malcolm wearing peter's face


Well, I always think it’s amazing when you *see* Peter transform into Malcolm like you do at the end of this.

Because even with his Oscar, a shelf full of other awards, 30+ years experience in the business starting with a not-insignificant role opposite Burt “Real Life Terrifying” Lancaster, Peter STILL had to ask himself What would Malcolm do? and channel all of Malcolm’s ferocity to keep from being totally star-struck in the presence of Tony Fucking Soprano.


In his dashing long haired youth, a more than a decade before the Snuggly Fleece became an essential part of his off duty cold weather wardrobe, Malcolm’s favored winter look was a plain jumper-under-a- fancy-jumper* and a very fetching black leather jacket.

*Hey, don’t knock it.  Added together, they’re 40 tog!


See, I wouldn’t mess with Randall. Would you mess with Randall?

I remember being just amazed when this scene first aired because the very LAST place I EVER expected to see Malcolm’s bollocking face

was menacing out from behind Randall’s specs, and yet there it was

(And not just that, the whole scene is built around it which makes it even more impressive.)