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A Massive Spones Rec List

The Spones fandom is made up of some of the most talented people but is tiny and in need of more content. Due to this fact, there are significantly less Spones fics so I searched extra hard to compile a good, lengthy list of fics.. and somehow managed to find way more fics than I did for my Mckirk one?? Why am I such trash, help I need a life.

(Listed alphabetically: ** = favourite)

Addressed to the Damn Doctor by ElloPoppet | 2.5k, T

Spock writes McCoy a letter of confession, despite not quite knowing how to write a love letter. (A super sweet insight into Spock’s mind, especially on his thoughts on the Enterprise’s resident doctor.)

Best Medicine for the Worst Patient by gammadolphin | 8.5k, T

It’s a special kind of hell, becoming obsessed with the laughter of a man who barely even smiles unless he’s high or dying of blood loss. Leonard doesn’t handle it particularly well. (A hilariously frustrating fic in which Bones becomes a little too obsessed with trying to hear Spock laugh just once more.)

Blues March by IntuitivelyFortuitous | 7k, T

Leonard McCoy sees his friends bleed. He loves the blood when it is inside them, flushing their cheeks and warming their skin. When it colors his hands on the operating table, he can think of little but the time he has with them, and a minute is too long to waste. He’s not going to let Spock get away that easily. (Gruesome and sad yet somehow really sweet.)

The Body by therev | 13k, T

McCoy’s consciousness is transferred into an android body after a fatal accident. Spock helps him remember the man he used to be. (Wow a really creative and fascinating fic that could have gone totally wrong if it hadn’t been written by such a talented author.)

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Spoilers - Part 2 (Leonard Snart)

Requested: yes

Warnings: none that i can think of, but there might be some language in there

Word Count: 2.943

A/N: you guys asked for it so here is part 2 i really hope it’s alright and also this was longer but i decided not to bore you with a 6000 word story so i cut it lmao  (bonus points for who spots my references in this imagine lmao)

Story Line: The Legends travel to the future and Snart shows up asking for your help. 

Part 3 

“Welcome to 2020, everyone.” Hunter turned his chair around to face the rest of the team with a large grin on his face. “The year of numerous life-changing medical and technological discoveries.”

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Ozark Encyclopedia – B – Blackhaw

Black Haw - Viburnum prunifolium, V. rufidulum

Parts used: root, bark, leaf, berry

Traditional uses: Infusion taken as an anticonvulsive. Root bark taken as a diaphoretic. Febrifuge. Root taken as a tonic. Infusion of bark used as a wash for sore tongue. Compound infusion taken for smallpox and ague.

“The bark, known as Cramp Bark, is employed in herbal medicine. It used formerly to be included in the United States Pharmacopoeia, but is now omitted though it has been introduced into the National Formulary in the form of a Fluid Extract, Compound Tincture and Compound Elixir, for use as a nerve sedative and anti-spasmodic in asthma and hysteria. In herbal practice in this country, its administration in decoction and infusion, as well as the fluid extract and compound tincture is recommended. It has been employed with benefit in all nervous complaints and debility and used with success in cramps and spasms of all kinds, in convulsions, fits and lockjaw, and also in palpitation, heart disease and rheumatism. The decoction (½ oz. to a pint of water) is given in tablespoon doses. The bark is collected chiefly in northern Europe and appears in commerce in thin strips, sometimes in quills, 1/20 to 1/12 inch thick, greyish-brown externally, with scattered brownish warts, faintly cracked longitudinally. It has a strong, characteristic odour and its taste is mildly astringent and decidedly bitter.” ~Grieve MH

Bark used traditionally for gynecological issues and to aid menstrual cramps (because of its antispasmodic properties). Bark analgesic for pain relief (caution should be taken by those allergic to salicin as the blackhaw does contain the chemical compound). Large doses of the bark purgative and laxative. Berries taken for asthma, chest congestion, and stomachache.

