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If you ask me, anti-heroes are the most interesting characters in any form of writing.

  • Percy: I put the legit in illegitimate
  • Annabeth: Since when can you spell
  • Grover: It's not "bacon", its a pig.
  • Grover: It's not "veal", it's a calf.
  • Grover: It's not "beef", it's a cow
  • Grover: It's not "meat", it's an animal...
  • Malcolm: it's not "fruit", it's dividing cells that accumulate fructose...
  • Percy: it's not delivery, it's digiorno
  • Travis: it's not levioSa, it's leviOsa
  • Jason: maybe its Maybelline

I felt the biggest weakness Enterprise had was it didn’t love it’s characters enough. We got so many episodes about Archer and Trip… what about everyone else? Give me more Travis. Give me more Hoshi. Give me more Malcolm. Let me be invested in the characters so they can carry the plot.

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Enterprise Texting Headcanons

Archer: texts like a dad. He always ALWAYS signs his texts. He’s a slow texter too. Uses basic abbreviations like “lol” but doesn’t know many others. Uses the =] smiley.

T'Pol: either sends sparse texts without enough information or texts that are way too detailed. You can ask her a simple question and get a flood of 20+ texts in explicit scientific detail. Uses no smileys or emojis but uses excessive scientific abbreviations that no one but Trip can understand.

Trip: an unintelligible mess of ALL CAPS and emojis 😏 and (=゚ω゚)ノ all kinds of cute things. Uses so many abbreviations that tbh no1 gets it smh and also uses outdated abbreviations like rofl and roflmao. Sometimes sends rage texts (ALL CAPS!!), but always apologizes later.

Hoshi: perfect grammar and spelling and lots of emojis 💕she usually texts back promptly. Tries to explain some text lingo to Archer but with no success.

Reed: doesn’t text back until several days later, or not at all. Sends one word texts like “k”. Doesn’t know what emojis are.

Mayweather: is always texting his family and random members of the crew that no one else seems to know. Always smiles at his phone when he gets texts. Only Archer and Hoshi have his number. He sends and receives more texts than anyone else. Has been known to still use “XD”.

Phlox: enjoys emojis a bit too much 😄😄😄😄😄😄😄 LiKeS tYpInG lIkE tHiS. Uses many exclamation points!!!!!!!!!!!


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Imagine a late night poker game with Trip, Hoshi, Travis, and Malcolm 

Requested by Anon~

“Alright, I think I’m done for tonight.” Travis sighed out, running his hands over his face. “I got an early shift tomorrow…”

“I think you’re just scared.” Trip replied, throwing a grin to Travis as he shuffled the cards around. “Malcolm cleaned ya out and you’re trying to save some of your dignity.”

When Travis’ mouth dropped open, that’s when you and Hoshi laughed out loud. Even Malcolm wore a smirk. “I’m not scared.” Travis responded hotly. “I’m just tired, okay?”

“Prove it, then.” Hoshi spoke up. “Stay for another game.”

You threw Travis a smile. “We’ll try to go easy on you.”

That’s when Malcolm scoffed, crossing his arms over his chest. “Speak for yourself. I intend on keeping my winning streak.”

Juvenile Delinquents Part 2

Aye look what I managed to do. Here’s part 1.     

     The school was made up of four wings. The boys and girls dormitories on either end of the school, the classrooms which all looked over the woods that lay just beyond the fences, and the recreational spaces which included a dining hall, a pool, a gym and a television room. It would have been like any other boarding school Percy had ever attended, only this time he’d have to look out his windows and see he giant iron fence that lined the property. He decided that that was a fair price to pay than having his entire room made out of bars.

     Unlike the school, Leo Valdez was exactly how Percy imagined him to be. A short, loud, annoying bundle of energy that he was tired of within five minutes. However, he decided to give the boy some slack, he noticed how he tensed with every fireplace they passed, which there were an unnecessary amount of. Ms Valdez, Leo’s mom, never mentioned how Leo ended up in this place, Percy was starting to assume it was something related to arson.

     It was lunch time by the time his tour ended, he was to be given his room after they ate and it was the highlight of Percy’s day. Looking through the window on the dining hall’s doors did not do the room justice. When Percy followed the crowd inside, he was awestruck by the size of it. It was almost the size of his entire floor in his apartment building, circular tables filled the space and a serving station not unlike those is high school cafeterias was positioned in the corner next to the doors. What had Percy the most shocked was the wall facing the gardens and how it was covered in windows, he could get used to eating in a place like that.

     As he walked further into the hall, he noticed the rest of the walls were lined with pictures, the discolouration of some of them proving how old the school actually was. There was one thing on the wall that caught his eye, a photo, and the man in it looked oddly like him. Same green eyes, same messy hair, the only difference was the man in the photo seemed happy with the patchy facial hair Percy refused to keep on his face.

“Do you have some twin from the seventies?” Leo asked. Percy didn’t answer, he just gave the photo one last look before turning and walking to the serving station.

     Unlike when he first arrived, the kids in the dining hall did not hide their lingering stares. Watching to see which table he’d choose to sit at. Percy adamantly avoided a table filled with kids who looked a bit too pretty to be held up in a school like this, some glared while others made a show of sliding over to make room for him on the circular bench that lined the table. Another table housed a group of girls, all dressed in what looked like their gym uniforms, and upon closer look he realized they were all just wearing the same thing in general.

     Leo seemed to be pushing him in the opposite direction, as if avoiding that table all together, “The Hunters, no one really knows how they all managed to end up here together,” he was nudging Percy, trying to get him to look away, “really only keep to themselves, it’s better that way.” Percy only nodded in response, but when he looked back he noticed one of the girls smirking at him, as if she knew a secret about him that not even he knew yet.

