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The Inner Isle’s Spy: Chapter One 

Not a Princess 2: A Descendants Imagine

Part 1: (Still don’t know how to put a link in without it looking like that :/ )

Warnings: none :)

Anonymous said: Can you make another imagine of disney’s descendants with reader being tinkerbell’s daughter like your last imagine? Idk continue it or something like that i really loved it💕💚

So sorry it took so long! With back to school stuff, and wanting to get it just right, it’s taken way too long! I have like 20 rough drafts on my phone of ways it could have been and so I finally pieced it together to make this. So I hope you like it!


“Hey Ben,” you called and walked up next to him.

“Hey, (Y/N),” he smiled and swung an arm over your shoulder.

“Excited for the game?” You nudged him and he shrugged.

“Do you have a date for coronation yet?” He sent you a lopsided smile and you groaned.

“Not you too!”

“Oh come on. I think Andy might-”

“Hey Ben, hey (Y/N)!” Mal smiled and you returned it.

“I’ll- let you two talk,” you winked at Ben and walked over to the railing.

“Hey (Y/N)!” Andy waved and you and you smiled back at him.

Chad elbowed Andy and sent you a glare.

“She’s not even a princess, Andy,” Chad spat and you began to glow red.

“You want me to deal with them?” A deep voice said from behind you and you turned, finding yourself looking up at Jay.

He frowned at Chad and his friends and you shrugged.

“No it’s fine. I handle myself. So I heard you got on the tourney team?” You asked, trying to change the subject.

“Yeah, Coach said I had raw talent.” He puffed out his chest and you sent him a small smile. “Oh. We and Mal made these: chocolate chip cookies. I thought I would offer you one.” Jay looked at the ground and you thought you saw worry In his eyes.

“I’m good. I prefer Peanut butter cookies, but I know Ben loves chocolate. What’s wrong Jay?” You frowned up at him as his face fell.

“Oh it’s um, it’s nothing.”

“Come on, you can tell me,” you looked at him in worry.

“It’s nothing. Hey, maybe we can hang out later?” Jay looked down at you with a smile.

“How about a deal? You win the game, and we hang out.” You grinned at him and he smirked.

“You’re on!”

“Hey lost girl, you going to cheer for us at the game?” Ben laughed from behind you.

“Us? As in You, Jay, Carlos, and Andy yes.” You rolled your eyes at Ben and he grinned.

“Wait you’re a cheerleader?” Jay snickered incredulously.

“Oh, please. I’d rather give myself up to Hook! Ben just keeps insisting I try out.” I grumbled and crossed my arms, huffing a piece of my hair out of my face.

“Well, I know who you should cheer for! Ma-” Ben began but Jay clapped a hand over Bens mouth.

“Um, Mal wants you to sit by her at the big game, yeah, Mal wants (Y/N) to sit by her and Evie,” he shouted that part extremely loud and you placed your hands on your hips. “Ben, why don’t you go get the other guys ready to practice?” Jay rambled and shoved Ben in the other direction.

“What was that?” You quirked an eyebrow at the son of Jafar.

“That? Oh well, I wanted to be the one to tell you?” He stated, but it sounded more like a question.

“I’ll see you after the game, VK, remember to win, I’m looking forward to hanging out with you,” you smiled warmly and swung your bag over your shoulder, making your way over to Mal and Evie.

For some reason, you were really hoping Jay would win that game, and had a smile stuck on your face.

“Woah, someone’s crushing.” Mal snickered and you snapped out of your reverie.

“No! I’m not! I just want the Guys to win is all!” You defended, a little too quickly and The two girls shared a look.

“Yeah, sure…”

As you were talking to the girls, Jay was watching you with a smile on his face.

He was going to win this game, that was for certain.

Best Friend & First Mate. (Part 3)

Title: Best Friend & First Mate.  

Originally posted by thomasadoherty

Author: Gráinne x

Pairing: Harry Hook x Reader

Summary: Part 3 of the Harry Hook mini-series. Reader becomes emotional the more time she’s on Auradon. Loving her best friend from a far, desperate to reunite with him but not wanting to give into the dark temptation that is evil. 

A/N: So this took a while to write because I was following the storyline and I wanted to break off in a good place. This is Part 3 ahh exciting lol, there will be a Part 4 & 5 still to come, so don’t worry folks plenty more of Harry & Reader to come. I hope you enjoy. Love Always G xx

Part One / Part Two /

Y/N stood side by side with Evie on the balcony, this was it the moment they’d be waiting for.

Ben’s coronation had begun and Mal had successfully enchanted Ben with a love spell gaining her spot next to the fairy godmother and that wand.