Used for “female complaints” – “Blackhaw bark, according to the old folks, makes a tea that is useful in all sorts of ‘female complaints.’ It is good for scanty, irregular, or painful menstruation. Women going through the change of life consume large quantities of blackhaw bark, and this use of the stuff is so well known that there is a whole cycle of allegedly funny stories about it.” ~Randolph OMF 194-195

“Dig black haw roots…and boil for tea. Drink the tea for female trouble.” ~Parler FBA III 3960

Bark used for cramping – “Boil bark of black haw…in water to make tea for relief of cramps in women.” ~Parler FBA II 1987

Bark tea for malaria – “To cure malaria, make a tea of Black Hall (Viburnum prunifolium) bark.” ~Parler FBA III 2666

Root tea used for measles – “Make a tea by boiling black haw…roots in water and give hot to the sick patient who has measles and is having trouble getting them to brake out.” ~Parler FBA III 1684

Root tea to start a period – “Several years ago it was believed by some people that by the time a girl reached the age of 12 years she should start having a period each month. If she failed to do this then the thing to do was to boil some Black hall roots and make a tea and have the girl drink the tea so she would start having her periods.” ~Parler FBA III 2707

Root tea for upset stomach – “To cure an upset stomach, drink a cup of tea made from boiling blackhaw roots.” ~Parler FBA III 3307

Grieve, Margaret A Modern Herbal (MH)

Moerman, Daniel E. Native American Ethnobotany (NAE)

Parler, Mary Celestia Folk Beliefs from Arkansas (FBA)

Randolph, Vance Ozark Magic and Folklore (OMF)

Fun Decolonizing Facts: Soda Edition™

Most major Sodas (in the US?) are based on native beverages and medicines. That’s why so many were invented in like the 1800s by pharmacists, they were commodifying native drinks, medicines, and drugs.

1.       Coca-Cola and Pepsi: The most popular drink is basically just cocaine, a south American herbal substance, and the kola nut, originally from Africa where it was chewed and used like tea but super successful in the Americas. Used super frequently all over the continents but especially in the amazon and the central pan, cocaine was one of the most successful drugs. Kola was brought over and used for teas and such for a while before some white guy mixed the two with wine and sold it. Coca-Cola ta da.

2.       Sprite and etc.: Based on the pine tea and subsequent lemonade type drinks the natives made for scurvy ridden colonists. Their repayment was genocide and not being given credit.

3.       Rootbeer: Made from sassafrass and wintergreen was a common American beverage for a long time before colonization. Interestingly it is almost only popular in North America still to this day.

4.       Seltzer: The first real appropriated beverage was stolen from the Inca as a cure for malaria in the form of quinine. The natives of Tawantinsuyu or the Andes seemed to have enjoyed it for hundreds of years and learned to use it as a treatment once malaria was introduced during colonization.

5.       Ginger Ale: Based off of ginger beers and teas popular in precolonial America. I don’t really like it so that’s all I’ll say.

6.       Dr. Pepper: No one really knows what the main ingredients of Dr. Pepper are but we know it’s not prune juice. Natives had a tea made from Kola and Ginger that was a remedy for digestive problems and when some white guy made Dr. Pepper in the late 1800’s he marketed it as a digestive aid. So… that’s my guess.

The only exception to these origins is Fanta and Mountain Dew. Fanta was made by and for Nazis. Mountain Dew was made by redneck bootleggers during prohibition to wash down moonshine.

So that’s my excuse for my horrendous addiction to Diet Coke. It’s in my blood MOM!


Preventing malaria isn’t enough. She’s researching a way to treat infectious diseases of the past, present and future. Inspired by Alexis Kaushansky, today’s scientist researching tomorrow’s cures.

What the fuck is this nonsense that “if you love the characters you want them to get what they want”??!! Even if they don’t deserve it? Even if it’d be unfair to to other people??

If you love a character, you’d want them to be well written, that’s it. You want them to have depth, relevance, consistency, development and a complete arc.

