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For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Daniele. It’s super nice to meet you!

I made this video to show some love to two of the best groups of people on this planet: the hashtag Twizzlers and the Maksyl Fam.

When the people we admire most had first met (M&C + DWTS pros), these two groups of shippers also collided together. Even though we disagree on certain things, or we don’t ship the same thing (which, by the way, is PERFECTLY FINE because ships are all matters of opinion), I consider us one big giant family, and I adore every single one of you.

Our favorites love each other—there’s no reason why we can’t all love each other, too!

The video shows our lovely trio (also featuring Lord Sharna) having fun and enjoying themselves set to “Shake it Off” by Taylor Swift.

So, if you’re ever feeling stressed, sad, or annoyed by passive-aggressive anons who start ship wars, I hope you’ll watch this video and realize that the Twizzlers and the Maksyl Fam are one huge family and that every source of drama is irrelevant.

Forever sending each and every one of you my deepest respect and love<3


THESE PICTURES MAKE ME SO HAPPY! Family dinner. :’) I am SO beyond happy that Queen Meryl and Lady Janel got to hang out together. I had a feeling that they’d get along. I can just see them becoming awesome sisters. I need a hug fam, this is the best night we’ve had since the premiere. So many feels. 

Asking for prayers

I’ve been in a car accident with my grandmother and uncle. The other car did not have their lights on at night and my uncle passed from the impact. I was the driver and my family needs all the prayers we can get right now. I’m in a lot of pain and I can’t imagine what my grandmother is going through. She’s still in the hospital and has some broken ribs. She’s in pain mentally and emotionally. His daughter needs prayers too. His name was Jerome. Just need some positivity. Can’t help but feel broken. I know it’s not my fault but still …

Missing Memories (Chapter 4)

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

That evening, Maks readied Cheryl and Paul’s room, making sure that the apartment was spotless. It wasn’t like he was trying to impress her family, it was just…it came natural for him to do all these extra things for them. One of the main principles taught in his family was to always be polite and gentleman-like. It tended to come natural to him (at times).

“Maks you really don’t have to do the dishes, Cheryl and I can do them. You made an amazing dinner for us, please let us do something.” Not waiting for a reply, Paul went to open the dishwasher door, already pulling out the bottom rack and grabbing a dish towel from the counter. Maks stood with his hands held up in surrender as they quite quickly unloaded and re-loaded the dishwasher. 

“I assume you two are very tired after today’s events, the sheets are fresh out of the dryer. Oh, and just in case you forgot your toothbrushes or anything like that, there’s some underneath the bathroom sink.”

“Maks, we aren’t staying at a Bed & Breakfast, calm down. You’re practically family to us.” Cheryl stood on her tip-toes and lightly kissed Maks’ cheek, saying goodnight and following Paul down the hallway to their bedroom.
“Goodnight,” he whispered.


The next morning after breakfast at Maks’ apartment, the three of them went to visit Meryl again. While the immediate family was having some alone time with Meryl, Maks walked into the elevator and pressed the button for the third floor. Dr. Lane had mentioned to him that the Chapel was on the third floor, and if he needed any help, there would be a pastor there. At first, he was a little hesitant; but after a while, he had developed a couple of questions about Christianity. His mother had converted to Christianity when they had come to the Americas, and he had always wondered about her religion. There were so many different types of Christianity and their beliefs were different from his religion that he had grown up with. 

He stood there facing the large wooden entrance to the Chapel, almost afraid to walk in. There was no one sitting in the pews, except for one person in a suit and tie. He was standing behind a podium, reading a really big book; Maks assumed it was the Bible. He was more familiar with the Torah, the Jewish writings and prophecies. His mother had told him about the Old and New Testaments, but he couldn’t fully comprehend them. 

“Can I help you?” The man at the front of the room was walking toward him, and Maks panicked.

“Um-no, no it’s okay.” He held up his hand and started to walk away, but the man in the suit grabbed him by the arm.

“Come here.” Maks looked at the man, and noticed that he had a puff of white hair atop his head and dark brown eyes. The man led him towards one of the wooden pews and sat down next to him. “My name is Pastor Charles, or some people call me Reverend Charles; you can call me whatever you want. But, you seemed a little off when you walked in. So, what’s going on?” Maks took a deep breath before explaining. 

“…I just don’t understand why bad things happen to good people. If there is a God out there, why does he do this to people?” Maks bent over and ran his hands through hair, then folding his hands between his legs. “Could you tell me more about becoming a Christian? Or anything about Christianity?” Charles nodded his head went up to the front of the room, behind the podium and grabbed something from behind it. Charles handed Maks a large book. He’d seen something like it before; his mom used to carry it around with her on Sundays. The front had The Holy Bible in gold and at the top it said: New International Version. 

