mal :c

Dans la canicule il m'a suivie au jardin
Sur le banc de pierre il a passé ses mains sous ma robe aux yeux de tous
Il n'est pas beau il est trop vieux je veux m'abandonner me laisser tomber dans sa main
Au café ensuite je lui ai dit: vous avez raison, c'est animal
Il a dit: est ce que c'est mal ?
J'ai dit: c'est délicieux

Aimer quelqu'un, ce n'est pas forcément être avec lui vingt-quatre heures sur vingt-quatre, partager toutes ses idées et tous ses sentiments. S'il est vrai que l'amour est une affaire de rapprochement entre deux êtres, il a aussi besoin d'une distance, qui permet ensuite de se rapprocher. Surmonter la distance n'est pas un mal nécessaire, c'est une composante essentielle de l'amour.
—  Richard David precht
Firefly: Captain Malcolm ‘Mal’ Reynolds [ISFP]

OFFICIAL TYPING by mysterylover123

Introverted Feeling (Fi): Mal is influenced more than anything else by his internal ethnical beliefs; he acts first on what he believes to be right. He is a passionate individualist and tells everyone around him so; he is disgusted by the upper-crust lie of the party in ‘Shindig’, of the dishonesty in Inara being paraded around like her date’s prize, he tells Jayne firmly that Saffron has a name (ie, is an individual) when Jayne offers to trade for her and letter tells Saffron herself that she should do what she wants with her life. He takes on Simon and River because it’s the right thing to do, even though it’s impractical and will get him in deep trouble with the Alliance (and frequently does.) He returns the shipment of medicine to the small town in “The Train Job” because he believes it to be right, even stating that in that position he doesn’t have a choice, despite the fact that doing so will get a homicidal maniac on his trail. He fought the Alliance as a young man because he passionately believed in their cause; he still does believe in it, even though they lost, and will still fight for what he believed then and still knows to be right. He forms deep emotional attachments, to both people (Inara, Zoe, his crew) and things (Serenity), and will remain deeply loyal and committed to those people and things no matter what happens. He keeps his powerful feelings on the inside, acting on them but never discussing them. His own emotions, internal ideas about right and wrong, and a sense of each person’s innate individuality: That is Mal’s primary defining characteristic.

Extroverted Sensing (Se): Mal’s Se is fairly obvious. He lives a rough-and-tumble, flying by the seat of his pants lifestyle that requires him to never know from day-to-day what will happen next, and likes it that way. He throws punches in the heat of the moment, regardless of consequences. He takes quick and immediate action to fix his problems, usually by shooting, whether that be shooting a man mid-stride or kicking a threat into the engines of his ship. He’s quick to judge what he sees (Fi) and primarily observes what’s going on around him in the present tense. He’s sharply observant and takes notice of many small details about his surroundings. He utilizes his environment to his advantage frequently in confrontations; in the pilot (”Serenity”) he uses all aspects of the terrain to ensure he has some upper hand in the confrontation with patience. He takes advantage of his opportunities and acts on them, quickly and decisively. He makes many impulsive, heat-of-the-moment decisions that often get him and those around him into trouble. He generally lives in the moment, in a world of harsh reality with little sugar-coating or sweet-talk or willingness to pay compliments.

Introverted Intuition (Ni): He’s often the man with the plan, the guy who sizes up those he has to do business with (like Badger in the first episode) and guesses many things about them just through intuition or gut feeling. He’s got most people figured out fast; he picks up on things about them using the Se/Ni axis, develops an idea about them and acts on that idea. When he needs to make a plan, he does so; neatly and immediately coming up with a long-term idea of how to talk the materials he has and utilize them to combat the enemy he’s dealing with. Sometimes he identifies with the symbolic ideas of higher Ni characters like Inara (ENFJ) and River (ENTJ) (”Is it bad that what she just said made perfect sense to me?”) He is nearly unshakeable from a goal once he’s acquired one; his Ni can be incredibly stubborn and refuse to budge from a certain intended point. He usually utilizes his Ni for practical purposes, like making plans and setting goals, rather than theorizing or imagination. He lives his life by a few strict principles (”I ever kill you, you’ll be awake, you’ll be facing me, and you’ll be armed”) that are unbending and unyielding. Mal’s plans have little room for flexibility, and often wind up having trouble adjusting when things go a different direction. 

Extroverted Thinking (Te): Mal almost never does the pragmatic thing, the logical step that would keep everything under control. He won’t turn in Simon and River to the Alliance, even though they’re trying to fly below radar. He won’t do the job that will hurt other people and compromise his morals even though his crew needs money. He does make plans, but they often turn out to be impractical. He’s sharp and to the point; his Te is often unhealthy and shows up in crude, cutting remarks (”You’d be like a sheep on it’s hind legs” - to Kaylee about her dress) that accomplish nothing but are what Mal sees as unblemished truth. He struggles to accomplish anything in the long-term, any kind of pragmatic end or life goal. He’s not the most organized and the ship is often short of basic goods or practical needs because of this. He does play the role of authority figure, giving commands and direction to his fellow crewmates and taking quick action to solve his problems.

Les traditions peuvent évoluer. C'est simplement une question d'éducation. Vous avez été mal élevé, c'est tout. En général, les gens violents sont simplement des personnes auxquelles on n'a pas appris d'autres façons de se faire comprendre.
—  Bernard werber
Je l'entendais se retourner dans ses draps. J'avais une envie folle d'aller la prendre dans mes bras. Je le lui disais, tous les jours, de laisser tomber ces barrières qu'elle érigeait pour m'éloigner. Elle me donnait un petit sourire triste pour réponse, et je savais que je lui faisais du mal alors je me taisais. Je voulais juste qu'elle aille mieux. Un soir, je l'ai vu en boule sur le sol, dans sa chambre. Elle se balançait légèrement d'avant en arrière, les joues baignées de larmes. Je n'ai pas bougé, je l'ai regardé, le regard empli de souffrance. Je me retenais de courir vers elle, de la serrer si fort qu'elle en étoufferait presque. Elle avait tellement mal, c'était terrifiant de réaliser à quel point elle faisait bien semblant, tout au long de la journée, pour que personne ne remarque rien. Ce soir-là, je l'ai vu se tordre de douleur, se murmurer à elle-même des paroles réconfortantes en une litanie incessante. On aurait dit qu'elle se débattait avec son propre esprit. Je ne pouvais pas rester à la regarder souffrir, alors j'ai fui. Je savais qu'elle n'aurait pas voulu de la pitié qu'il y avait dans mes yeux. J'ai fui. J'avais trop peur d'affronter les larmes dans ses orbes bleues.
—  justevivante