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If you ask me, anti-heroes are the most interesting characters in any form of writing.

  • Percy: I put the legit in illegitimate
  • Annabeth: Since when can you spell

I felt the biggest weakness Enterprise had was it didn’t love it’s characters enough. We got so many episodes about Archer and Trip… what about everyone else? Give me more Travis. Give me more Hoshi. Give me more Malcolm. Let me be invested in the characters so they can carry the plot.

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The Enterprise crew dealing with your death would involve:

Jonathan Archer: Handles it professionally around the others. He’s the Captain; he’s not supposed to openly grieve. Stay strong for the crew. Save the anger and sadness for when he’s alone. But for a while after your death, Archer noticeably mopes a lot. Isn’t as friendly or open as usual. Barely speaks to anyone other than T’Pol or Trip. It’ll take something big to snap him out of his grumpy moping, but that doesn’t mean he’ll ever forgive himself for letting you die

T’Pol: She is Vulcan. Don’t expect her to visibly show any signs of grief. But that doesn’t mean she doesn’t feel anything. A loss of a companion can be felt by any species; even one that has no feelings. She knows there’ll be a definite loss to the crew with you gone, and it’ll take time for her to get accustomed to your absence.

Trip Tucker: Is equal parts angry and sad. Trip is definitely a firecracker of emotions and he’ll switch back and forth between the two, depending on the situation. There’ll be times where he tries to act professional for the sake of others, but that doesn’t last very long. So he’ll end up snapping at someone or letting out a few tears alone in his quarters when he remembers something you used to do

Malcolm Reed: He’s more successful in staying professional. Pushing any feelings he might have to the back of his head because he knows you died doing your duty. That’s not to say he’s not sad, because he is. You were a good friend and Malcolm doesn’t have many good friends. But he’s better at compartmentalizing things like this. 

Hoshi Sato: Will openly cry at the funeral, but she’ll be the one who goes around to her friends in the coming days and checks to makes sure they’re all okay. She’ll probably be the most stable and emotionally-available afterwards because of who she is, as a person. Telling everybody about the good times and such.

Travis Mayweather: He’ll probably cry here and there. Travis is definitely pretty open and feeling. Loves his friends and the family he’s made on Enterprise. So having one of them die would extremely sadden the small cinnamon roll. But I also think he’ll bounce back very quickly, turning your death into a reason to remember all the fun you both used to have. Travis is always the one who starts telling stories about you

Phlox: Tries his best to keep a certain professionalism. You’re certainly not the first patient he’s ever lost, and you won’t be the last. But this is different. There was more than just camaraderie between you. Like the others, you were family. You meant something to Phlox. And losing you would just make him feel sad and guilty

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Enterprise Texting Headcanons

Archer: texts like a dad. He always ALWAYS signs his texts. He’s a slow texter too. Uses basic abbreviations like “lol” but doesn’t know many others. Uses the =] smiley.

T'Pol: either sends sparse texts without enough information or texts that are way too detailed. You can ask her a simple question and get a flood of 20+ texts in explicit scientific detail. Uses no smileys or emojis but uses excessive scientific abbreviations that no one but Trip can understand.

Trip: an unintelligible mess of ALL CAPS and emojis 😏 and (=゚ω゚)ノ all kinds of cute things. Uses so many abbreviations that tbh no1 gets it smh and also uses outdated abbreviations like rofl and roflmao. Sometimes sends rage texts (ALL CAPS!!), but always apologizes later.

Hoshi: perfect grammar and spelling and lots of emojis 💕she usually texts back promptly. Tries to explain some text lingo to Archer but with no success.

Reed: doesn’t text back until several days later, or not at all. Sends one word texts like “k”. Doesn’t know what emojis are.

Mayweather: is always texting his family and random members of the crew that no one else seems to know. Always smiles at his phone when he gets texts. Only Archer and Hoshi have his number. He sends and receives more texts than anyone else. Has been known to still use “XD”.

