Bearcat. aka binturong (Arctictis binturong) Being nocturnal animals, their stunning red eyes and sensitive whiskers guide them in the dark.

Today I was lucky and I caught them very active, because they are often sleepy during the day.

Binturong. Al tener hábitos nocturnos, sus impresionantes ojos rojos y sus bigotes sensibles al tacto les orientan en la oscuridad.

Hoy he tenido suerte y les he pillado con mucha actividad, suelen estar adormilados durante el día.


This is better than my feed wtf


“Viajes por el Mundo” 
Capítulo 80, Isla Kapalai - Malasia

Isla Kapalai (en malayo: Pulau Kapalai) es una isla de Malasia, conocida por sus resorts de buceo, administrativamente pertenece al estado de Sabah.

La isla de Kapalai, esta a sólo 15 minutos de Sipadan, era una hermosa isla hace doscientos años, pero ahora es sólo un banco de arena. La erosión ha reducido la isla a nivel del mar y el pueblo ahora se asienta en el borde de los arrecifes Ligitan. Todos los edificios están sobre pilotes que descansan en el arrecife bajo el agua.

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Internet friend:))

Hello, my name is Larissa, I’m 17 and from the U.K..I’m starting driving lessons soon 😁I’ve done this before but I lost touch with some of the friends I made through exam stress n stuff. I’m a tall person who is v bubbly w a slight bit of anxiety to top it of😌

Ok so I’m very interested in history ( I have been since I was 6), science although I’m not taking them for a level anymore, classics ( the Iliad slowly takes over your life), philosophy, politics, feminism and religion. I’m also very interested in different cultures and religions especially scandanavian countries and Malasia.
I enjoy rowing, debating, spending time w friends, family ( I have twin brother and sister who are 8), going to concerts, reading books, watching murder mystery n history shows ( man in the high castle, Sherlock, call the midwife, the Americans, Murdoch mysteries, pretty little liars etc).

I love indie rock ( catfish and the bottle men, the wombats, the Hunna, panic at the disco, fall out boy) , some pop, musicals and rap music. I am a very sarcastic person with quite a dark sense of humour ( like Karl from an idiot abroad if anyone has watched that). I’m obsessed w doing cat eye flicks n new eyeshadow looks.

If anyone wants to have long chats about anything or thinks we could get along contact me😊 we could send each other cute parcels maybe!!

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