mal x dom


Mal invited Arthur to a basketball game when he arrived in Los Angeles but suggested they meet at the skybox and have a drink while her Father and husband sat at courtside enjoying the game.

Arthur and Mal sipped wine while looking down at the game below. Arthur eyes widen in shock when he realized who Miles and Dom were talking to.

“Mal, what did you do?” asked Arthur realizing what his best friend had just done. How did she know?

“Mon cher, I knew you wouldn’t come if I told you the truth,” Mal said softly. Arthur kept a scowl on his face knowing Mal could see through his anger and excitement.

Eames. It was Eames.

He hadn’t seen him since the last day of his tour in Iraq. Eames who he thought had been killed by an IED during a raid to kidnap and try to do a mindheist on a high ranking Iraqi Government official.


You are a fever I am learning to live with, and everything is happening at the wrong end of a very long tunnel. 

AU MEME »Arthur/Eames, Mal/Dom (Inception) + Modern Noir/Thriller

Eames and Dom are a pair of dysfunctional and disgraced former special agents turned private investigators, hired to track down the worlds most dangerous siblings- thieves and freelance killers Arthur and Mal. 


you are my sweetest downfall…

        …beneath the sheets of paper lies my truth



 you collapse my house of cards merely by breathing

(letters, towards and away; margaret atwood)


“She was lovely.”

As he says those words, Arthur’s eyes, the look in it, want to say more. Wants to say everything.

Wants to say that before, before Mal’s death, before everything went down, There had been a team. A team of four young people, always together,  always smiling, always having fun. There had been laugh, there had been tears. There had been Dom telling Arthur “I think I’m in love with her”, and Arthur catching Mal’s special looks she only gives to Dom, with so much fondness, so much affection… so much love. There had been Mal coming one day with this guy they didn’t know. There had been “Hi, my name’s Eames”. There had been love in the first sight. There had been the first steps of young people in the dream share industry, becoming the greatest dream team ever. There had been family. There had been Mal calling “We want you two as our best men”. There had been Philippa. There had been James. There had been promises. There had been so much love, a so beautiful friendship, so much smiles that tell everything about the happiness they were all living in, that anything could prevent what would happen later.

That with Mal’s death, there would be not only Dom, but also the beautiful relationship built by Arthur and Eames over the years, filled with all the love they feel for each other, that would be broken. Split, with only anger and bitterness, remains of a true love still living in the heart of the two men.

Arthur wants to say all those things, this past that now is over, but still burning inside of him, hiding in the look of dark brown eyes and only three words, “She was lovely.”

clarkjkents  asked:

001 mal/cobb, of course! and chuck/sarah :)

ty bb! :*

when or if i started shipping it: right from the start! it wasn’t until rewatching the movie a few times and really analyzing that i realized HOW MUCH intensity there is between them but yes i’ve always loved them together :’)
my thoughts: omg so many! there is so much depth between them - i mean spending an entire lifetime together building a whole city? what did they talk about, what did they dream about? I WANNA KNOW IT ALL
what makes me happy about them: i love thinking of them moving around from place to place as their family expanded, like cobb mentioned :’) and i love that cobb dreamed they grew old together and that’s what prompted him to ask her to marry him :’)
what makes me sad about them: uuuuuuuuuuuugh everything. just everything :(
things done in fanfic that annoy me: i haven’t read much but what annoys me is that this pairing is so underrated! there’s like barely any decent fic about them that i’ve found!
things i look for in fanfic: i just look for any fanfic tbh. finding a bonafide cobb/mal fic instead of mal/arthur or mal/ariadne or something is like finding a unicorn!
who i’d be comfortable with them ending up with if not each other: no one :( well for cobb, their kids
my happily ever after for them: ugh for mal to have realized she was dreaming and for them to have had a nice stable life with their family
who is the big spoon/little spoon: both :’)
what is their favorite non-sexual activity: exploring the dreamscape yo :’)

when or if i started shipping it: oh man, like, before i even watched the show LOL seeing them around and thinking they were cute was what made me start watching :x
my thoughts: they are just so complimentary to each other with chuck’s goofiness and sarah’s hardness :’)
what makes me happy about them: they always save each other no matter what uGH
what makes me sad about them: riversandroads.mp3
things done in fanfic that annoy me: i don’t read enough fic for this question! </3
things i look for in fanfic: perfect characterization :)
who i’d be comfortable with them ending up with if not each other: um no one :x
my happily ever after for them: they get their house!!
who is the big spoon/little spoon: chuck/sarah <3
what is their favorite non-sexual activity: having casual conversations while being badass spies and kicking ass :’)