Gyakuten Saiban ~Sono ”Shinjitsu” Igiari!~
Mitsurugi Reiji
(Voiced by: Masashi Tamaki)

Genius prosecutor who worked against a Not Guilty verdict.
The fluttering tie “Cravat” is a made-to-order item!

From Otomedia 2016/6 Gakken (June 2016 issue)


(I guess the whole fandom has this figured out by now. I’ll keep this post just to state that it’s canon that Miles’ cravats are made to order)
(I apologize if it doesn’t make any sense, my Japanese skill is getting rusty.)


I finished translating these magazine scans (thanks to @malafilia and @singularityb for them! - Here’s the original post). I’m in the middle of the translation of the interview with the anime director, so I’m posting this Q&A with Phoenix and Edgeworth first~

In this garden of justice, the flowers of truth are on full bloom!!

Finally the series that sold more than 5.6 millions copies, the legal battle adventure game “Ace Attorney” is going to be animated! A great media mix, incluiding comics, light novels, a live-action film adaptation, a stage play…
So this is a special gift for all the “Gyakuten girls” out there. Speaking of “Ace Attorney”, we’re going to have a little battle of words between these two men who met each other as rivals on court: the hot-blooded lawyer, Phoenix Wright and the handsome prosecutor, Miles Edgeworth. They’re going to show us their growth and changes thanks to their legal battles.
We spoke with series director Ayumu Watanabe. Also check out the Q&A!

Spring love questions with Phoenix Wright!

Q: Spring is the perfect season for taking a nap. Are you sleeping well? Also, do you have any recurring dream?
A: Regardless of the season, I sleep well at any time. I eat well, so I sleep well! Huh, a dream… I always end dreaming about the court. In every dream, Edgeworth is always there, laughing at me. And before I could say anything, I wake up.

Q: With what kind of person would you like to go to a hanami?
A: I went to a hanami the other day. To be honest, it would be great to see the cherry trees with a girl like Mia, but… I went with Maya and Larry, and the place didn’t have blooming flowers. Oh, come to think of it! Just in case, we also invited Edgeworth, and he really came. Me and Pearls stared surprised at those cracks between the eyebrows… I mean! The wrinkles on the cherry tree.

Q: How would you complete the saying “I prefer _______ over flowers”?(*)
A: Even if people usually say “I prefer dumplings over flowers”… Maybe my position should be “I prefer to defend over flowers”. You know, if I don’t get a new client request, this month’s loan would be a problem.

Spring love questions with Miles Edgeworth!

Q: Spring is the perfect season for taking a nap. Are you sleeping well? Also, do you have any recurring dream?
A: If I drink hot milk before going to bed, I always sleep peacefully… On the other side, I hate dreams.

Q: With what kind of person would you like to go to a hanami?
A: I prefer not going to hanamis. The other day, I scolded Detective Gumshoe because he decorated my desk with cherry blossoms from the neighborhood park.

Q: How would you complete the saying “I prefer _______ over flowers”? (*)
A: …I prefer a guilty veredict over flowers.

(*) Hana yori dango/Dumplings over flowers is an old japanese saying which means to take the practical over the aesthetic.

Seven silly Weasels
Sunning by the bog.
Down came Master Snakeskin
Wanting weasel grog.
Seeing him so sinister
One ran off to the Minister.
Now there are six silly Weasels.
- Magical counting game describing the seizure of the Weasley family’s assets for the crimes of Muggle-consorting and Improper Magic Use, with the sentence carried out by Asmodeus Yaxley in 1849. Each successive verse changes slightly to reflect the family’s attempts to gain reprieve; first going to the Minister, then to the Wizengamot, then by appealing to the populace, and so on. In the end, of course, there are no silly Weasels, and Master Snakeskin – an obvious stand-in for Yaxley – seizes the bog.

Jingle jangle jingle
I’m going to the Mugwump.
She’s flat denied my love.
Jingle Jangle Jingle
I’m sending in the Aurors.
To strip her fine white gloves.
Jingle Jangle Jingle
Sis! Sis! You’ll not miss
The sound of his keys
Once he’s given you a kiss.
Accompaniment to the once-popular flying game ‘Azkaban,’ in which the players attempt to dodge a child standing in as the 'Dementor.’ It is a popular rumor that in the early days of the Dementors’ Kiss, when the punishment was handed out for every three offenses on average, many of those  Kissed had been wrongly maligned and imprisoned without trial thanks to the machinations of spurned lovers, hence the reference to their souls’ execution as a 'Kiss.’ Although it is unlikely that this actually happened at all, let alone to the degree popular culture claims it did, this myth persists as the basis of many novels and plays, such as the tragedy Melusina and the revenge saga The Earl of Woolsey Watkins.

As I wandered down to Diagon
What there did I see
Bright-Haired Faithless flying 'round us
Sullen as can be
Seven times she spat out rhymes
Here’s what she said to me:
'I’ve six more maids and six more brooms
And we’ve cast off our jobs.
For in the bank are seven rooms,
In each room seven gobs;
And each gob has got a sack
And each sack has got within
The list of every trick and sin
Played by my faithless kin!’
Then I wandered out of Diagon
Happy as can be.
And in the Cauldron raised a flagon
For Ms. Faithless’ spree.
Galleon! Rupee! Frank!
Circling 'round the bank. 
- Magical nursery rhyme found in Mr. Malfoy’s childhood primer, page dog-eared. Refers to the catalyst for the third goblin war, the International Quidditch Games, a precursor for the World Cup which took place one year in then-pastoral Diagon. The game erupted into violence when one of the players, Malafilia Malfoy, took offense at a nearby goblin taking her father to task for his murder of seventeen goblin children earlier that month. In the chaos, the nearby goblin bank, then a cornerstone of magical society, was razed to the ground. Gringotts bank stands in its place today. The Malfoys, who have long been adamant supporters of a wizards-only banking system, are in large part responsible for the comparatively reduced role goblins play in magical finance today. 

(Edgeworth made some statement that reminded him of what he should be focusing on earlier)

“… …Edgeworth…”, what he said just now was very like himself.

What is my goal? I don’t even have to think. The answer was clear.

Both my goal and Edgeworth’s are the same: To make the truth come to light.

(excerp translated and illust from: Gyakuten Saiban novel, “Gyakuten Idol”)

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