makup look


⭐ PART 2 ⭐

🐱💬11: draw your inner corner point !!

🐱💬12: move on to the other eye and repeat steps 👉2-11👈!!

🐱💬13: draw a star at the center of your forehead! ⭐⭐⭐ do not fill it in unless u want to ! I did not .

🐱💬14-15: draw on your eyebrows if you dont have any already ;) and then fill them in completely!!

🐱💬16-17: put on a coat of masscara on those pretty lil lashes of yours and then be finished or put on a cute pair of fake lashes which is what i did !!

🐱💬18: put on a lipstick of your choice! 💄💄💄

🐱💬19: seize the day!!

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Shana Elmsford make up for the lovely @prissynecromancy 💕💕💕!!! Thank you for giving me a character love !!! Would anyone else like me to do one for them !?