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(( Also, Osomatsu-san ended yesterday -Monday for others, Tuesday for Philippine time eheke- and well, ending still summarized how wacky the series is though , XD ))

(( So if you guys still remember, I posted the ASEAN countries chars who I thought would fit these guys, so… I had fun kek. ))

(( Might do the rest of the ASEAN members if I still have strength left ahaha ))


We went to the city of Malacca (Malaysia) for our research about the buildings that were left by the colonialist from hundreds of years ago. It was so tiring because we were fasting, but fun in the same time *^*. Plus, I got to draw Portugal and Netherlands because they were related with these buildings :d. A’ Famosa, left by the Portuguese, and Stadthuys left by the Dutch (though that Dutch Graveyard was near St. Paul, also made by the Portuguese) are among the historical places in Malaysia. These are all tourist attractions now. 

Tbh we were doing this for our exam but I got the chance to take these photos :D