“Clint Malarchuk mere moments after having his jugular vein severed during a game on March 22, 1989. The wound was closed after 300 stitches and he avoided becoming the third NHL player to die from an in-game injury. One of the trainers had been a medic in Vietnam, and was able to hold his jugular closed until he could receive treatment. Easily the most intense moment in sports history.”


PSA to all Yuri On Ice cosplayers

DO NOT bring or wear figure skates to conventions or gatherings.

Even if you have skate guards, unless it is an actual ice skating event KEEP THE SKATES AT HOME.

Figure skates can be incredibly dangerous when not used for their intended purposes.

If you need reminding of just how dangerous wearing live steel on your feet is, Google what happened to hockey player Clint Malarchuk but be warned, images are very gruesome and there is a LOT of blood involved.