malagasy women


Sunrise Fishing, Morondava Madagascar

I woke up shortly after sunrise to walk along the beach in Morondava on the west coast of Madagascar. Malagasy men, women, and children had already been up for hours fishing or “fanjonoana” in the calm waves. Using nets, buckets, out-rigger canoes, and even out-rigger canoes with make-shift tarp sails, everyone was working hard to collect seafood to sell at the market and to restaurants. 

By the time the sun had completely risen, the beach was emptied so the hard working families could take their catch into town and continue in the next step of profiting from their tireless labor.


Earlier this year, five Peace Corps Volunteers from the central highlands region of Madagascar gathered in the nation’s capital of Antananarivo to facilitate a weeklong GLOW (Girls Leading Our World) camp for young female leaders from their respective towns. The five Agriculture Volunteers selected four young women each from their respective communities, ages of 13-16, along with an adult chaperone to attend the camp. The aim was to equip young Malagasy women, who show potential for leadership, with the necessary skills to make healthy life choices as well as advance their personal, professional and academic goals.