“Mark and the Malamute” - Digital Oil Painting

“This is why I got him; because he laughs. I thought he was laughing at all my jokes… turns out it’s my fashion sense. I stand by that green sweater!”

Mark is very loyal to his clothes. I was going to go with a modern Mark Hamill and go for a Grandpa-Chic feel… but it just wasn’t going with the rest of the series. So we have a Classic Mark instead. ^_^

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Ivar and Jude were part of a photoshoot a few months back, and they (and the models!) had a blast. It was great to see how Jude’s confidence seemed to rub off on Ivar. Ivar warmed up to the models very quickly, despite their flowing dresses and make-up, which I thought would make him nervous and flighty, but he clearly had no issues, and even made a new friend! You go, big boy! 


Dogs with their horse friend.