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the vampire diaries

I’m not the biggest fan but I can try! (I’m up to S2)

❤ Favorite Male: Will everyone shoot me in the face if I say Stefan?
❤ Favorite Female: KATHERINE PIERCE is my vampire queen
Favorite Pairing: Ouch. Might be Stefan/Elena of Stefan/Katherine, but I don’t really have an otp here
❤ Least Favorite Character: Bonnie and Jeremy are both not my favourite persons in this world
❤ who’s most like me: I might be as annoying as Elena, idk XD
❤ most attractive: Definitely Elijah, he won me over since his first scene <3
❤ three more characters that I like: Caroline, Damon, Klaus

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Ruby and Archie

  • My hair: Sometimes I really wish I was a redhead but then I’m not, like, *brave* enough to dye it. I’d have eyes on me and I’m too shy for that XD
  • Goodness: I think it’s more of a question of education, culture and upbringing.

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Name: Louise - Age: 21- Meaning behind tumblr url: It's a way to say you don't know what to say - Where you live: Saint-Étienne - Single/Taken: single - Hobbies/Interests: cinema, ballet - Why you follow me: You make pretty Clémence and Keira things, and period ladies <3 Random fact about yourself: I speak an awful english XD - Question for me: I don't know, what does your url mean?

Hey, nice to meet you <3 I like your url XD mine means “Laura doesn’t believe”, which is a verse from a song I like really much, but it can also be intended as “Laura doesn’t believe/think so”, which is very me lol. Thanks for doing this thing <3