malcolm x child

PATRIOTIC BLACK FOLKS ARE THE MOST CONFUSED, MISLED, AND MISEDUCATED PEOPLE ON THE PLANET. When you support the America, it’s military, and it’s agendas you support it’s conquests against Afrikan people and people of color in general.  When you’re the floor associate at walmart talking about what “we offer” or “our” company realize that NO PERSON WHO LOOKS like YOU OWNS any parts of that company. It aint yo shit and they will fire that ass quick as shit.  Our government? LOl black people been voting for 50 years and aint shit change. Goverment doesn’t do shit for Black people.  Whenever I get into a debate with a “educated” black person and they use words like “we as a nation” or “our nation” I already know they’re confused as fuck.  They be the same type of people quick to denounce any associations they have with Africa claiming America as their home. How you call a place home that doesn’t recognize you as a human being? Wake up. Peace Post made by @solar_innerg #sancophaleague