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We all know that you love Tapu Cocoa, but what's your favorite food?

There was this big farm full of ‘em where I used to live. And I would sneak out all the time after my folks went to bed and snatch a few! But my, uh… my dad caught me one night and I had to stop. I haven’t eaten any in a while.

I love thinking about Alola 5-10 years after the game events.

Hau having found his father and having travelled the world to get his fill, returns to Alola, finally wins Hala in a match. Becomes the kahuna of Melemele after Hala retires.

Gladion leading Aether Foundation while searching for his father and eventually finding him. When Mohn sees his son again, his memories start returning slowly.

When Gladion hears about Hau returning to Alola, he stomps over to Melemele all like “you thought you could slink back quietly without telling me?????” and Hau just laughs and offers to take him for malasadas as an apology. At first they’re both astonished how hot the other had gotten and after some awkward dancing around, they start dating.

Guzma finding peace for his mind while he trains under Hala. He returns to Ula’ula and to his team and they start fixing Po Town, opening it for outsiders again. He becomes the Kahuna, which Nanu is very happy about (both because this boy is finally on the right path and because he can retire now). Plumeria, who did her best to keep the grunts in line while he was gone, welcomes him with a punch in the gut and a tight hug. Eventually Guzma gets over the feelings he still has for Kukui and finds someone who can return to his feelings.

Mallow, after years of trying, finally figures out the recipe she’s been looking for and confesses her feelings to Olivia.

Kiawe gets a scholarship to a dance academy in Kalos, which he eagerly accepts. His long-time boyfriend David is sad to see him go, but Kiawe promises to bring a ring for him when he returns.

Lillie, having found a cure for her mother, return with her to Alola to find out that Gladion has found Lusamine’s lost husband.

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Any favorite shows haru and hau likes to watch together?

this question is moot because I’m pretty sure the only thing on Alolan TV is that goddamn malasada commercial every fucking day nonstop

no wonder hau cant stop eating them he’s brainwashed
How to make Malasadas: Pokemon Edition
Why hello!! This is the fifth installment of the Kitchen Princess Series....WOW!!! Who knew?! Anyways this time I am making Malasadas from Pokemon Sun and Mo...

Here is my latest video! These are such yummy treats, and i’m sure i’ll be making them again! :D