mala herba

mala herba cito crescit | chapter 2 post motive | Omen

Back at home, it was Kohana’s custom to have afternoon tea on most days. Especially on stressful days, or days when she had several deadlines looming, she found that there was little that cupcakes and Earl Grey could not fix. And so, with the tension in Cliffside building, it seemed only appropriate to seek refuge in her regular routine.

That was how she ended up having a one-woman picnic under the fairy tree. It was not quite like home. The tea was in a thermos flask, she’d had to make cucumber sandwiches herself, there were no macaroons or cupcakes, and she’d been forced to use her cottage’s tablecloth as a picnic blanket, but it was at least some semblance of what she would have had at home.

The tranquillity was calming, at least. Happily sewing away, she found all the concerns of the past few days slowly drifting away on the gentle breeze. As interesting as it was to socialise with the other denizens of Cliffside, there was something soothing about being sat on her own with nothing but the trees for company. Just Kohana and her thoughts, and perfect silence.

At least, until a purple monstrosity came stomping into her peripheral vision.

Omen was someone who Kohana, as a general rule, would do her best to avoid. He was rude, he was unpleasant and he was needlessly spiteful. Even if he had such feelings of contempt towards anything and everything, was it really necessary to voice them? The gracious thing to do would be to quietly continue sewing until he had left - chances were he was just passing by. But on this occasion, being gracious was just too difficult.

Looking up from her needlework, Kohana flashed the cryptozoologist a smile. “Good afternoon, Mr Omen. I heard through the grapevine that you had something of a tiff with the Fool. How did that work out for you?”

In this case, ‘through the grapevine’ could be substituted with ‘you were swearing so loudly that I could have probably heard you from the afterlife’, but to say the latter would have been inappropriate.