malaysian blue coral snake

the signs as snakes

 aries -  Calico Dominican Red Mountain Boa

taurus -  Mangshan Pit Viper

gemini -  Malaysian Blue Coral Snake

cancer -  Mangrove Snake

leo -  Brazilian Rainbow Boa

virgo -  Speckled Rattlesnake

libra - Sri lanka Palm Viper

scorpio -  African Bush Viper

sagittarius -  Kanburian Bamboo Viper

capricorn -  Eyelash Viper

aquarius - Piebald Ball Python

pisces -  Oriental Whipsnake

Some time back, I’d come across this photo on a forum and wondered what kind of snake it was. The other day I finally did some Googling and discovered it’s a Malaysian blue coral snake (or something along those lines–there seem to be a few variations on the common name). Calliophis bivirgatus though it seems it was previously Maticora bivirgata? Stunningly beautiful, but, alas, they’re venomous.

To be honest, my interest level in venomous species is low. Both because it’s illegal to keep them where I live, and even if it weren’t, I have zero interest in keeping an animal that could kill me. (A good thing, because I’ve nowhere near enough experience to do so safely.)

I have mixed feelings about the keeping of venomous snakes. There are certainly those individuals who have the knowledge and skill to do so, treating the animals with the care and respect such creatures deserve, as well as following appropriate safety protocols. I just worry about them getting into the hands of careless idiots. Then again, I worry about careless idiots keeping large constrictors or any snake, really.

I suppose my point in all this is, no matter what sort of snake you keep, please be a responsible snake owner. There’s enough snake hate out there already, as well as folks who’d love to pass more laws to limit and/or outlaw keeping them. Be a good example, take proper care of your animals, educate folks, and add to the good snake PR instead of the bad.

All that said, that’s one gorgeous snake.