after so much struggles, finally i did this after a month…
i took reference of our old-style-street with old style kedai runcit (grocery stores) in our kampung.
tried to draw the nostalgic and warm atmosphere but ehhhh i just tried my best 🌚

anyway i made UT fellows visit the store! i hope you guys noticed papyrus over there, 😂

hope you guys like this pic!
sorry for being inactive too, might took another month to draw next pic, orz

One more exam this Friday and then I’ll be done for my first year of law school! My roommate made toast and honey lime tea for me when she saw me studying. Such a sweetheart. 

I’m sorry for the crooked photo. Tried straightening it but it’s still crooked due to a bunch of other crooked stuff. I love the natural lighting in my apartment though.

Nobody's gonna believe I really dreamt this

I was having a really bad stomach bug. I dreamt I woke up in the morning like usual, still feeling sick, but I got up. Then suddenly Hades from Disney’s Hercules film burst into my room and he was for some reason wearing a long brown faux fur coat, curly blonde wig, pink women’s hat and shoes straight out of the 50’s and was carrying a matching purse. He started a monologue about being so sorry to leave me alone when I’m feeling under the weather, but this was his only chance to go on a holiday all year and he already got tickets to Malaysia, and just as he said, “Oh darn, now I’ve got a run in my pantyhose.” I wake up for real.

May all of you be safe on April 18th, 2018.

Don’t forget your illuminati pop sockets!