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We live in an age where everyone has a camera on them one way or another and information is spread around the globe at the speed of light and the degree at which we apply and regard security is at an all time high….

…. and somehow a two hundred feet long, three hundred thousand pound aircraft carrying two hundred and thirty-nine souls has completely vanished.

Our tiny blue marble has become frighteningly huge in the worst way possible

Malaysia Airlines loses contact with plane flying to Beijing

Malaysia Airlines says it has lost contact with a plane travelling from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing, with 239 people on board.

The airline said in a statement that flight MH370 disappeared at 02:40 local time on Saturday (18:40 GMT on Friday).

It had been expected to land in Beijing at 06:30 (22:30 GMT).

The plane went off the radar in Vietnamese airspace, according to a statement on the Vietnamese government website.

Its last known location was south of Vietnam’s Ca Mau peninsular although the exact position was not clear, it said.

HOW DOES A PLANE JUST DISAPPEAR. this is scary. and real.

Am I the only one who gets kind of upset that Tumblr seems to care more about Nash Grier saying stupid shit than a civillian airplane most likely being shot with a missile and Israel basically invading Gaza? Maybe it’s because I’m Dutch and a lot of Dutch people died on that plane but it really just bothers me how selective Tumblr seems to be with what they freak out about.


(CNN) – Uncertainly over the fate of missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 was further compounded Saturday by reports that two men whose names matched those on the passenger manifest had reported their passports stolen.

After the airline released a manifest of the 239 people on the plane, Austria denied that one of its citizens was on the flight as the list had stated. The Austrian citizen was safe and sound, and his passport had been stolen two years ago, Austrian Foreign Ministry spokesman Martin Weiss said.

Similarly, Italy’s foreign ministry confirmed that no Italians were on the flight, even though an Italian was listed on the manifest. Malaysian officials said they were aware of reports that the Italian’s passport was also stolen but had not confirmed it.

On Saturday, Italian police visited the home of the parents of Luigi Maraldi, the man whose name appeared on the manifest. The police official said that Maraldi had reported his passport stolen in Malaysia last August and had obtained a new one.

Update: Two people who boarded Flight 370 using stolen passports appear to have bought their tickets together, records show. 

Hopes and prayers for all on board on MH370. For those making ignorant comments, Malaysian Airlines is one of the world’s best airlines, it has only had 2 fatal crashes in their 41 year history. Please don’t be insensitive and say you’ll never go on board Malaysian Airlines. Malaysian Airlines should not take the blame because life is unpredictable. Things happen in this world that we can’t control. Right now, all we can do is pray for the passengers’ safety and for all their loved ones waiting for them to arrive. 

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Why today is a good day:
  • It is the first day of spring (in the northern hemisphere)
  • It is the 2nd annual International Day of Happiness
  • Fred Phelps, leader of the Westboro Baptist Church, died today, taking a little hatred with him
  • Possible debris from Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 were spotted
  • For basketball fans, March Madness truly begins today
  • Puppies still exist

Missing Malaysia Airlines Plane Crashed in the Indian Ocean

New satellite data reveals that missing Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 “ended” its journey in a “remote location” of the southern Indian Ocean, Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak said today.

“This is a remote location, far from any possible landing sites. It is therefore with deep sadness and regret that I must inform you that, according to this new data, flight MH370 ended in the southern Indian Ocean,” a somber Razak said during a media briefing.

The jet vanished on March 8th, 2014 with 239 people on board after it took off from Kuala Lampur bound for Beijing. [X]

Pretty upset that tumblr isnt signal boosting this tbh I thought we were a loving community..

But for those of you who aren’t aware, a plane from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing has been missing for over 24 hours

Hope the tumblr community will have the passangers and flight crew in your prayers and your thoughts

(Update: its been over a week now and still not a trace of the plane. Just a reminder, please ignore the rumours spreading on the internet. Unless it has been confirmed by the authorities, it is not real and do not spread them. Spreading rumours will only delay the authorities from finding the aircraft and will also cause distress amongst the relatives and friends of those related to the incident.

The best help we can provide at the moment is prayers and words of support to the those related to the matter.) 


first of all im really sorry for the spam on MH370

what happened, and what is MH370 you ask?

okay so MH370 is a plane that belongs to my country’s airline company(Malaysia Airlines)

and so MH370 left for Beijing from Kuala Lumpur

everything is going hella smooth while they are flying across the South China Sea and all of a sudden


the plane vanished from the radar, like this:

(credits to tumblr user ceciyn)

just like that

they disappeared

imagine yourself sitting in MH370, thinking about ‘oh my goodness i cant wait to see what Beijing is like i heard it’s quite cold now’ or 'i cant wait to snap a lot of pictures and taste all their food’ or 'oh i cant wait to meet my family members i brought a lot of souvenirs for them during my vacation i hope they wouldnt mind me gifting them some key chains and fridge magnets’ and basically all the feels you will have when you are travelling to another country or flying back to your motherland

instead of going the way it should, you are now worried sick and unsure of what is happening to the plane. everyone starts to panic including you

you are unsure if you can ever see the land or the faces of your loved ones

and you can only hope for the best

imagine if that was you


im sending out my prayers to all 239 passengers on board MH370 and i really hope you do the same too

please please please be safe

The Genocide of Children

For all the world leaders who sit there in silence that say nothing and do nothing. Who start wars and don’t listen to their people.