If you use a character as self insert, of course you would them to get what they want, cos it feels like YOU are getting your wish fulfilment.

Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura and Hinata do not deserve what they want. What have they done to deserve anything? Did they find the cure for malaria? or did they save a dozen endangered species?

This is unreal, some people like REALLY believe if they just bleed on people about their “emotions” and “struggles”, they deserves the world.

Why do these teenage characters with some “sob story” always get the most annoying fanbase?  All they talk about in meta is “Character X deserves this and that” “She deserves happiness” “He deserves what he wants” It’s all about me me me!! my needs! my wants! ugh…..

You know what…Characters (and people) who’re only interested in their own needs and wants are boring, characters who’re interested in the world are the ones who’re more interesting. Naruto Uzumaki is the perfect example, he’s so self absorbed in his needs or issues, that’s all he talked about, himself. No wonder he has no friends, any reasonable human being would get bored of that kinda self promotion conversation after 10 mins…

Herb of the Week-Cashew

Common names

Cashew Nut Shells

Cajueiro (botanical name, Anacardium occidentale) is an evergreen tree found in the tropical regions and belongs to the plant family which also includes mango, poison oak and poison ivy. Although cajueiro is indigenous to Brazil, it now grows in all regions of the world having tropical climatic conditions. This tree grows up to a height of 30 feet (10 meters) and produces big oval-shaped leaves. Cajueiro bears flowers that have a yellow hue with pink stripes and emerge on the extended stems. The fruit of cajueiro is basically a coagulated stem. However, the actual fruit of this tree is found immediately under the thickened part of the stem and it encloses red or yellowish flesh that envelops the cashew nut. After the bark or shell of the nut is removed, it is mainly used as a food.

As mentioned earlier, cajueiro is indigenous to the northeast coast of Brazil, people in the region had domesticated (started cultivating) cashew much before the Europeans arrived in the country around the end of the 15th century. Later, the European traders as well as explorers ‘discovered’ and also documented cashew in 1578. From Brazil, cajueiro was taken to India as well as East Africa and it became naturalized in these places soon.

Cajueiro has a number of medicinal uses and is available in the form of a tincture. This tincture is effective for treating diabetes, but in this case the patients need to have patience before the results are evident. It would take a minimum of three to four weeks before the favorable results of low blood sugar are noticed. Nevertheless, diabetics using this tincture should measure their blood sugar levels every day to ensure that the combination of the prescribed insulin and/ or additional medications with cajueiro does not reduce the blood sugar levels too much. The shell of the cajueiro cashew encloses natural oil that may result in irritation of the skin provided it is not heated earlier to remove much of the caustic property of the oil. Hence, it is advisable that you should never consume raw cashew. However, they are safe after they are roasted in their shell.

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robotlovestoo  asked:

With animal agriculture being the leading cause of deforestation, water usage, and co2 emissions, how do you reconcile your environmentalism with your decision to financially support this industry by eating meat?

I don’t. 

I live in a way that I do not see as perfectly moral. It’s the same as how I spend money on computers and dog food when I could be spending that money helping to cure malaria or treat children dying of curable diseases. I do my best…I send a lot of money to people developing better health care in the developing world, but not as much as I could. I also eat meat less than the average person in America, but not none at all. I try not to hate myself for living this way, but I also don’t pretend to have some magical rationalization.

Tu Youyou (b. 1930) is a Chinese scientist, and the Nobel Prize winner for 2015 in Physiology or Medicine. She therefore became the first Chinese citizen to be awarded the prize in natural sciences, and the first Chinese person to receive the Lasker Award.

Throughout her career she researched Chinese herbs for their medicinal properties, and discovered an effective cure for malaria from sweet wormwood extract. The discovery is hailed as one of the most important in modern history, and has saved millions of lives since the early 1970s.

Let me tell you a story.

