mal is one of my favourite characters

Good evening, gentlemen! Please pay attention. I am a reformed vampire, which is to say, I am a bundle of suppressed instincts held together with spit and coffee. It would be wrong to say that violence does not come easily to me. It’s not tearing your throats out that doesn’t come easily to me. Please don’t make it any harder.
—  Maladict, Monstrous Regiment

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Name: Mallery
Birthdate & location: October 20th Wichita, Kansas
Nickname: Mal or Mally
Gender: Female
Sexual orientation: Can Disney characters be an orientation? 
Favourite movie: Like all time favorite? I don’t really have one. Though I have to say that Moana is up there with Frozen, Big Hero 6, and Aladdin. 
One place that makes you happy: In my car, mostly because it’s a neutral place. Between stresses at work and stresses at home, my car feels like that safest most neutral place. Like a safe haven for me. So it makes me happy. 
Last book you read: Last book I read? I’d have to say that was the Moana Art book as well as Frozen’s Art book. As for an ACTUAL book I read, I would have to say that it was Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone.. Nothing like Re-reading shit. 

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ok but just hear me out. i am so sick of people at my school watching descendants and being like “omg mal is so cool she’s my favourite” but when i mention any other character they’re like “jay? the one with blonde hair????”

descendants is more than just mal, okay? all the other characters have such potentiel and i’m sick of people skimming over them like they’re supporting characters.

when i first watched descendants, i didn’t even pay that much attention to mal because i just found her so…flat. sure, she’s great and all but here we have evie who has some serious character development. so do jay and carlos. i felt like mal just randomly became good for the sake of the movie.

it’s okay if mal is your favourite character, that’s totally fine. but at least acknowledge how great the other three of the core are.

please don’t kill me.

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Hey! Firefly! Didn't know you were one! Who was your favourite character? Mine was Shepherd Brook

One what? A firefly? Sadly, I am not. A browncoat? I mean, maybe? A Firefly fan, yes, I am one of those, I guess. I like my space westerns.

You know, when I first watched it many moons ago, I was all about Simon and I was fond of Kaylee, and I shipped the hell out of them. Now I have a deeper appreciation of Inara and the relationship between her and Mal. That’s probably my rapidly advancing age showing.

Movie Review: Disney’s Descendants

(it’s been two years since I did this but I’m gonna try and properly start this again)

My reaction:

From the moment I heard “from the maker of High School Musical” I knew I’d love it. What I didn’t expect was for it to be a more serious than satirical love.

The implication of the abuse these kids faced without losing the PG rating of the movie was skillful. Carlos was my favourite and the way they hinted at his abuse being the worst was likewise well done. Evie was everything I was promised she’d be. Mal was a surprisingly complex and interesting protagonist. And Jay… made a BDSM joke????? I also seem to have memorized his lines in Rotten To The Core and no one else’s.

The characters were genuinely great and really made this movie. Even Ben who… there’s this one line he has and I can’t quote it because I’ve always attempted to avoid spoilers in these things but I laugh every time I think of it because omfg Ben there is a time and a place to not be chill and trusting.

All in all: The movie was genuinely good in all its Disney cheese, the subtle hints to the good in the kids heart were well placed, and the dynamic of the characters fun to watch. I can’t wait for the novels, minisodes, and sequel.

Theater movie vs. home movie: home for sure, as it was made to be

Rating: 9/10 

Recommendation: more of the gang being friends and doing lame dance numbers together please I will give you all my money