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2014 Wardrobe Post – Parasols, Purses, Petticoats, and Shoes

(This doesn’t include all of my shoes, just the ones I have with me at college.)

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SO pleased with how my Halloween costume came out! Hand stitching (with glow-in-the-dark thread!) really paid off, I think.

Grey wool felt bobbysoxer skirt inspired by Re-Animator imagery. 8-ish hours.

Also, it doesn’t read on my shitty phone camera, so you have no fucking clue how obnoxiously neon green bright all the trimmings are. It practically shines.

Another photo of my outfit from 03-05-2014.

Innocent World Velveteen Scallop JSK; Handmade Velvet Ribbon Headbow; Offbrand Blouse, Shoes, and Accessories

I have a Malco Modes 582 on in this picture - one popped up on eBay and went for a good price, so I grabbed it! It’s so useful, and holds up the heavy velveteen dress really well (I’d spent two hours on a train before this photo, and it’s still fantastic).

anonymous asked:

Hey Auntie Jilli, I always admired how full your skirts were and I was wondering what petticoat(s) you wear?

For today’s adventure, I was wearing a smallish hoop skirt. Floofy skirts with no fabric against my legs to overheat me!

For actual petticoats, I tend to wear two at once: the Malco Modes “Melanie” over the “Samantha”. (I did not know Malco Modes renamed all their products with girl’s names. That’s … odd. )

I always check thrift stores for petticoats and crinolines, especially when they start putting the Halloween costumes out! Value Village/Savers usually has a knock-off of the Malco Modes “Samantha” petticoat for under $20. 


Him: Okay, now… do something else with your hands.
Me: *momentarily ponders* OKAY!
*cynical spirit fingers*
Him: That’s the one you’re going to use! *laughs*

Dress: Poppy and Bloom
Shoes: SoftSpots
Crinoline: Malco Modes
Necklace: Totally blends into the dress (sometimes I match stuff so well it disappears).