For all the rebels and terrorists that think you’re doing God’s work and shattering human emotions.

For all the incapable nations that rise up against nations.

For all the rapes, abuse, the planes that get shot down, the wars that make it okay and justify ways to take life.

For every part of the darker side, you’re killing all the medics who are trying to save the wounded, all the journalists risking their lives to show us the news that’s in hiding, all the scientists that are researching to save lives and the parents and loved ones who are grieving for their murdered children, brothers, sisters, husbands, mums and dads.

You have failed us. You have broken our hearts, shattered our progress and repeated history over and over again. How do you still lead when you repeat mistakes over and over?

We trusted you to run governments to represent our views for a better life.

I want you to know about all the children who will never get to see another day in their lives. I want you to know what it feels like for a mother to never see her precious angel smile again or to hear their voice. You destroyed their future and their life. You shot down their hopes and blew up their dreams. What gives you the right to do that?

The children don’t understand what you’re doing. They don’t understand why there’s pain. They don’t understand why their kind is shooting at them. They don’t know why there’s blood coming out of their face, their soul. They trusted you to protect them. They trusted you. Instead you gave them genocide, soldiers with guns and tanks against children.

When you took aim at children playing on rooftops, did you know they were being children and enjoying their childhood? When you missed and they were running away, that fear embedded on every breath they took, you aimed again and got them. You single-handedly destroyed humanity. You fired at hope, at innocence and you took all of us out with them!

I hope one day we’ll wake up to a better world, where humanity is not devouring, illiterate bastards and we can walk to the graves of those innocent children that bled emotion, that didn’t understand what was going on and say sorry that we were unkind, incompetent human beings who denied them their right to live.

I don’t fear monsters in the night, I fear humanity and I fear the world we live in, people like you.

I will cry every night for these children because their pain and their parents pain hurts too much for words to carry. Human emotion has a way to express this heartache where no words dare travel; by our tears, when it’s too much, we breakdown.

I wish we could have been better for you, I wish mankind would have given you the chance to see the world we love and protected you.

I wish things were different.


Everyday I saw my mother waiting anxiously for my dad to return home after long periods of no contact. Or how she rushed to the phone every time it rang, fearful for a call that no woman could bear. But yet my father flew thousands of passengers safe and sound, and so did the other hundred and thousands of pilots, cabin crew, ground staff that has done the same for my father and the many others so that they could come back to their homes and families.

After clocking in nearly 40 years of flying hours, my dad thankfully never suffered any mishap or catastrophe in his years of work. He retired to the serene and quiet, away from the hustle and bustle of the world, which he loved. 

As a child I was always taught to be strong and be ready for circumstance of any kind regarding the nature of my father’s job. It’s hard to imagine when it really happens, or how one should react in the face of such devastating news. But like my father assured me and the many others who have crossed his path, the flight crew take their job seriously and will do anything in their power and expertise to minimize any sort of impact, error or chances of something going very wrong. The lines of the face or his inability to talk after long hours of flight proved that it was a very taxing responsibility, and that is was not child’s play when you’re dealing with so many lives. Responsibility was invisibly and visibly plastered all over the faces of those who only make you feel slight turbulence throughout a 14-hour journey when they sit on the edge of their seats, worried about all capabilities and never ending possibilities.

So I firmly believe that #MH370 did everything they could to save its passengers and the aircraft, but sometimes even airlines and the industry can never predict acts of God. It is when you’re flying over the big blue sea and when you’re just a bleeping sign on the radar that you truly know that you are small and God’s creation is big and almighty. 

Sometimes, and especially at times like these, we can only pray and keep moving forward, never forgetting those onboard as well as those who continue to serve in the skies, visible or invisible. 

Let’s keep praying for #MH370. 


Missing Plane: A Malaysia Airlines plane carrying 239 passengers lost contact with air traffic control operators en route to Beijing. Please send your prayers out to these innocent people and hope that they are safe now.

Flight MH370 left Kuala Lumpur for Beijing early Saturday morning, but vanished off radar screens less than an hour later. As night fell in the region, there still was no sign of the missing jet — and increasing likelihood that it had crashed into the sea.

My prayers for the passenger’s and their famalies of Malaysia Airlines MH370






on another note i use this airline all the time i’m scared now. 

-post made before confirmed information was released-