malcolm tucker running


As we finally FINALLY reach the end of this presidential election cycle from ABSOLUTE HELL, I present Malcolm running hither and thither in Washington, DC.

See him start outside the actual fucking White House!

See him be his normal charming self!

See him go completely the WRONG way!

See him cross in front of the Senate side of the Capitol!

DON’T see him get the cab he presumably catches to take him the RIGHT way!

See him finally make it to the actual fucking State Department!

Oh, wait, so maybe Malcolm wasn’t going the WRONG way after all.  As long as he ends up back at the White House (which actually he more or less does since he’s last seen in DC charging towards the Ellipse), a small detour to the Senate on his way to the State Department is totally acceptable because White House to Senate to State Department to White House is absolutely how it works, right?

(Hmmm, yes, I have to admit this post may contain some exceedingly ~subtle~ hints about who I desperately hope will win today.)

(Especially as I have to live in this ridiculous city. Poor me.)


Yes, Malcolm definitely NEVER had a sexed up a dossier with that man.

Which – despite the evidence of our own eyes of him totally doing that exact thing – we know must be true because Malcolm’s dossier is in a BLUE folder and obviously that makes all the information contained in it completely not a war crime accurate.

And because I can’t miss any opportunity to use this gif,

I should say the red faced shouty man on the right SWEARS Chilcot 100% exonerates him re: the Real Life sexed up dossier, but if it’s a choice between AIastair’s version of reality and Armando’s, I’ll choose Armando’s every time.

And what exactly does a clown running across a minefield look like?  Does it look anything like this?

(Now you could say, yeah, love the Capaldi clown running, but where’s the minefield?  To which I would reply, have you ever tried to entertain a bunch of judgmental children while wearing floppy shoes?  I’m just seeing the inner metaphor at the heart of Malcolm’s simile.)


Ben, if you think Nicola as a toddler with a harpoon is alarming, just be glad you aren’t inside Malcolm’s head right now as he – in the space of a blink of a blurry eye – has a short but INTENSE vision of Nicola with a plan

and what he sees




Today in The Thick of It history:

July 5th, 2012, the last day of the series, and the second worst day of Malcolm’s life.  

I debated about posting this because, well, because it depresses me on about five different levels, but what the hell.  It can’t be argued that it’s not a significant date and it should be recognized even if I pretty much feel like it is made entirely out of sad kittens.

(Except obviously for Malcolm’s running, which is never not funny)


And here ends part 1* of my 10th anniversary commemoration of The Thick of It with a celebration of episode 3, which first aired on June 2nd 2005. 

Plotwise, 103 is far more conventional than the previous two.  We finally see a story that pretty much follows the expected formula of the genre i.e. bumbling minister causes crisis that the wily (and in this case extremely shouty) fixer must resolve. No, it’s not the plot that makes this episode important, it’s the number of critical TTOI elements that make their  first appearance here:   

  • Dan “Brushed Aluminium CyberPRICK” Miller
  • Sam!
  • The idea of the good resignation

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