Y/N played with the ring that sat on her right middle finger, nervous habit that set in even when she was a baby. They’d been in Auradon for four months now and things were… changing.

Evie noticed Y/N playing with the ring and placed her hand gently on top to get her stop.
“Hey, you’ll see him soon”

Y/N didn’t believe her. She didn’t believe she’d see Harry again, or the isle or her mother for that fact. Things had changed in Y/N she didn’t feel the need to prove herself, she didn’t feel like scaring kids or tormenting the student body sure she had her moments when she lost her cool but nobody expected a VK kid to automatically be good. ‘Oh god what is happening’

Y/N faced Evie whispering “I don’t want to do this anymore”
Evie’s eyes nearly bulged out of her head when she heard her older sister
“WHAT!” she whisper shouted.
Y/N shrugged “It’s not worth it, look at what we’ve accomplished here”
Jay and Carlos gave Y/N that knowing look as they overheard the conversation between the two sisters.
“But. You won’t get to see Harry again?” Evie whispered
“There’s always a price to pay Evie. Mom taught us that. Harry’s my price to pay… to stay.” Y/N croaked.

All hell unleashed the moment the wand was removed from the Beast’s bell jar. It shocked the entire room when it wasn’t Mal who got the wand but Jane; the fairy godmothers daughter. Evie, Y/N, Carlos and Jay made it down to the centre of the room as Mal grabbed the out of control wand from Jane.

The gasps and shocks from everyone around the room made a tourney game more appealing. A villain kid with the fairy godmother’s wand, of course she’s going to destroy them, and release the villains from the Isle and let all hell break loose. ‘Not on my watch’ Y/N thought.

“Mal” Y/N called out as everyone stood terrified, Mal turned to face Y/N, wand raised.
“We don’t have to do this”
Mal laughed “We don’t have a choice Y/N/N our parents would kill us”
“You are not your parents, they made their choice” Ben called out.
He took a tentative step towards Mal and another as she clearly wasn’t going to hurt him.
“Now you just have to make yours” Ben finished holding out his hand in anticipation.

Mal whirled round to face the gang. “I think I want to be good”
Y/N smiled knowingly “Me too”
“You are good” Ben spoke
“How do you know that?” Evie asked curiously
“Because I’m listening to my heart” he answered.

Jay and Y/N shared a look “Stealing things doesn’t make you happy. Tourney and victory pizza with the team makes you happy” she pointed out.
Jay smiled nodding “And reading those sappy romance novels and hanging with Evie makes you happy not tormenting kids.”
Y/N blushed as Jay spilled her secret liking for romance novels. “I’ll get you for that” she groaned.

“Scratching dude’s belly makes you happy. Who would’ve thought?” Mal smiled at Carlos.
“And Evie” Y/N grabbed her sister’s hands in her own.
“You do not have to play dumb to get a guy! You are so smart” Y/N hugged her younger sister. Evie beamed as the tears fell from her eyes. Who would’ve thought Evie & Y/N would be the best of sisters.

“And I don’t want to take over the world with evil. I want to go to school. And be with Ben. Because being with Ben makes me really happy” Mal cried, the tears falling freely. Everyone around the room began to relax and cheer as the VK kids wanted to become good.

“Us all being best friends makes me really happy, so I choose good” Mal placed her hand in the middle waiting for the rest of the VK kids to join her.
It took Y/N a split second before she placed her hand in too “I choose good too”.
Evie followed suit and then Jay. Carlos was the only one who was holding back in fear of their parent’s wrath.

“So just to be clear, we don’t have to be worried about how really mad our parents are going to be? Because they are going to be so mad!” Carlos chuckled.
“Your parents can’t reach you here” Ben smiled at the group.
“Okay. Then good.” Carlos finished placing his hand in the middle.
“You too your majesty” Y/N called out.
Ben smiled and placed his hand in the middle too.

The moment was broke however, when green mist appeared from nowhere. It only meant trouble. Y/N gasped “Oh shit”
Maleficent had escaped from the Isle after the barrier was broke when Jane stole the wand.
“I’M BACK!” She sang.
“Go away mother” Mal shouted.
Maleficent began to laugh, no way was this her evil, monstrous daughter.
“She’s funny”.

Y/N grasped Mal’s hand giving her a sense of comfort and to let Mal know that she had someone there to stand up to her mother.
“Wand me!”
“No” Mal shouted throwing the wand to the fairy godmother, but it failed because Maleficent froze everyone.

It took five hearts standing as one to defeat Maleficent. All of it only happened because Mal had the courage to stand up to her mother and she had her friends standing behind her united.