“Write these verses down.” Maks scrambled for a pen and paper and finally came up with an old pen from the floor and an offering sheet from the pew in front of him. “Jeremiah 29:11, Romans 8:28, Revelation 21:4, and James 1: 2-3. I think this might help you.” The pastor sat down next to Maks, carefully taking the Bible from his hands and opening it to the front cover. Charles scribbled Maks’ name and put the date, along with some other things. “This is your Bible, come back to me if you have any questions, okay?” Charles patted him on the back and stood, walking back to his place behind the podium.


When Maks returned to Meryl’s hospital room, Cheryl and Paul were having a quiet conversation and Jenna was doing something on her phone. Paul quickly gave the run-down of what Dr. Lane had told them so far.  

“She can make connections with voices now. Which means that she knows who we are, but not necessarily what we’re saying. The only thing is, there could be a possibility that she won’t remember some things. The doctor isn’t sure what exactly she will and will not remember; it’s mostly a waiting game.” Paul noticed the light in Maks’ eyes leave and he panicked for a moment. “I’m sure she’ll be okay. Meryl’s a strong girl.” Paul patted him on the back and walked over to his wife. 

There was a chance that Meryl wouldn’t remember something’s and at first, this didn’t scare him. But, the thought seemed to grow scarier and scarier as they waited for her to wake up.

To all potential and future peta anons...

Obviously that pic was from last night. And what was maks doing last night???? Posting his love and adoration for Meryl alllllll over alllllll his sm platforms. So if he was with peta, his heart obviously wasn’t in it as his mind was preoccupied with Meryl! I will post no peta anons with any other response than this. So come at me bro! Maksyl on my family!!!

Hey Maksyl Fam!

This is my video to Sam Smith’s “Leave Your Lover.”

Everyone on this ship knows Sam Smith as the incredibly talented singer of “Latch,” (a.k.a. the song our perfect couple dancer their freestyle routine to), but I feel that not enough people give him credit for his other songs and I wanted to give both him, and Maksyl, proper homage. I fell in love with the song, and not long after, this video followed. All feedback is greatly appreciated! I hope you like the video as much as I loved making it!

Before, a Companion Fic to ‘You Again’
Hey fam!I decided to build along a short companion fic to ‘You Again.’ It details the lives of Meryl and Maks before their terrible split, their relationship, little moments from the start to finish, and perhaps even scenes leading up to Meryl’s reconnection with Fedor.

Obviously, this is going to be called ‘Before.’ Once I end ‘You Again,’ if it generates enough interest, I’ll probably do a similar mini-fic entitled ‘After.’

(( icedanceroyalty loveisthewordhateisthebomb
unsvbtle I felt like you lovely ladies might like this…?)

I hope you all like Chapter One!


Meryl thrummed her fingers against her kitchen’s countertop, the marble surface cool against her fingertips.
Just a few feet in front of her, Maks slaved away over a pot of boiling water, tirelessly preparing some type of Ukrainian dish he’d absolutely insisted on her trying.

She honestly had no idea how she’d managed to score a man who danced well AND (apparently) cooked like a master chef; she considered herself lucky to be able to experience firsthand the countless attributes Maksim Chmerkovskiy spent his free time bragging about.

She admired his figure as he worked: his face (which was alight with pure determination to perfect the meal he’d always raved to her about), his hair, (slightly tousled from one of their earlier—ahem—rendezvous), his body (the way he was bent over her stovetop, using his large biceps to repeatedly stir a simple wooden spoon around in an ordinary cooking pot), his clothing (the way his sweatpants hung just a bit lower on his hips than usual, the comical ‘Kiss the Cook’ apron he’d brought to wear over his typical white tank top).
She admired the domesticity of it all, surprising herself with the sudden notion she wouldn’t mind coming home to the same view every day.

Apparently Maks had felt her eyes studying him as he worked; he paused to cast an affectionate wink in her direction. She found herself beaming back at him.

“You’ll love my varenyky, Mer. My мама used to make it for Val and I all the time.”

Meryl playfully rolled her eyes.
That had marked the umpteenth time that he had assured her of the dish’s ‘goodness,’ which, with every borderline-defensive promise, made her grow doubtful of the true brilliance of the meal.

Upon seeing her dubious expression, however, Maks let out a martyred sigh.

“Babe, do you like dumplings?” He questioned her suddenly, totally catching her off guard.

Meryl, thrown off by the random question, stammered out a confused “yeah?”

“Well,” Maks elaborated, “these are the Ukrainian version of dumplings. They’re so freaking good. Just you wait.”