Phlox: enjoys emojis a bit too much 😄😄😄😄😄😄😄 LiKeS tYpInG lIkE tHiS. Uses many exclamation points!!!!!!!!!!!

Star Trek Enterprise characters as memes

Doctor Phlox: Take a closer look at that snout!

Trip Tucker: What in tarnation

T'pol: Woman calculating

Jonathan Archer: I am forcibly removed from the X

Ambassador Soval: You come into MY house

Crewman Daniels: Every time X happens it gets faster

Admiral Forrest: Don’t ever talk to me or my son ever again

Malcolm Reed: Pineapple on pizza

Travis Mayweather: Cracking open a cold one with the boys

Hoshi Sato: In X we don’t say “I love you” we say X, and I think that’s beautiful

Thy'lek Shran: Jamie Lee Curtis arguing and drinking water

Living with the Enterprise crew would involve:

Jonathan Archer: He’s not too bad to live with. Keeps his things neat and tidy. Won’t eat your food without permission. But you’ll probably have to deal with the temper tantrums he has every once in a while. Grumbling all over the place or throwing his ball against the wall. And you have to like dogs, because there’s not way Archer won’t have Porthos with him.

T’Pol: Most might assume living with a Vulcan would be great. They’re neat freaks who prefer silence and solitude. But in reality, it’ll get annoying quickly, and T’Pol is no exception. Scolding you for the smallest things, like leaving a sock on the ground. Complaining about the smell. Complaining about the noise. Complaining that you actually want to talk sometimes. A lot of complaining.

Trip Tucker: An absolute nightmare. Will eat your food. Will leave his stuff all over the floor. Will come home at ungodly hours of the night and make noise (”sorry I was tryin’ to be quiet” no u weren’t, trip). Yeah, it might be fun. He’ll definitely make you laugh, move nights would be great, and Trip would drag you out for the night. But if you’re an introvert who likes things just-so, he is not the roommate for you.

Malcolm Reed: Better suited for the introverted neat-freaks because he is an introverted neat-freak. He’ll keep to himself most of the time, mostly talking to you during meals or to ask about something. At first, Malcolm would be a great roommate. But over time, those quirks will get worse. Complaining about the smallest things. Hearing him talk in the middle of the night. While he isn’t the worst person to room with, he isn’t the best.

Hoshi Sato: Definitely one of the better people to live with. She’s really flexible about pretty much anything. Comfortably talkative and would probably rather stay in than go out. Although sometimes, she can probably be a little bit of a neat freak, but not as much as T’Pol or Malcolm. Though, if you watch a scary movie one night, be prepared to have to sleep in the living room with her.

Travis Mayweather: He’s lived in close quarters with people his whole life, so I think Travis would make a great roommate. Respecting your boundaries and pretty much always conscious of what’s yours and what’s his (but I do think there will be fights over who gets the last bit of ice cream in the freezer or who’s turn it is for the television.) Will push you to go out and have some fun on the weekends.

Phlox: Unless you’re a Denobulan, I really doubt living with Phlox would be great. It’ll take a lot of adjusting and some sleepless nights and fights about him keeping you awake and how his pets are so loud and “you almost fed my pet to your pet.” He’d be respectful of your things, most of the time.

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Imagine a late night poker game with Trip, Hoshi, Travis, and Malcolm 

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“Alright, I think I’m done for tonight.” Travis sighed out, running his hands over his face. “I got an early shift tomorrow…”

“I think you’re just scared.” Trip replied, throwing a grin to Travis as he shuffled the cards around. “Malcolm cleaned ya out and you’re trying to save some of your dignity.”

When Travis’ mouth dropped open, that’s when you and Hoshi laughed out loud. Even Malcolm wore a smirk. “I’m not scared.” Travis responded hotly. “I’m just tired, okay?”

“Prove it, then.” Hoshi spoke up. “Stay for another game.”

You threw Travis a smile. “We’ll try to go easy on you.”

That’s when Malcolm scoffed, crossing his arms over his chest. “Speak for yourself. I intend on keeping my winning streak.”