Y/N smiled to herself as Ben and Mal hugged, she missed Harry and it looks like she was going to miss him a whole lot more now because they just ruined their chances at going back. 

Uma and Harry watched the coronation tragedy on the small screen in Ursula’s Fish and Chip shop, they peeked a glance at one another mirroring each other’s worried glances as everyone else around them booed and insulted the VK kids for ruining their chance at cursing kingdoms and doing villainous things.

“I..I.. We..We won’t see her again” Harry stated angrily 
Uma gripped Harry’s hand tightly “One day maybe”
Harry pulled his hand from Uma’s storming out of the fish and chip shop.

Uma sighed sadly, she should be happy Y/N was okay and getting a good life but she missed her friend and she missed her first mate. Harry wasn’t the same since she left.

Y/N waltzed into her shared room with Evie, throwing her bag onto the floor and flopping onto the bed face down. It was such a long day and now she had to do dress fittings for Cotillion with Evie, so many girls had come to Evie begging for her to make their dresses and when they found out Y/N could Sew, it loaded the pressure on the two girls. Y/N groaned into the pillow.

A knock at the door signalled the first customer of the day.
“Come in” Y/N called out pushing herself off the bed.
Lonnie walked in looking desperately exhausted.
“Hey Lonnie” Y/N sighed
“Hi Y/N where do you want me?” she yawned
Y/N pointed towards the pedestal “Up here Lonnie”
Y/N grabbed her measuring tape and began to take measurements for Lonnie. They discussed colour scheme and patterns before Doug entered the room.

“Hi Y/N” Doug called out pulling his laptop from his bag and setting up. Doug kept track of all the girls Evie and Y/N were making dresses for. He even had little folders of the information stored away.
“Hi Doug where’s Evie?” Y/N questioned writing down the last measurement for Lonnie.
“Stuck with Chad. He wants peacock feathers on his cape now”
Y/N glanced up at Doug to see if he was joking. He was not.
“Wow” she laughed.

“Alright Lonnie all done. See me next week for a trial version of the dress okay?”
Lonnie nodded tiredly “Yea see you next week”
Just as Lonnie left the next girl arrived eagerly ready to tell Y/N all her ideas. Y/N pouted at Doug “It’s going to be a long night”.
Doug nodded typing up Lonnie’s information that Y/N had given him.

Evie arrived an hour later with Mal in tow. Y/N shooed the last girl from their room so she and Evie could have some alone time with Mal.
“Do you’s ever think what we’d be doing right now if we were on the Isle?” Mal asked curiously
Evie laughed “That’s funny” she finished the new touches to Mals dress.
Y/N smiled sheepishly “Sometimes. I mean no offence but I’d probably be at Uma’s”
Evie looked over at Y/N “Thought you were past that?”
Y/N shrugged “I am, at least I thought I was… but I’ve been missing it more and more lately.” 
Y/N zoned out from the rest of the conversation as she thought back to a time when life was simpler.

(Before Y/N left for Auradon)

“HARRY” Y/N squealed running across the deck, away from the advancing pirate, donned with water balloons instead of the usual hook and sword.
Harry laughed mischievously throwing a balloon at Y/N, she ducked missing her by inches.
Y/N cheered sticking her tongue out at Harry.
“Hahahha you missed”
Just as she finished that sentence Harry threw the last balloon at her hitting her square on the chest. Harry cheered “Gotch ya”

Y/N squealed as the water soaked her t-shirt. “You are so dead Harry Hook”
Harry laughed running away from Y/N, she chased him across the ship.
“C’mon Harry I just wanna give you a hug” Y/N called
“No way ye stay away from ma you lil witch”
“Why thank you, nicest thing you’ve ever said to me” Y/N giggled
Harry ducked under stairs as Y/N ran on past, he stayed crouched so she wouldn’t find him.

Y/N tip toed underneath the stairs, ducking so she wouldn’t hit her head just as she got close enough to Harry who was looking out on to the deck waiting for her to pass by again she screamed “BOO”
Harry jumped in fright hitting his head on the stairs. “Ow ye lil codfish”
Y/N faked insult “Excuse me?” smacking Harry on the arm.

Y/N crawled out from under the stairs straightening up she faced Harry who crawled out after her, a slight pink tinge to his face. It took Y/N a few seconds to catch on.
“Did you just stare at my butt?”
Harry’s blush darkened giving Y/N the answer she needed “NO” he lied.
“Liar!! Liar, Liar pants on fire” Y/N sang.
“Shut up Y/N/N” Harry whispered.
Y/N laughed she never seen him blush like that before.

