That random time I advertise someone's Tumblr:

Hey guys, look! A random original post from me! Well, what do you know? I actually post on Tumblr.

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Anyway, I’m here to shamelessly advertise to you guys my friend’s Tumblr! : D His name is Erwin and he’s one of my blockmates in college.

His blog consists of photos he’d taken with his cool camera that offer a wide array of different aspects of his life. He does prominently display the most random things in his life but I think what’s really special about his photos is how it displays typical things found in a Filipino lifestyle. I don’t know, it may just be me being randomly nationalistic somehow, but I do love how the most unexpected photos like that of the streets of Makati or some mouth-watering Filipino dish he decides to torture me with just give that distinct Filipino vibe. Even his Tumblr name “makulay na papel,” which is Filipino for “colorful paper,” already gives you a clue as to what colorful images await you in his blog.

And now that I just realized that I seemingly just out-of-the-blue gave you a quick preview or even like a sort of review HAHAHA of what’s in store for you in his blog, here’s the link:

I hope you guys find his blog as interesting and unique as I do! : D And, if not, then, oh well. At least you gave it a try. :)

‘Til next time then, dear followers~

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