In January 2015, over seven months ago, I dropped by a game store in Galway, Ireland while I was visiting. (Aptly named Dungeons and Donuts, featuring homemade donuts with such names as Xe-Nut-Gos, God of Revels and Circle of Protection: Jam)

Upon walking in, and much to my surprise, the shopkeep looked straight at me and said, “Gavin Verhey!? What the… what are you doing here!?”

Despite either of us never having met the other, as tends to happen both in Magic and in Ireland, we started easily chatting about the game. He asked the questions about what working on Magic was like, and I asked the questions about what playing in Ireland was like.

Our conversation winded around for a while.

“You know what I’ve always wanted to do, Gavin?”


“I’ve always dreamed of coming out for the Magic Party at PAX. That looks so cool! It’ll probably never happen – I’ve barely ever left Ireland in my life.“

I smiled. “Well, if you ever do find your way out to Seattle, let me know and you’re welcome to stay with me if it helps.”

We both laughed at the absurdity of that notion.

Eventually we went out for dinner, then followed it up by him showing me the city. It ended up by going back to his place and kindly letting me in while I waited for my bus, playing games until two in the morning.

Then we parted. And that was that.

Until over a month later.

I’m running between meetings at work. I check my phone. A message has shown up on Facebook. It’s from James. I click on it. It begins:

“Hey Gavin! I’m messaging you about the idea of going to PAX Prime later this year like we discussed (I’ve already saved €300 of my €1000 goal!!!) So this could actually be a thing that happens.”

My eyes open wide.

Not only has he made up his mind about coming out, but the wheels are already in motion. He’s saving toward it.

It’s going to happen.

James is coming here.

More appropriately: James from his tiny home in Galway, who has never been to the United States, and has almost never left his home country, is coming to Seattle, Washington, for PAX.

Or, perhaps, most appropriately: James is flying across the world for Magic.

The thing that I work on.

And not because he’s a pro player and won a plane ticket or anything. It’s just because he loves the game with an intense passion that he wants to be in Seattle, at the PAX epicenter, as it all unfolds.

Right now, I am sitting on my couch at home after coming back from the airport. James is sitting not twenty feet away from me. We are two people from totally different worlds brought together at the same crosssection of time because we play the same game and I once made an offhand comment about a dream he had.

And yet, here we are.

I’m telling you this for two reasons.

First, if I have accidentally just invited the most accomplished serial killer in all of Ireland into my home, I want you all to know who to track down if I go missing.

But second, and only slightly less importantly, this situation is ridiculous. I talked to someone at a tiny game shop in Ireland that serves donuts with comical names who we quickly connected with over a card game, who I then offered to stay at my place if he ever came to PAX and now he is sitting here on my couch, completely ecstatic about being in the states and about what Magic is doing at PAX. He is going from a town of 75,000 people to a convention of 75,000 people.

And he is in one of the most happy, excited states I have ever seen another human being in.

I get asked a lot if I feel like my job makes a difference in the world. If I am contributing positive net worth to the world by creating a card game. And it’s true: I’m not out curing Malaria. I’m not sweating in the emergency room, wiping my brow as I go in for another life-or-death heart transplant.

But when it comes to exporting happiness, that refined good which may just very well be the most valuable of all, I feel like we do a pretty good job.

And you know what? I’ll take that any day.


Okay, people, I have a very interesting video here (not mine! people thought it was, but it isn’t) and I promise that it is better than it looks like. What I am particularly interested in is the first part where the author explains the evolution of Fallout’s insects.

Because I understand that it is very tempting to add a video to the “watch later” list and never look at it again (and this is the best case scenario, I personally ignore them altogether most of the time - except if it is a Fallout glitch), I will sum up the most important parts of this theory below. Every picture used here is taken from the video.

1. There is a reason Fallout’s insects are so big.

As it turns out, Earth has seen gigantic insects before the events of Fallout happened. This was approximately 300 million years ago. During that period of time the atmospheric oxygen concentration was a lot higher than in our modern times, as shown by the graph below. It is during this era that insects had the size of Fallout’s mutated creatures. 

