malcolm tuckers


Well, I always think it’s amazing when you *see* Peter transform into Malcolm like you do at the end of this.

Because even with his Oscar, a shelf full of other awards, 30+ years experience in the business starting with a not-insignificant role opposite Burt “Real Life Terrifying” Lancaster, Peter STILL had to ask himself What would Malcolm do? and channel all of Malcolm’s ferocity to keep from being totally star-struck in the presence of Tony Fucking Soprano.


Absolute classic.


Poor Nicola. She’s been carjacked by a Jock. CarJocked.

Who DOES laugh very happily at her embarrassing picture – the second one in a week as I’m sure you remember– but is also surprisingly reassuring (by his standards anyway) about her job prospects even if his extreme tactfulness about how WELL she’s doing said job is pretty much the kind of extreme tactfulness that isn’t.

But it’s the thought that counts, right?

(Poor Nicola.)