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bonkai - the deadass most tragic ship to ever exist

remember what the prison world did to bonnie, she was so lonely she tried to kill herself, let me repeat, bonnie bennet tried to k i l l herself after only a short amount of time. imagine how kai felt, 18 years trapped alone. humans are social creatures, he was probably driven insane with hallucinations; audio and visual. if bonnie tried to kill her self after like a month or two, imagine how kai felt. he could not die, if he was unstable in the first place, no wonder he is the way he is now. kai parker is a sociopath by circumstance, it’s not his fault and that’s why we connect with him so well. I guess that’s why bonnie and kai have some sort of ‘connection’ they both know the haunting loneliness that isolation in prison worlds can be like

Evolution of ANCESTOR

Matt Sheean and I had been working out the idea for Ancestor for awhile before Brandon Graham asked if we could do something for Island. Towards the end of 2013 we put together a pitch for Ancestor as a mini-series. Here are the first three pages from that -

Nothing happened with the pitch, but by the time it was decided that Ancestor would be serialized in the pages of Island, Matt and I knew we’d be re-writing and redrawing what was done for the pitch. These pages changed significantly:
• It went from three pages to five. I mean, we were gonna get a page rate, why condense things?? Really though, this sequence was the most personal and insightful sequence for the main character in the first chapter, so we wanted it to really resonate, and that required a bit more real estate.
• We changed the way the ‘title’ was displayed, partially because of how we wanted the subsequent chapters to be titled. We wanted to make it more minimal right off the bat, to visually indicate the beginning of our story in the pages of many other stories inside the anthology.
• We had a firmer grasp on how we would depict The Service, so we ditched the more metaphorical ‘brain opening’ up idea and went with something we would depict more consistently through out the series.

Of course there were all kinds of smaller changes too, take a look at the finished pages:

If you have any comments/questions, feel free to hit the ‘ol “ask” button.

Island #3 (September 2015)

I feel like this anthology is not only filled with good comics, it’s also good for comics. It’s so thrilling to open it up and find out what’s inside, and this is only the third issue.

Beautiful Farel Dalrymple cover up top.

And this is from Ancestor by Malachi Ward and Matt Sheean:

Those little yellow bubbles are like a constant swarm of web activity around the head of the person looking at her. Utterly imaginable and very clever representation.

And this is from Dilraj Mann’s Queue:

Reminds me a little of Charles Burns.

This panel is from Don’t Talk So Much by Kate Craig:

Just a gorgeous sky.

More to come…

REVIEW: Island #11 (comic)


Issue 11

Contributions by: Malachi Ward, Matt Sheean, Grim Wilkins, Robin Bougie, Joseph Bergin III, Remy Boydell, Michelle Perez, Johnnie Christmas, and Tamra Bon Villain. Brought to you by Emma Rios and Brandon Graham.

Published by: Image Comics

All right, full disclosure. I cannot be objective in any capacity when it comes to Island. It’s the single coolest thing on the shelves right now. What Emma Rios and Brandon Graham are doing might not be a new concept (anthology comics) but it is revolutionary. Bringing so many talents and skills and views and things together, it’s beautiful and amazing. That they also happen to be some of the most exciting talents and storytellers in the comic game right now is also a big bonus. Island, quite simply, is the best money you’ll spend every month on comics. The single biggest bang for your buck. So, thank you Emma and Brandon. Please keep up the great work.

And damn is issue eleven a thing of beauty. Filled to bursting with page-turning wonder and strangeness (and how about that Christmas/Bonvillain cover?), with the nothing short of epic conclusion to Malachi Ward and Matt Sheean’s Ancestor story. So massive, so deep. And so pretty to look at. If you’ve been following along (and you have been, right?) then this is a wonderful end to what has been a great piece of work. And to make things even better, the trade is coming out later this month so hopefully you’ve done the right thing and got it pre-ordered already. Seriously, this is great comic storytelling with high concepts and beautiful art throughout.

And then we get Grim Wilkins now in the pages of Island. Grim is a nice dude, and does mind-blowing work (particularly with inks). Mirenda is a stunning work of surrealism that I’m beyond happy to see now included in these hallowed pages. Wilkins does such crazy, amazing things with his work and it sucks you in and by the time you get to the last page it’s…you need more. Truly. Exciting times to be getting this kind of content (though if you were smart enough to jump in on the Kickstarter for Mirenda you already know this).

A truly trippy slice of strange is brought to us by Robin Bougie and Joseph Bergin III with The Incident. It’s short and pretty out there and if sources are to be believed the kind of thing that blasts truth way stranger than fiction. And I want to believe. I really do.

It’s all wrapped up on a somber, thoughtful note. The Pervert, from Remy Boydell and Michelle Perez is brave. It’s unflinching. It’s really the kind of story I think we need a lot more of not because it’s provocative but because it reaches out. It makes you wonder in a way people just don’t wonder enough, I think. About other people, about how they portray themselves and put themselves into the world. 

Congratulations to all and everyone involved in creating another stellar issue of Island. Like I said, it’s the single most exciting thing being put out right now and should probably get on everyone’s pull list. 

I warned you, man. Objectivity doesn’t exist here. I really, truly like Island.

– M

@mattsheean and I did the cover for Island #7, which will include part 3 of Ancestor. The lineup is real good in this issue:

ISLAND #7  STORY / ART: BRANDON GRAHAM, LIN VISEL, MATT SHEEAN, MALACHI WARD, & MICHAEL DEFORGE FEBRUARY 17 / 112 PAGES / FC / T+ / $7.99 The ongoing oversized comics magazine continues with the third chapter of MATT SHEEAN and MALACHI WARD’s “Ancestor,” and introduces new stories by MICHAEL DEFORGE(Lose, Ant Colony) and LIN VISEL (Slipshine). 


I haven’t seen this girl in ages but I met her during my senior year at Bowdoin, when she was a freshman.  I was stage managing my friend Cait’s production of Edward Albee's The Play About the Baby and Malachi was my assistant stage manager.  She was very young for a freshman, a shade past seventeen, I think, but so confident and capable.  I’m so amazed at how talented and creative she is, and what a strong young woman she has become.