scholar


At times it can be extermely hard to liberate most black people. Most people of the African diaspora are programmed. Therefore whether conscious or subconscious as a whole we don’t want to be liberated. You have to look at the make up of society as whole and critical think.
The majority of Black Men are perfectly set up to benefit White Men and White owners. Like I said they will offer you a job as security cause “you niggers” can SECURE some shit for us. They are locking black men up at alarring rates. They don’t mind offering you a job as a Janitor cause you can CLEAN some shit for them and they don’t mind having the most talented of us ENTERTAIN them. But what they do mind is black men getting political for black people and black men owning some shit in favor of black people. I’m trying to show you the large picture this is no conspiracy theory. Now I’m not saying that none of us should partake in these fields because we have to provide for our families but I am saying the collective goal and agenda should be to push our children towards Economic Empowerment and Political Gain.

White Men have this system set up for their benefit and their descendants benefit .


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