“Well, how was it?” she grinned teasingly.
Harry looked on in confusion, the pink tinge settling on his cheeks. “How was what?”
“My butt? Did it look good?” Y/N teased.
Harry huffed, muttering under his breath “Shut up”

“HARRY LOVES MY BUTT” Y/N sang as she ran away from Harry. He chased her down trying to get her to shut up, everyone around them was beginning to take notice of the two and their antics.

It wasn’t until he cornered her at the stairway again, did she realise the compromising situation they were in. Y/N’s back was to the wall and Harry had her trapped, both arms pinning her into position.
“Ye gunna keep tha up?”
Before she could answer he placed a hand over her mouth stopping her,
“Right answer only” he warned removing his hand.

“HARRY LO…” Y/N’s answer was cut off as Harry yanked her wrists over his head, grabbed her by the waist and threw her over his shoulder and walked towards the berth (living quarters).

Y/N wriggled and struggled to get free from Harry’s grasp all the while laughing at the situation she found herself in.
“Harry let me down” Y/N squealed as Harry smacked her ass in amusement.
“Oi does that mean you do like my butt?” she sang.
Harry roared with laughter as the rest of the crew began to join them on the ship watching the two curiously. Harry felt a slit stinging sensation on his bum and a quiet giggling from the girl he was carrying.

Y/N giggled as Harry jumped a little when she smacked his bum.
“Cause baby I do sure love your bum” Y/N whistled.

Harry shook his head in amusement setting the girl upright on her feet again, Y/N staggered off balance, not quite use to the gravity again. Harry grasped her arm to steady her holding on tightly. Harry looked down to see Y/N had a firm grasp on his shirt between her two hands, he peaked a glance at Y/N again eyebrows raised “Ye look like ye wanna rip ma shirt off?”

Y/N smirked, eyes raising to meet Harry’s “I do”
Before Harry could answer that Uma called for Y/N.
Y/N released Harry’s shirt and headed off in the direction of Uma, she cast a quick glance back winking at Harry as she left. “Later blowfish”
“Later devils bitch” he grinned.

Uma watched the interaction between the two with a fond smile on her face, her first mate and best friend… who would’ve thought.

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Disney Descendants kids at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom

Mal: Does not want to be there, complains that it’s too hot outside, eventually really likes it, buys a custom purple Mickey hat, really likes all the Mountain rides, had Ben ride splash mountain with her four times, got ice cream at Storybook Treats, absolutely loved the fireworks.

Evie: Got all dressed up, came prepared with water bottles and protein bars but did not wear the right shoes, spent an hour at the Bippity Boppity Boutique, loved Tomorrowland because SCIENCE! Road the Dwarf mine car ride twice with Doug, complimented all the cast members on how lovely they all looked in their outfits, got funnel cakes at Sleepy Hollows, bought five different souvenirs, explains how the fireworks work, falls asleep on the ride back.

Jay: Does not know the meaning of ‘shoplifters will be prosecuted,’ had to go back and buy the things he stole, loved the Swiss family treehouse, basically spent a lot of time in Adventureland, tried to flirt with every princess they met with, ate too many turkey legs.

Carlos: Just wants a churro, get’s dragged on rides, screamed a lot at the Haunted Mansion, liked Main Street BUT TOMORROW LAND COULD BE TODAY!! Got lunch at the Cosmic Cafe, still wants that churro, liked the Jungle Cruise ‘BEHOLD THE BACKSIDE OF WATER’  liked the Dumbo ride, absolutely LOVED Tom Sawyor’s island, really enjoyed the projections on the castle at night, finally got that churro.

Ben: Tries to keep everyone together, fails for two hours but eventually everyone gets back, has a backpack with everything they need, fast pass master, has a schedule to follow ‘NO JAY WE NEED TO BE AT SPACE MOUNTAIN IN TEN MINUTES WE DONT HAVE TIME FOR TURKEY LEGS!’ loves Fantasy Land, goes to Story Time with Belle and helps with the story, gets reservations at the Be Our Guest Restaurant, bows to all the princesses and kisses their hands. Buys a ‘She’s my Minnie’ and ‘He’s my Mickey’ t-shirts, sings a lot at the firework show. Gets everyone on the train for a ride around.

Audrey: Only stays in Fantasyland, brings her own sunhat and sunglasses, meets all the princesses, only rides story rides, road Under the Sea too many times to count, eats at Cinderella’s royal table, rides the carrousel, cries at the firework show, makes friends with all the animals including that stray cats that live there.

