malaysia exclusive

  • Interviewer: As we are now just moving into a new year, what would you say is the highlight of 2014?
  • Woody: I’m going to say getting married. I’ll probably get shot if I don’t (laughs).
  • Bastille: Oh Woody’s wedding was definitely a highlight for all of us.
  • Will: We all played at Woody’s wedding and his friends are obviously musicians and so loads of them got together and played different songs and it was amazing. Then we went up and we were like “We are not as good as his friends who turned up.” Our performance was by far the worst of the night.
  • Kyle: It was embarrassing. We were doing covers, we weren’t at his wedding doing Bastille songs.
  • Dan: I think we should give a shoutout to Chrissy because she often reads Malaysian media.
  • Woody: LOVE YOU!