He turned the oven off and poured pot’s contents into a strainer. Meryl watched as the steam rose up from the hot water now being drained into the sink.

The savory smell of cooked spinach and sautéed onions drifted through the air, causing Meryl’s stomach to emit a traitorous growl.

Maks grinned, declaring that her stomach “knew good food better than she did.”

She scoffed in response.

She remained a silent observer to his ministrations, because he had consistently told her that she was not allowed to help with dinner that night. “You’ve already provided the best location and company I could possibly ask for. Let me provide you with some quality food,” he’d offered a few afternoons prior. And seriously, how could she refuse? Food had always been a passion of hers, and she was curious to see if Maks was as good of a chef as he had claimed.

Meryl had been kept in the dark about how far the whole ‘do not help’ thing really went…until Maks stopped her from even setting the table.

She thought that was a bit excessive but, nevertheless, let her boyfriend ‘treat her like the princess she was’ for one date. She had to admit, the idea of him working so hard for the sole purpose of demonstrating how much he cared of her was so sweet it almost gave her cavities.

Making her dinner, Maks was a man with a mission. He placed the varenyky in one of Meryl’s crockery dishes and swiftly carried it over to the small table in the next room.

“Got any sour cream?” Maks questioned from the dining room, and before he could do anything about it, Meryl seized the opportunity to sprint over to the fridge and grab the container.

“I’ll take care of it,” she called, whipping out a spoon and a smaller bowl to plop the sour cream into.

(She wasn’t particularly good at not helping people, and she felt the overwhelming desire to contribute to the dinner somehow—even if it was in the smallest way possible.)

Maks sprinted to the kitchen upon hearing her words, shouting, “Oh, don’t you dare!”

Meryl let out a giddy laugh as she successfully readied the requested condiments, squealing as her boyfriend attempted to wrestle the sour-cream-covered tablespoon out of her tiny hands.

“Too late,” she crowed in between joyous giggles, “I got it done. I wanted to help out somehow!”

“But—but babe,” he whined in such an adorable way it made Meryl want to kiss the pout right off his lips.

“But nothing,” she insisted, all-smiles from her tiny victory.

“I told you not to help with anything tonight. And when I said that, I meant not a single thing,” he huffed, his disappointed eyes meeting hers.

She couldn’t help herself; she let out an amused ‘aww,’ followed by a quick peck to his lips as a kind of consolation prize.

“I’m sorry I ruined your ‘grand romantic gesture,’” she was unable to wipe the tiny smile off her face, even when facing his defeated expression. “Why was it so important to you, anyway?”

Maks cast a sheepish glance at his feet whilst Meryl patiently awaited his answer.

He reached across the distance between them and interlocked his fingers with hers, albeit still keeping his eyes on the floor. Her tiny grin only grew wider at his sudden display of affection.

“I wanted to make you this dinner because I was looking for a way to tell you..” He paused abruptly.

Meryl could feel Maks’ shift in demeanor and wanted desperately to know the cause.

“Tell me what?” Meryl prompted him to continue, squeezing his hand in hers reassuringly.

Maks turned his gaze upwards at her expectant face and looked her dead in the eyes.

“I was looking for a way to tell you that I’m in love with you.”

Meryl’s heart stopped beating.
All at once she forgot how to speak, how to breathe, how to think.

He continued speaking.

“Meryl Elizabeth Davis, I am in love with you. I love you because you are always there for me. I love you because you, this tiny spitfire of a woman, support me, this giant hulking Ukrainian, and in so many ways I believe you’re stronger than I am,” he squeezed her hands tighter in his own. Her head was reeling.

“Mer, I love you because you’ve taught me so much about life. I love you because even when we can only talk through terribly-connected long distance phone calls, we can still carry on a meaningful conversation. I love you because you make me laugh like no one else can,” he let out a quick laugh at the end of the phrase despite the heavy emotion swirling in the air around them, then went on.

“I love you because you bothered to get to know me when no one else did; where everyone else saw a scary, intimidating brute, you saw a freaking teddy bear! I love you because you are my best friend. I love you because you inspire me every day. I love you because I love every little trait about you, both physically and mentally. I love you because you’re so intelligent, but you’re also the sweetest human on the face of the planet. I love you because you’re the most beautiful woman I’ve ever laid eyes on. I love you because ever since you first walked into that dance studio, I knew you’d be the only woman I’d ever want to lay my eyes on again,” he gently brought a hand to rest against her sweet face.

