Malabar Large-spotted Civet (Viverra civettina)

Also known as the Malabar Civet, the Malabar large-spotted civet is a species of viverrid native to the Western Ghats of India. Like other civets the Malabar civet is primarily nocturnal and forages for small mammals, fish, bird eggs, plant matter and a number of other animals. They can also excrete the famous civet musk which is sometimes used in perfumes. Unlike the related large-spotted civet (V.megaspila) the Malabar civet has less hair on the soles of its feet. And can be distinguished from the small Indian civet (V.indica) by its smaller tail and back crest. Currently the Malabar civet is listed as critically endangered because of habitat destruction and hunting due to the misconception that they kill poultry. 



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