Chad: Has been there so many times already, complains a lot, tries to pull out the sword from the stone, screams on all the fast rides, hung out in Adventure land for a bit before tagging along with Audrey for the rest of the day, had to catch a kid that was running away from their mom because they saw a duck, tries to get the sword out again, got a dulewhip and chilled out on main street for a while, likes looking at the castle, makes him feel proud of his family.

Doug: Let’s Evie lead him around, takes pictures of her when she sees something new because he loves her surprised faces, really likes the Mine Ride, let’s Evie drag him to the Evil Queen meet and greet, kisses Snow White’s hand. Dances with Evie to the piano on main street. 

Lonnie: Lowkey flirts with every princess, managed to pull the sword out half way which isn’t supposed to happen so someone had to fix it, tries every ice-cream over the corse of the day, does the interactive games, watches the shows at the castle. 

hooked (part one)

a/n : lol okay so i know that this beginning is different than the beginning in descendants 1, but i felt like this would be a bit better so you can get an intro to maverick’s character a little more.

summary: mal and her gang leave mal’s sister, maverick, back on the isle and mav has a little chat with uma and her pirate crew about it.

warnings : i don’t think any


maverick : mav-er-ik, noun, a person pursuing rebellious, even potentially disruptive policies or ideas (


“Maverick! Mal! Come here!” Evie yelled as Maverick stood by her bed trying to figure out where to put her next graffiti piece.

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Return to the Isle ( Part 4)

Title: Return to the Isle.

Originally posted by descendantsource

Author: Gráinne x

Pairing: Harry Hook x Reader

Synopsis: Part 4 to my Harry Hook Mini Series. Found Here.
Reader eventually comes face to face with Harry Hook on the Isle of the lost.

A/N: I swear I don’t mean to be so late with these posts. But I’m just a lazy person. But here we go… finally. Lol I hope you enjoy let me know what you think and I’ve a feeling we might have two more parts to come. Love Always G xx 💜

Part One / Part Two / Part Three /

Y/N lay on Carlos’ bed sketching away, coloured pencils everywhere. Three in her hair, two in her hand, one her mouth it was just pencils everywhere. She could hear Carlos mumbling something about “it not being the right time” but Y/N was so busy with the new sketches she barely paid any attention.

Until Mal burst through the door, flashes from the cameras caught Y/Ns attention as she glanced up to see a flustered Mal.
“Hey Mal” Y/N gleamed

Before she could answer the news caught Mal’s attention
“Mal must be counting the days until the Royal Cotillion, when she will officially become a Lady of the Court.”

Mal grabbed the remote in anger cutting off the news.

Y/N glanced at Carlos worried. “Whoa, easy girl”

Mal still frustrated and upset lashed out. “What? You think this is so easy? You don’t have people taking your photo every time you open your mouth to say Boo! I mean it’s not like I could even say Boo. But you know what I mean… I’m sorry”

Y/N sat up right on the bed, sketches long forgotten. Something had clearly spooked Mal.
“Don’t you guys ever miss screaming at people and just making them run away from you?” she asked.

Y/N stood from the bed and made her way over to comfort Mal, she wrapped her in a big hug and whispered in ear so only Mal could hear. “Yes”

Mal smiled weakly at Y/N knowing how much she missed Harry.

“You’re thinking of my Mother, and I was usually on the other end of that. So, not really no.” Carlos finished.

Carlos stood and made his way over to the two girls “Did you bring it?”
Y/N confused looked at Mal, then at Carlos, back to Mal and back at Carlos again. 
“Am I missing something?” she asked pointing between Mal and Carlos.

Before either one could answer the sound of the door opening caught their attention. Definitely wasn’t anyone they were expecting.

Chad crept through the door expecting no one to be in the room, trying and failing to sneak into the room unsuspected. When he finally managed to close the door as quietly as possible he turned to face the room, where he was met with three very confused and annoyed faces.

“Hi.” Chad blushed
“Just came to use your 3D printer won’t be a sec”
Y/N put her hand up to stop Chad from moving any further “Hold on”
“How’d you get a key to Carlos’ room?”
“Oh I printed it off the last time I was in here” He smirked, proudly

Carlos looking torn between confused and unamused “Uhh…?”
Chad picking up on the confusion finished the story “You guys were sleeping. Look I just…”
“CHAD” Y/N shouted cutting Chad off mid-sentence.
“You can’t go around breaking into other people’s rooms.”

“It’s just Carlos, your printer is so much better than mine, and you install these hacks and everything runs so much smoother than mine and –“
Carlos who was fuming at this stage pointed at the door “OUT NOW”
Chad clearly not picking up on Carlos’ anger tried to stall “Fine, fine”

Chad sulked back heading for the door. Y/N glanced at Mal shaking her head. “Chad!”
Chad faced the group hoping they’d let him use the printer. “What? Hmm?”
“Leave the Key” Y/N said walking towards Chad, holding out her hand
Chad sighed and placed the key in Y/N’s hand before sulking out of the room.

