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OLD PHOTOS — eyebrow looks like shit. Sigh.

My Creative Juice’s photos. Wearing 3 different lipsticks from MAC (top-bottom) All Fired Up, Pander Me, Flat Out Fabulous



Upin & Ipin is an animation by Les Copaque (which actually comes from ‘last kopek’, a phrase meaning last attempt) telling a kampung story about a pair of twins, Upin and Ipin, who have daily kampung-style Malaysian adevntures.

See the twins? They’re the bald, clad in yellow and blue. In the last picture, they are surrounded by the multiracial Malaysians who are their friends. There’s Mei Mei, Jarjit, Ehsan, Uncle Muthu and even an Indonesian!

Boboiboy is an animation by Monsta Studios, a studio under MSC (Multimedia Super Corridor). It’s a series involving Boboiboy, with his friends, Fang, Ying, Yaya, Gopal and Ochobot, fighting against aliens looking for cocoa.

Each of them have different powers that are quite helpful in protecting the Earth. Boboiboy is a mix of the word ‘boboi’ and boy. ‘Boboi’ in Malay is an affectionate nickname for young boys.

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la-rainette replied to your photo post: White coffee? What is that?             

It’s a Malaysian type of coffee where the coffee beans are roasted in butter/margarine to compensate for the taste of the traditional robusta beans that we grow here. It’s good and smooth to drink with a complex taste not very strong coffee flavour… but considering I gave up coffee a long time ago because of gastritis issues….but my eyes…need to stay open…and I can barely focus…and I’m out of fucks…anyways, it’s on Google and I think it’s very very slowly getting popular in NYC, something about a Malaysian style coffeeshop (kopitiam) netting several published articles about it…