This is important because the insects breathe differently: instead of lungs they have a bunch of holes in their abdomen. As a result, the insects’ size is directly linked to the amount of oxygen in the air, simply because their respiratory system is less efficient than the one mammals developed over the course of their evolution.

Taken together, these two facts lead us to the conclusion that the concentration of oxygen in the air in Fallout’s universe is higher than in our time, and higher than during its pre-war period. Otherwise, bloatflies and mosquitoes couldn’t survive. This seems counterintuitive. Which is also why I am writing all of this, but I will come back to this later.

The decrease of use of fossil fuels and the lack of deforestation would probably contribute to a higher oxygen saturation in the Falloutverse. But I doubt that this would be enough, so it is possible that other areas of the modern world which haven’t been bombed as much as America, or haven’t been bombed at all, produce the whole O2. Key world: rain forest.

Even now the Amazonian rain forest is referred to as the Lungs of the Earth, so imagine what some extra radiation and a lack of civilization would turn it into. Again, we do not know anything about the world of Fallout outside of America, so, considered the size of the insects and the fact that there is no possible way they could survive in this form without a higher oxygen concentration, the Amazonian rain forest growing out of proportion and reclaiming the land that was once taken from it by humans is quite a possibility.

2. Higher oxygen saturation has its consequences.

And these consequences explain the bigger size of other creatures we encounter in Fallout’s universe.

Because of the lower amount of CO2 (green house effect) in the atmosphere the climate of the world has to be colder. And guess what, colder environment also contributes to gigantism, at least in the aquatic animal kingdom. This is why the deep-sea creatures are so big. Now, think about mirelurks and how much bigger they are from their modern cousins.

There is more information to be found in the video, but I wanted to concentrate on these two findings. Or, to be more precise, on the first one.

In the meta to follow, I am working on the assumption that the world outside of Fallout’s U.S.A. resembles the one we know to at least some extent. I expect them to correspond because this is what the game seems to be trying to imply, and because otherwise we have no reason to theorize at all.

I also want to note that I know little about South America, so I am sorry if I’ve gotten something wrong. Everyone who has something to add is very welcome to participate in the discussion and help to flesh out the theory. Or refute it.

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15 Mind-Blowing Facts That You Should Read (Part 141)

1. The average Game of Thrones episode costs $6 million to make. That’s two to three times what a typical network or cable show costs per episode (Breaking Bad episodes cost around $3 million, early Big Bang Theory cost $2 million).

2. A new born baby was found to be 15 times the adult drink drive limit after its Polish mother got drunk before the birth.

3. on April 1, 2007, Google sent an email to its employees warning that a python was loose in its New York Office. It was not a joke.

4.  a Pittsburgh Restaurant Owner did away with tipping, paid employees a base salary of at least $35k/year (plus bonuses), gave them…

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A girl I went to school with since grade 1, who made a breakthrough in the cure for malaria at like 15, gets to have a meeting with Stephen Harper and Bill Gates but I had chocolate poptarts today so who’s the real winner here?

anonymous asked:

Can you give an example of when Maya challenged Lucas to be at his best? I believe she was a bad influence on him on GM Rules because it's the cool thing to do. Not saying she's completely bad, but there's that one scene that just comes to mind.

Yes, because painting your face and running around the halls is such a TERRRRRIBLE thing to do! Boogity boogity! He’s gonna end up in JAIL at this rate! Face painting and running in the halls leads to bar fights and worse! Goodness gracious, even Cory was totally fine with Maya painting Riley’s face one day. Sorry for the sarcasm, BUT: There’s a big difference between relatively mild cutting up and someone’s actual WORST. Especially when it comes to Lucas.

Let’s talk about who has ACTUALLY brought out “the worst” in Lucas over the course of the series (aka his temper): Farkle’s bully, Zay’s bully, Riley’s bully, Charlie in GMNY, aaaaand Riley herself (SoL, GMHS1, and in tandem with Maya in GMT1). Although in the case of Zay’s bully, Lucas had himself completely under control—to the point where Cory didn’t even feel the need to stop or punish him.