When Y/N faced the two she could see they were in a deep conversation. Y/N could hear Jane’s name and something about a potion and she immediately knew Carlos had asked Mal to make a truth gummie.

“Carlos. You don’t need a truth gummie to tell Jane how you feel” Y/N spoke

“Y/N’s right Carlos because this gummie is going to make you say the truth all the time no matter what. And the only reason we’re asking is because if I took that gummie right now, I would get myself sent back to the isle” Mal finished.

“Which not that it doesn’t sound appealing…” Y/N broke off

Carlos stuck out his hand waiting for the gummie “I’ll take my chances”
Mal shuck her head, disappointed “Okay”
However, before Mal could hand it over Dude ate the gummie swallowing it whole.
Carlos clearly frustrated shouted at Dude “BAD DOG”
“Man that thing is nasty” Dude spoke

Mal, Carlos and Y/N stood with mouths open wide, shocked that Dude spoke.
“And you.. You just got to man up. And while you’re at it scratch my butt.”
Carlos looked at Mal fear in his eyes
“You heard him scratch his butt”
Carlos looked at Y/N pleadingly, Y/N threw her hands up backing away “Nope he’s your dog”
“You’re just going to leave me with him?”

Y/N grabbed her sketches and pencils quickly rushing out of the room with Mal in tow
“YUP” the two girls called out.

Y/N was so caught up in the romance novel that the loud bang scared her throwing her off the bed in fear. She peered over the edge of the bed curiously to see a sobbing Mal.
“Mal?” Y/N asked curiously brushing her knees as she stood.
“I don’t belong here” Mal cried grabbing clothes and bag quickly from under the bed.
“Tell me about it” Y/N snorted.
“I’m going back Y/N” Mal continued packing clothes, it was only until Y/N noticed the purple did she realise it was her old clothes, before she left the isle, before Auradon, before Ben.

“Seriously?” Y/N gulped, this was a chance for Y/N. To go back, to see Harry, to explain and to see Uma. Without another thought Y/N grabbed the bag from under her bed, already filled with the necessities.
“Let’s go then” she stated.

Mal stared at Y/N and then at the bag.
“You’ve been thinking about this for a while?” she pointed at the bag
Y/N sighed nodding “Yes but who was I going to tell, certainly not Evie. Now c’mon let’s go. Grab your mother”

Mal pierced a few holes in a cardboard box and grabbed her mother from the tank which she resided in.
“Let’s blow this popsicle stand”
“Hey” Y/N whined
“That’s my line.”

Y/N held on tightly to Mal as she drove the motorcycle to the edge of Auradon. She could see the Isle more clearly now. They were nearly home. Y/N handed Mal the spell book to get them across the water.
“Noble steed, proud and fair, you shall take me anywhere” Mal handed the book back to Y/N as she placed in the bag.
“Please work” Mal prayed

Y/N squealed as the motorcycle bounced a few times on the water before reaching the Isle and breaking through the barrier. The skidded to a halt in the lower town.
“Watch it!”
A few of the towns folk shouted and grumbled at the disturbance.
Y/N scoffed “BITE ME”
Mal turned to face Y/N grinning from ear to ear.
Y/N high fived Mal, they made it to the Isle again. Mal pushed off and drove towards the hideout.

Evie paced outside the door for a good few minutes. How could Y/N leave her here, how could Mal leave her here. She gripped the note tighter in her hands and pushed the door open to Ben’s office.
Ben spun round to face Evie, face beaming.
“Evie! C’mon in” he waved her in.
Evie handed the note written in her sister’s hand writing to Ben
“They’ve gone back to the Isle.”
Ben sighed, sinking back into his chair.

“This is all my fault. I blew it with Mal. She’s been under so much pressure lately, and instead of being understanding I just went all Beast on her. I have to go there and apologize. I have to go there and beg her to come back.”

Evie sighed she knew Y/N really wanted to go back to the Isle she didn’t realise how much though.
“Ben. You’ll never find her. I know Y/N has so many secret hideouts they could be in any of them. You need to know how the isle works and…” Evie trailed off as another idea hit her.