“Where are you taking me anyway?” Percy wanted to ask, but before he could, Leo was already sliding onto a bench. The table had only one more occupant, the choppy haired girl Percy saw when he first stepped onto the grounds.

“Who’s wanna-be bad boy?” The girl said, she didn’t even glance at Percy, her eyes were only on Leo and it kind of annoyed him that she spoke as if he wasn’t there.

“Jackson, you?” She seemed impressed with his ability to answer for himself, when her eyes met him he managed to not look away.

“Piper McLean, have a seat and tell us your sob story, Mister Jackson.”

     He didn’t tell him his sob story. Instead he scarfed down his burger, making it obvious he didn’t want to talk about how he ended up there. However, he learned how his new friends- friends? Yeah, friends. He learned how his new friends were arrested and smart talked out of juvy and into this place. Piper had stolen a car right out of the lot, but she claimed the dealer had just given it to her because of who her dad was. That wasn’t a believable story but the fact that her dad was famous did get her out of jail time and only four years in O.A. She’d already been there for two.

     Leo Valdez was a different story. He was young when he accidentally set fire to a neighbouring garage, old enough to be arrested but not to attend O.A. At only age eleven he found himself being taken away from his mother and being sent to a home for troubled kids. He was allowed to go back home only a year later. However, he was arrested again for picking the lock of a badly chosen car that belonged to the owner of a large Law Firm. It was then that he was sent to Juvy but was allowed to transfer to O.A. for good behaviour and because he fixed the security system in the facility.

Percy wished he had stories as cool as those; his was a children’s book in comparison.

     Sitting quietly as Piper and Leo had their own conversation, he took in more of the students around him. Sitting two tables down from him sat a boy with his right arm and leg wrapped in casts, Percy smirked at the lewd drawings the covered them. The rest of the boy’s table was rowdy and seemed to be amusing the neighbouring tables with trying to distract one of the guards on duty. The guard was obviously immune to their attempts, Percy could tell he was playing along to keep the table occupied. He was kind of curious what that table would do if they were actually bored. Another table was filled with boys and girls who looked like they’d been lifting weights since they left the womb. He was quick to avert his eyes, but not before he caught the ones of a particularly scary looking girl whose glare could probably castrate a man.

“Coming, Percy?” The question pulled him from his wondering and he nodded up at the now standing Leo, “Good, I have class soon so I should take you up to your room.”

     The room wasn’t too bad, it was like any other dorm he stayed in, only this time he didn’t have his own adjoining bathroom and he shared the room with three others instead of just one roommate.

     “Lunch is still going on and then we have class, so you won’t meet them until later, but you’re rooming with Travis Stoll, Malcolm Pace, and yours truly.” Percy suppressed the urge to roll his eyes at Leo’s bow, the last thing he needed was that much energy in a place he needed to sleep. “ Malcolm is cool, he lets you copy homework and he’s the reigning Super Smash Bros champion, it’s Stoll you need to watch out for, he has a bit of a pranking hobby. You’ll probably learn about that soon though. Anyway, I have tech class in about five minutes so I guess you can roam around until you get called down to get your schedule. Your best bet is to just explore or hit the gym or cry like most kids do on their first day. Are you going to cry?”

Percy shook his head.

“Good because you will be made fun of for the rest of your life here if someone finds out you did.”

Percy raised an eyebrow.

“Yes, I cried and people still wipe their eyes whenever they see me.”

Percy smirked.

“Okay, I’m going to class, make yourself at home,” he pointed to the bed closest to the door, “that one’s yours, fair warning, it’s lumpy.”

     After storing his clothes into his assigned dresser and splashing some water in his face in the communal bathroom, Percy decided that his best bet with spending his probably only time alone for the next two years would be to actually do what he did best. Popping in some headphones and just taking a nap. He liked naps, he could imagine he was back in his own bed at home, not in a room where he’ll be stuck with three other teenage boys who could be more disgusting than himself. With the world being drowned out by the soothing sounds of Blondie, he let himself doze off.

     When he finally came to, he was quickly reminded of summer days with his mom. The unforgettable smell of chlorine filled his nose and he smiled. However, the smile didn’t last when his hand dropped off the side of the mattress ad instead of the carpet he expected, he was met with something very wet. Eyes snapping open he realized where the smell of chlorine was coming from; he was in the middle of the pool.

“Good morning, Starshine, the earth says hello,” a voice called. He groaned when he turned and noticed almost the entirety of Olympus Academy staring at him. “Think of it as initiation, nothing personal.”

     When Percy noticed who was speaking he decided to finally sit up. The speaker was the boy in the casts he saw earlier, next to him was who he guessed helped orchestrate his prank: Leo Valdez and a blonde boy he guessed was Malcolm Pace. Which made the speaker, “Travis Stoll?” The boy smirked.

“The one and only,” he did the physically impaired equivalent of a bow but stood straight back up when the doors opened, revealing the man who disappeared on Percy when he first arrived.

“Dean Grace, we were just-“

“Initiation, yes I am well aware of your practises Mister Stoll. Now, if I am not mistaken you were all meant to be in the dining hall for dinner five minutes ago.” It was all the crowd needed to disperse, leaving Percy stranded. “That included you, Jackson.”

Percy raised an eyebrow and the man, Dean Grace, who only nodded and walked off the way he came.

               If Percy was confused before about the man, he was even more so now. Why did the dean of the school feel the need to pick him up when any other officer could have done the same job, and why wasn’t he addressed as formally as the other students? He dropped in the water not willing to get in any more trouble but decided to stay in there longer than necessary. The pool usually calmed him, this time he hoped it would give him some answers.