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Exercise, proper diet may reduce effects of malaria

New York, Jan 14 (IANS) Regular exercise and a healthy diet of fresh fruit and vegetables, as well as right amount of protein, can help reduce the damage to the heart and skeletal muscles brought on by malaria, according to a study.

Each year, malaria afflicts more than 500 million people in scores of countries around the world, killing more than 400,000, according to the World Health Organisation.

Moderate or high levels of malaria infection typically affect skeletal muscles and the heart, said Marco Brotto, professor at The University of Texas - Arlington.

“Residual effects could be from the heart being weaker for some time to permanently suffering some damage,” Brotto said, adding that a similar effect takes place on the muscles.

Even those with mild cases of malaria report a lot of muscle soreness and fatigue. But, healthy diets and regular exercise can act as a counter against the disease within a short duration. Interventions such as anti-oxidant therapy through diet and medication can boost the functions of the heart and muscles.

Also, “there are interventions you could take prior to or in anticipation of an infection in order to improve the muscular and heart function,” Brotto observed.

Apart from exercise, eating more fresh fruits, vegetables and fiber as well as high protein diet such as meat, poultry, fish, legumes can help combat the infection, the researchers suggested.

The study was published in The Malaria Journal.



What’s the deadliest animal in the world?


What makes mosquitoes so dangerous? Despite their innocuous-sounding name—Spanish for “little fly”—they carry devastating diseases. The worst is malaria, which kills more than 600,000 people every year; another 200 million cases incapacitate people for days at a time. It threatens half of the world’s population and causes billions of dollars in lost productivity annually. Other mosquito-borne diseases include dengue fever, yellow fever, and encephalitis.

Youyou Tu is one of three scientists to win the Nobel Prize in medicine. The 12th woman to receive the award, she was recognized for her discoveries around a new malaria treatment – based in centuries-old Chinese medicine.

Artemisinin, when used in combination therapy, is estimated to reduce mortality from malaria by more than 20 percent over all, and by more than 30 percent in children. In Africa alone, it saves more than 100,000 lives each year.


Aziz Ansari and Friends didn’t dream of being actors (by malarianomore)

Can you guess what B.J. Novak wanted to be when he grew up? (His bit at the end is funny too.)

A thing about my job!

You probably don’t care, but I am doing another one of those about me posts!

As you know, I’m an artist, it’s my passion and my everything. But not my job.

In real life, you know, the thing where you don’t dream of doing the thing you love the most, I am what one calls a community manager. It’s something to do with marketing and social media.

I manage all social networks for one of our clients, which is none other than Malaria No More! Netherlands. It’s a very awarding job to be doing. In the USA, Malaria No More is a huge organisation with a very dedicated Marketing team. They constantly have really cool campaigns.

Malaria No More! Netherlands is a much smaller organisation without a marketing department, but that, for me, makes them a very very charming organisation to work for. They really do believe in everything that do and they are the most humble people I’ve met in a while. It’s hard sometimes, to try to get things off the ground here. But very important, because over a million kids die of malaria in Africa alone every year. And not only is it the most common cause of death in Africa, it also really impairs the economy in Africa. It costs the government 12 billion dollars every year.

I was never really a person prone to give to charity, and I’m still not, but I do gladly donate my time to this organisation, because they are truly inspirational.


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