“You have to take me with you”
Ben grinned “YES! Uh are..are you sure?”
Evie nodded “Yes, Mal’s my best friend but Y/N’s my sister I need to find them both. Oh, we’ll bring the boys as well, because there’s safety in numbers. And none of us is too popular over there right now.”
Ben hugged Evie tightly “Thank you”

Evie pushed Ben back to make sure he understood her properly.
“Let’s get two things straight. You have to promise me that I won’t get stuck there again, or Y/N?”
Ben nodded “I promise”
“And there is no way you are going looking like that” Evie scoffed at his outfit.
Evie grabbed Ben to get some Isle clothes that would help him blend in.

Mal and Y/N made their way to Lady Tremaine’s Curl Up & Dye to get Mal’s old hair back.
“Place hasn’t changed” Y/N declared looking around the room as young Dizzy swept the floor blasting tunes in her kick ass headphones.
“Nope” Mal nodded
Dizzy eventually noticed the two standing in the doorway and as always, she was super excited.
“Mal. Y/N.” She hugged the two
“Is Evie back too?”
“As if!” Mal snorted. Y/N elbowed Mal to shut up.
“No Dizzy she hasn’t come with us. It’s just us.” Y/N smiled.

Y/N walked off taking a little tour of the place as Mal and Dizzy talked. She noticed the broken mirror which she and Harry broke when they took their paintball fight into the shop, Dizzy clearly liked the splats of colour as she added to the ones they created. Y/N’s heart twinged thinking about Harry. She was this close, finally back on the isle again.

“How far can I go?” Dizzy asked
“The works? I mean whatever makes me feel like me again. But you know…”
“Way worse?” Y/N butted in.
Mal winked at Y/N “Exactly”
Dizzy jumped with joy at the news “Yay”

Y/N sat on the chair filing her nails as she watched Mal get the whole treatment, first the hair, then her nails. After two and a half hours Dizzy spun Mal to face the broken mirror. Mal bent a little to look in the cracks. “There I am”

Y/N threw her feet off the table and stood up, “Eh Voila”

Mal handed Dizzy some money for her hard work. Dizzy was so shocked she smiled so brightly. “For me?”
Mal nodded “Yea, you earned it.”
Dizzy skipped over to the cash register to place it inside.

Y/N was grabbing her bags from the back when she heard the commotion. She made her way out from the back when a voice she longed to hear reached her ears. She knew Harry wouldn’t be able to see her from where she stood, but she could see him.
“Fork it over ye runt.” Dizzy handed the money to Harry pouting.
“Now the rest” Dizzy grumbled getting the rest out and handing it over too.

Y/N scooted around the pillars to avoid being seen by Harry. After all this time, and not being able to see him, and now she could, she didn’t know if she was ready.

“hmm.. Thank you” Harry grinned waltzing towards the door.
“Still running errands for Uma, or do you actually get to keep what you steal?” Mal snarked.
Harry stopped, and turned slowly to face Mal, grinning from ear to ear “Well, Well, Well. What a nice surprise”

Harry ran the hook through Mal’s hair.
“Hi Harry”
“Just wait till Uma hears your back. She’s never going to give you your old territory back.”
“Oh, well that’s okay! Because I will be taking it” Mal sniped back.
“I could hurt you” Harry threatened
“Not without her permission, I bet.”

Harry tutted and waltzed out towards the door again, a little glimmer in his peripheral caught his attention and he slowly turned to face it.

Harry’s breath got caught in his chest. Y/N was here too. Sitting on one of Dizzy’s chairs looking anywhere but at him. Trying to act like you didn’t care but he noticed your leg bouncing, the anticipation, the anxiousness it was killing you.

Y/N rose up from the chair and finally made eye contact with Harry, he stood there long enough staring, it was starting to bother her. She knew Dizzy and Mal was watching the interaction between you both, least you could cut the tension with a butter knife.

“Y/N/N?” Harry finally spoke.
Y/N walked towards Harry holding her hand out,
“Give it back”
Harry looked confused. There she stood looking brilliant and fabulous as ever.
Y/N grabbed Harry’s hand that held the money taking it with ease, he put up no fight. He was just glad you were back.
“Here Dizzy” Y/N handed the money back over. Dizzy grabbed the money and ran to hide somewhere safe.
“Your back” Harry spoke again.
“Yes. Now leave… please” Y/N motioned towards the door.
“But don’t you want to come back to Ursulas?”
“Yes. No. Yes. No. I don’t know yet Harry” Y/N shouted

Harry huffed. He stomped his foot in frustration, “Well when you know, you know where we are.”
Harry scoffed and stormed out.
Mal who watched it all placed a comforting hand on Y/N’s shoulder.
“Why don’t you go?”
Y/N shrugged “I don’t know, I guess I wasn’t ready to see him just yet.”

