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Recently, I opened my eyes to a whole new concept - colourism.  According to studies, 4 out of 10 women in Malaysia use a whitening product. Three quarters of Malaysian men find lighter skinned women to be more attractive. By 2018, the skin whitening industry is expected to be worth $19.8 billion (world wide).

So what exactly is going on?

Colourism is discrimination based on skin colour. That is the dictionary definition. For me, I have personal stories attached to the meaning.

Colourism is when I’m walking in a mall, and I’m stopped by a sales girl, who is trying to sell me a lightning cream so that it will make my skin ‘prettier’.

Colourism is when my friend told me to eat oranges because it would make my skin lighter. There is something wrong when someone casually implies that I need to lighten my skin.  (Quick science: The natural bleaching properties in citrus fruits help to reduce hyper pigmentation). Though one may want to correct hyper pigmentation (However, bare in mind hyper pigmentation is harmless and it’s not necessary to correct it), it is completely another story to want to make your skin a few shades lighter as a whole.

Colourism is when I was giving art lessons to little kids and I passed them a brown coloured pencil to colour in a drawing of a person, and they replied back saying ‘teacher, skin is not brown, it’s peach colour’. That broke my heart because their skin was a darker shade than the pencil in my hand.

At such a young age, they were conditioned to believe that their skin colour was wrong. It wasn’t valid.

Now people will tell me, ‘Oh come on, it’s just a person selling a product. It’s just a friend recommending what to eat. It’s just kids being kids’.

I fully understand that and Im aware that they meant well. Their intentions were not harmful. But we have to look at the bigger picture.

Intent does not change impact.

The impact of colourism is harmful. It is psychologically and physically damaging.

POC’s are growing up thinking they are not good, not beautiful and even not smart enough.Studies show that a person with lighter skin is more likely to get hired for a job than a darker skinned person with the same skills. Industries are profiting off of people’s insecurities. It perpetuates white supremacy. It systematically puts darker skinned people at a disadvantage. According to a research by Stanford, darker skinned defendants are more likely to get the death penalty than lighter skinned defendants.  

The problem of colourism is prevalent from self-confidence and self-wroth, to wage rates, to marriages and relationships and to the criminal justice system.

To whoever that has the privilege of using the internet and the opportunity to educate ones self through it, I believe it’s a moral obligation for you to be aware and to work against over coming internalized colourism that has been instilled in all of us for far too long.

Dear men of all nationalities,

you are all amazing and deserve love and respect. This is for..

Chinese men

Mexican men

Spanish men

German men

African men

Australian men

American men

Afghan men

Argentinian men

Belgian men

Bolivian men

Brazilian men

Cambodian men

Cameroonian men

Canadian men

Chilean men

Colombian men

Costa Rican men

Cuban men

Danish men

Dominican men

Ecuadorian men

Egyptian men

Salvadoran men

English men

Estonian men

Ethiopian men

Finnish men

French men

German men

Ghanaian men

Greek men

Guatemalan men

Haitian men

Honduran men

Indonesian men

Iranian men

Irish men

Israeli men

Italian men

Japanese men

Jordanian men

Kenyan men

Laotian men

Latvian men

Lithuanian men

Malaysian men

Moroccan men

Dutch men

New Zealander men

Nicaraguan men

Norwegian men

Panamanian men

Paraguayan men

Peruvian men

Filipino men

Filipino men

Polish men

Portuguese men

Puerto Rican men

Romanian men

Russian men

Saudi men

Scottish men

Korean men

Swedish men

Swiss men

Taiwanese men

Tajik men

Thai men

Turkish men

Ukrainian men

British men

Uruguayan men

Venezuelan men

Vietnamese men

Welsh men

Mixed men

and any other nationalities I may have missed

You are all so handsome and amazing and you should never let anyone judge you on your nationality.

Let That Child Alone
  • Funimation: I'm everything you fear.
  • Ocean TV Edit: I'm your worst nightmare.
  • Ocean Uncut: Put the boy down now.
  • AB Groupe: Let that child alone.
  • Speedy Video: Take your hand off from Gohan.
  • TeamFourStar: I get that. Now hand over the kid.
  • I like how the Ocean Piccolo voice sounded like a bad Batman impersonation, and in the AB Groupe English version, Piccolo's name is Big Green. I love all the "Waaa" noises that kid Gohan makes in the AB Groupe dub.