malaysian men

my MH370 theory

okay so the plane went off the radar and they lost all communication with the plane over the South China Sea, now, the South China Sea is here

and they were headed to Beijing which is here

but when they lost contact with the plane, it was here

which is barely at all into the South China Sea which in the big picture, looks like this

so obviously, they had a lot more ground to cover before they got to Beijing, the destination. so let’s just think about this, it’s 2700 miles from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing

so they had enough fuel to get there, obviously since there were no mid-stops or anything like that. so, since we know that 2 Iranian male passengers onboard used stolen passports, we can assume this was a planned hijacking. so anyways, radar shows that mh370 might have turned back around.. this is interesting because Iran is here

so obviously, for the plane to be hijacked and landed in Iran, it would have to turn back and fly here

rather than to Beijing which is in the opposite direction. saravan, iran is 4677 miles away from kuala lumpu. mh370 is a boeing 777-220ER aircraft. this plane can carry 45,220 gallons of fuel. the average cruising speed of a boeing 777-220ER is 905km/hr or 562 miles per hour. we know for a fact that the plane had AT LEAST 8 hours of fuel in it, which would provide at least 4496 miles. saravan, iran is 4677 miles away, so given there could have been more fuel in the plane, it could or could not have made it to iran. HOWEVER, Pakistan is right here

in comparison to Iran. abbottabad, Pakistan is 3956.27 miles away from Kuala Lumpur. abbottabad is where Osama bin laden’s compound was found. OKAY, so obviously if the plane could at least make 4496 miles, it would make it to abbottabad Pakistan, no problem. and still have 540 miles to spare. these miles could account for the miles lost in the travel to it’s last known location and back. Pakistan is where Osama bin laden’s compound was found and also, where al qaeda, the terrorist group was founded. Al qaeda and osama bin laden are related to this theory because al qaeda was also a plane hijacking. Of course, this is just a theory or an idea, so I know it’s unlikely, but it’s really not a theory that can be 100% ruled out. so, my theory is that the plane was hijacked by the 2 Iranian men. they killed the pilots and took over the plane. they flew it to Pakistan or somewhere near there and landed it safely. they’re holding the passengers hostage. we know the plane didn’t crash into the ocean because families of the passengers have called their phones and the phones ring but there’s no answer. if it crashed into the ocean or blew up- it wouldn’t ring at all. so i think the passengers are being held hostage in Iran or Pakistan or somewhere near there, stripped of all their belongings including cell phones. the plane is being hidden for future terrorist attacks or whatever. just an idea.

MALAYSIA, Pulau Carey : Local boys watch as Malaysian men from the Indigenous tribe Mah Meri wearing traditionally carved masks take a break after performing on the occasion of the Hari Moyang festival at their village in Pulau Carey around 80kms from Kuala Lumpur on March 1, 2014. The Nomadic Mah Meri, also known as sea gypsies celebrate the Hari Moyang or Spirit’s Day in their villages off the western coast of Malaysia. The selection of date for the annual day of dancing and ceremonial blessings to honour the spirits of their ancestors is said to come from the spirits themselves through the dreams of Mah Meri elders. AFP PHOTO / MANAN VATSYAYANA