“Later Dizzy” Mal called out as she and Y/N left the salon. They made their way to the hideout. Mal threw a rock at the sign and lead Y/N up the steps. Y/N fell face first onto the sofa. She screamed into the cushions that only muffled her scream slightly.
Mal sat on the end waiting for Y/N to come around.
“What happened?”
Y/N peered out at Mal from under the cushions. “I think I love him Mal”

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Meet The AKs

Prince Gil: Soon to be King of The United States of Auradon. Caring, fair, and wants the best for everyone. Smart, athletic, and sweet. Might be Prince and soon King, but he doesn’t like to be treated differently. Is always around Uma, Harry, and/or Regina. Is hopeful that the VKs will adjust well to life in Auradon.

Prince Harry: Next in line for the throne of Neverland (his elder sister will abdicate). Charming and suave, no doubt a flirt. Confident, athletic and a bit cocky, a wizard at math. Captain and star of the R.O.A.R. team. Is supportive in the VKs transferring to Auradon, mainly because of Gil.

Princess Uma: Next in line for the throne of Atlantica. Confident and powerful, intimidating when she walks into the room. A bit flirty and sarcastic, definitely snarky and has an attitude. Has accidently adopted a bunch of students, which are now her “crew”. Is a bit skeptical of the VKs coming to Auradon, but is supportive of Gil.

Princess Regina: The next Queen of Wonderland. Regal and graceful, has quite the mouth though if provoked. Sweet, flirty, and motherly. She’s known to be a bit hyper in some situations. Has some of the best style in Auradon and is the best writer. Has read the entire library. Is incredibly hopeful and is looking forward to the VKs coming to Auradon.

Prince Jay: Next Sultan of Agrabah. Flirty and sarcastic, caring and supportive towards those he cares for. Athletic and charming. Captain and the star of the Tourney team. He doesn’t have a stance on the VKs coming over, he doesn’t particularly care. He is slightly glad Aladdin and Jasmine’s kid isn’t coming over though because his dad would throw a fit. 

Carlos De Vil: His mother wants him to take over her buisness, but he doesn’t fully want to. Sweet and kind, loves animals more than people. Funny, a bit shy, and semi athletic. A wizard at anything with science or tech, is always doing something on his laptop or making some machine. He’s open to the VKs coming over, he thinks they deserve a chance.

Princess Evie: The next Queen of the Enchanted Forest. Charming and elegant, considered the fairest of them all by many. Everyone goes to her to get outfits made, she has a multi-land wide fashion business. Caring, talented with fashion, and motherly. Is incredibly open to the idea of VKs coming over, she thinks that Auradon will do them good.

Princess Mal: Next in line for the throne of Misthaven. Poised and intimidating, her mother raised her to be the best of the best. Compassionate and caring. Is the one to create murals at the school. Is the leader of her friend group. Isn’t looking forward and isn’t particularly open to the VKs coming over to Auradon. 

Gil, Harry, Uma, and Regina make up one group. Jay, Carlos, Evie, and Mal make up another. 

Mal and Uma are rivals, Jay and Harry are semi-rivals, not nearly to the level of Mal and Uma though. 

Regina gets along extremely well with Evie, and gets along well with Jay and Carlos. 

Gil gets along with everyone for the most part.

(If you have any questions, send me an ask! I’d be happy to clear anything up! 💙💜💙💜)


I made a small crossover with the oc of @moringmark @mrevaunit42 @aweirdlatina and @gravityfying and my oc with his daughter (Elia) my other oc 📔


Felicia Facilier 🔮💜🔮 | Daughter of Dr. Facilier


Being the daughter of a man who turned his obstacle into a frog with magic, made her one of the most fearest VK in the Isle.

She was born in the isle and was rised to hate everything and everyone.

She has a big brother named Fred Facilier who is more interested in Evie than being evil.

She met Mal and Evie when she was like 5 and since then they were unstoppable.

After that, they met Jay and Carlos who joined their group in the blink of an eye.

Felicia fell madly in love with Carlos and Carlos did as well but when the Auradon court took only four of them, they couldn’t confess to each other.

Even though they were on different gangs, Isabel and her were big friends and Uma and Mal let them be together as long as they didn’t betray their respective gang.

Hayden was one of her best friends and she always was trying to help her with Gil. She loved the idea of them together.


•Sassy and flirty
•She has healing powers but only Carlos and Evie know about them. They found out after a long day searching on spell books so they could brought down the barrier.
•Evie would help her with her natural curly hair almost everyday
•When they were kids, Mal and Felicia used to fight over who would have magic first.
•She met Isabel when she was trying to steal some food at “fish n chips”. She helped her to not get caught.
•Hayden and her would go bother Isabel when Uma punished her by sweeping the floor.