I feel like I should clarify- a lot of times I talk about ‘untangling’ or ‘processing’ between, say, Lapis and Jasper, or Garnet and Blue Diamond.

What I don’t mean is “a round of apologies is made, everyone becomes friends, all is good”

People can’t always forgive and forget, and honestly ‘forgive and forget’ is kind of a bad model to aspire to. Stuff affects people, things hurt. 

Jasper violated Lapis’s boundaries, pressured her into fusing, and may have been responsible for towing Lapis back to Earth, which Lapis had virtually just made a lot of effort escaping. I’ve talked about this, but Jasper’s hands are not clean in this regard.

Lapis has tried to trap herself with Jasper under the ocean, in her own words, forever, and depriving Jasper of her autonomy. Lapis’s hands are also not clean.

Neither of them are going to come out of this squeaky clean and happy to see each other. That’s an unrealistic expectation and it’s an unreasonable onus to put on either of them, that they need to kiss and make up.

When I talk about ‘untangling’ I mean that I would like to see them work their way towards stable. Neither of them are hurting each other, and both of them feel safe and comfortable. 

This might mean that they do not want to spend any time more than is completely necessary in each other’s space, and that’s okay. It might mean that Lapis never does forgive Jasper, or vice versa, and what was established between them in The Return and Jailbreak colors the rest of their interactions going forwards, and, y’know, that’s okay.

Friendship is a nice concept. Teamwork is a nice concept. This doesn’t mean you have to be friends with people who have hurt you in the past if you don’t want to. It doesn’t mean that everyone should strive for perfect teamwork with people that they’re uncomfortable being around. 

I definitely have my own theories about how this is going to work out, and what that processing might entail, but I don’t remotely want to insinuate that it’s inevitable or necessary that Lapis and Jasper come out of this becoming friends. And part of my interest in seeing this is that I do want to see people being held responsible for their actions, and the feelings of all involved parties being treated with due respect and gravity. 

And if I’ve been/am being really oblique about it at this point it’s because I feel like that’s something that would have to be approached very carefully and gotten right.