As far as Maya encouraging Lucas to be his best, remember when she jumped his back during Flaws? “Lucas! No! Don’t do it! He wants you to be like him!” Or what about in Secret of Life and in GMT1, when she basically said “you’re great the way you are” in so many words? (Because newsflash: he is. Lucas is as good a guy as Alan Matthews. Having a temper when people hurt those you care about—or when someone is tearing you down the way Riley did in SoL, or when your friends sign you up for a dangerous sport without telling you—does not a “bad” person make.)

Maya may tease Lucas for the whole “Moral Compass” thing, but ya gotta remember: she teases him because she LIKES him. She actually likes the cowboy stuff and the moral compass stuff. The moral compass stuff is part of why she asked him about his beliefs, most likely. She actually *listens* to him. And of course what’s interesting about that is how proud Lucas is of himself whenever he manages to contain Maya, either verbally or physically. That’s a big part of the reason he’s good for her. Hell, in Rules, even when he was “among the bad” Lucas stepped up and tried to contain Maya.

Just about the ONLY solid (ish) canon argument for “Maya brings out the ‘worst’ in Lucas” is that he painted his face and ran around the hallways. And honestly: that’s some pretty mild cutting up, as far as cutting up goes. You’ll note that Cory only gave MAYA any further detention, and it was clearly because she was the ringleader who broke the other kids out of the room, not because of the face painting and running. If the latter had been the case, ALL of Mayaville would’ve gotten extended detention.

You could MAYBE argue that she inspired him to pin Billy to the mats in Flaws, but the thing is: she also physically STOPPED HIM. And subsequent episodes have shown that Lucas probably would’ve lost his temper at Billy regardless of what Maya said in the Bay Window earlier.

So yeah: this whole “Maya brings out the WORST” in Lucas crap really needs to die, yesterday. There’s pretty much nothing in canon to support it. And there’s a solid argument to be made that one of the things Lucas likes about Maya is how she’s generally calm and “always okay.” (“How are you so calm?!” - GM Rileytown). Maya may cut up and act out at times, but she doesn’t have *nearly* the temper on her that Lucas and Riley do. (Yeah, Riley’s got a big old temper too, it’s just less dangerous with her because she couldn’t beat anyone up even if she wanted to. 😂) Even in Mr. Squirrels when Maya was SUPER pissed she was relatively collected, for the most part.

Like, I reallllly don’t think Lucas picked up that “most likely to be okay with anything that happens” attitude from Riley. They’ve ALL changed him, and it’s honestly more likely he picked up that “okay” attitude from Miss Always-Okay-Even-When-she-Has-Every-Reason-to-be-Upset rather than Miss Gets-Righteously-Pissed-When-the-World-Doesn’t-Conform-to-her-Expectations. (And I’m not dogging either girl, being “always okay” can be a bad thing just like Riley’s penchant for righteous crusading can be a good thing.)

That said though, even if he picked up the “always okay” attitude from Maya, Riley is totally a “good kid” for both Lucas and Maya the way Cory was a “good kid” for Shawn and Harley, or Richie was for Alan. Lucas was at a point where he could’ve gone either way when he arrived in New York. Meeting Riley and becoming friends with her set Lucas on that “Moral Compass” path, which was always inside him to begin with, it would seem. But just because Riley was an important tipping point for Lucas (people change people!) doesn’t mean they have to date and get married anymore than it does for Cory & Harley.

The truth of the matter is that ALL of Lucas’s new friends have changed him in the best possible ways. Riley may encourage Lucas to be a “hero” (although I’m still not sure how riding a bull is “heroic” unless said bull was about to stampede a bunch can of people…), but Maya encourages Lucas to just be what he IS. Because he’s a good guy even without all the “hero” crap. That’s why Maya was so upset in Texas: she thought it was RIDICULOUS for him to risk his life and limb just because a bunch of people called him a disgrace for falling off a sheep as a kid. You could even make the argument that Riley and the locals calling Lucas a “disgrace” brought out a version of Lucas’s “worst"—a version of him that was so torn down by what other people said that he believed he HAD to risk his life and his spinal cord. Luckily it worked out. But…😕

Dreamers like Lucas “World Peace” Friar and Riley “cancel Halloween to cure malaria” Matthews need pragmatists like Maya and Farkle to balance them out and keep them grounded. And pragmatists like Maya and Farkle need dreamers like Lucas and Riley to help inspire them. Regardless of the ships, that’s one major dynamic in how these kids all change and bring out the best in each other.

225: Breath and Blowing

Using the breath to cure or to carry a curing power to the patient is an interesting aspect of Ozark folk medicine that likely has European origins although the same idea can be seen across many cultures around the world. The fire in a burn can be blown out by an experienced burn doctor, or thrush, sometimes called “thrash” in Ozark speak, can be cured by having a preacher or someone who has never seen their father blow into the mouth of the child. Prayers or blessings can be blown over a patient in need of healing, or the sickness itself can be blown away like dust is blown by the wind.

Here are some other ways blowing or the breath have figured into Ozark folk healing. All these anecdotes are from Vance Randolph’s “Ozark Magic and Folklore”:

“When an Ozark child has colic, the mother squeezes a little of her own milk into a teacup. Then she takes a reed pipestem and blows clouds of tobacco smoke into the cup, so that it bubbles up through the milk. When the baby drinks this nicotinized milk it becomes quiet at once and soon falls asleep. Other people treat a ‘colicky’ infant simply by blowing tobacco smoke up under its clothes; I have seen this done several times, and it really did seem to relieve the pain or at least to distract the child’s attention for the moment.”

“Some yarb doctors treat earache simply by blowing tobacco smoke into the ear; if this doesn’t give relief, they blow the smoke into a cup of warm water with a reed or pipestem and put a few drops of this smoke water into the ear at intervals.”

“A gentleman near Crane, Missouri, has enjoyed a great success in relieving the pain from superficial burns. He just blows gently upon the burned place, touches it with his finger tips, and whispers a little prayer.”

“Mrs. May Kennedy McCord, of Springfield, Missouri, knows how to ‘draw out fire’ from a burn. She learned it from Harry N. Force, an old-time druggist who spent many years in Cotter, Arkansas. You just mutter: ‘Two little angels come from Heaven, one brought fire and the other brought frost, go out fire and come in frost.’ As you say the last word you blow gently on the burn. This ‘sayin’ is supposed must be learned from a member of the opposite sex.”

“To cure malaria, chills, fever, and ague all you need is a hickory peg about a foot long. Drive it into the ground in some secluded place, where you can visit it unseen. Do not tell anyone about this business. Go there every day, pull up the peg, blow seven times into the hole, and replace the peg. After you have done this for twelve successive days, drive the peg deep into the earth so that it cannot be seen, and leave it there. You’ll have no more chills and fever that season. If the cure doesn’t work, it means that you have been seen blowing into the hole, or that you have inadvertently mentioned it to somebody.”

“Any posthumous child can cure the croup simply by blowing in the patient’s mouth; one of my neighbors happened to be born several weeks after his father’s death, and although he ridicules the healing power himself, he is frequently called out of his bed at night by distracted parents who want him to save their children. The same treatment is used for sore mouth in babies, a white, cotton-like eruption which is called thrash or thresh.”

“In certain backwoods settlements in Arkansas it is believed that all one need do to cure thrash is to have a preacher blow in the child’s mouth. A preacher I know tells me he; has done this hundreds of times, although he has little faith in the remedy. ‘They git well, all right,’ he said, ‘but I can’t see as they git well any quicker’n them which I don’t blow in their mouth. But there aint no harm in it, an’ I aim to ‘commodate folks whenever I can.’”