“I love you, Meryl, because you’re everything I ever wanted. Hell, I love you because you’re everything I’ll ever want again. I love you because you could do so much better, yet for some inexplicable reason you still stay with me. I—”

Meryl cut him off immediately, pressing her index finger to his lips. She kept her eyes on his, furiously blinking back the river of tears that were swam in her vision. She let out a quiet sniffle, then spoke up, her voice wavering with the intensity of raw emotion.

“I could never—I repeat, NEVER—do better than you. You’re the best there is, Maks. You are it for me.” She shot him a watery smile, pawing at a stray tear that was cascading down her right cheek.

“I love you, Maksim Chmerkovskiy,” she announced, then, upon seeing the beginnings of a genuine stretch across his face: “Ya lublu tebya. ти один.”

I love you. You are the one.
Maks’ eyes widened in surprise. “мepiл…how the hell did you learn how to say that?”

“I may have asked Val to teach me how to say a few phrases,” she replied, grinning ear to ear about the simplest fact that she caught Mr. Skeptical himself by surprise.

“Do you know what they mean?” He blinked, unsure if he should take her words to heart.

Meryl hopped up on the kitchen counter and sat down, reciting the phrases and their english translations by heart. “Ya lublu tebya. I love you. ти один. You are the one.”

She sat, knocking her legs against the side of the counter, and watched a goofy grin take over Maks’ face. Before she could say a word, though, he lunged forward and connected his lips with hers.

Meryl entangled her fingers in the unruly curls of his hair, wrapping her long legs around his waist, pressing him closer and closer against her until she was certain he could feel her heart beating in sync with his own. His hands flew to her hips immediately, the tablespoon filled with sour cream clattering to the floor.

“I adore you,” he breathed against her lips. She smiled to herself, pressing a quick peck to his top lip, then did the same to his bottom lip.

“And I adore you,” she flicked her eyes up to meet his for just a second as he recaptured her lips with his.

Random Maksyl Thought...

So I was just thinking about something… Does anyone remember the video that the Dancing With The Stars’s Instagram posted during Latin Week of Candace, Derek, and Meryl, when Meryl is sitting on Derek’s shoulders and they tell her to lean back? Well, I watched it again, and I just noticed that Meryl calls out for Maks when she’s afraid to lean back. I literally think that is the cutest thing ever because not only is Meryl calling on Maks when she got scared, but also, Maks is right there, following behind Meryl, ready to catch her if she does fall. But the thing that hit me at first was that Maks was telling her to lean back, and even though Maks follows her around the circle as a ‘just in case’, he doesn’t think she will fall because. I’ve come up with this because A) he tells her to lean back, and B) He would never put Meryl in a situation where she could get hurt intentionally. I guess my point is that even though Maks knew Meryl would be fine, he could sense that Meryl had a little fear and he was right there for her, no matter what, and that makes Maks 300% perfect and Maksyl even that more perfect. What do you all think?

News :)

My journey is changing…….

As of this Fall I am officially going to be a BALLROOM DANCER!

This has been an incredible dream of mine for years & I’m so excited, grateful and happy to finally have it come true. I hope you all join me on this new journey of mine :))) One step closer to DWTS. Justtt kidding haha

Ahhh I seriously cannot explain my excitement. Love you all xo <3

DWMSO Recap!!

So here it is! I’m not really too good at describing things so bare with me. I felt like I came on too strong because I sick fangirled when I met them, I felt like an idiot but I made it through lol…anyways, here we go!
Ok, so I arrived at DWMSO around 6:30pm and thankfully, there wasn’t much line in the RSVP line. Within 10 minutes of being in line, my cousin pointed out to me someone through the window & it was Maks. I nearly died just seeing him thru the glass windows, right after, I saw Papa C looking sharp in his suit. I nearly died. Like about 3 minutes later, I saw Serge pass by me & then realized that Val was with him as well, & I was in awe! After that, I saw Alex & he ran to the middle of the street to take a picture of the new ballroom sign….At exactly 7 pm, they opened the doors, & we got in like around 7:05 pm, I was admiring all the work & how the place looked, it looked amazing and beautiful!! Such a great work! So the first person I approached to was Alex, I asked him if I could take a picture, he said “Sure lets do it!” I took a photo & said thank you, told me to enjoy the rest of my night. I turn around & I see Val walking towards me (he’s handsomer in person& his eyes are dreamy!)& I’m trying to gather myself to ask him to take a photo w/ me. After 2 minutes, I ask Val if I can take a photo w/ him, he says “Sure, come on!” I take a selfie w/ him & I’m shaking so it comes out blurry but then Val takes my phone & says “we gotta do this right!” In the midst of giving him my phone, instead of putting the camera, I locked my phone & I’m trying to unlock it while it’s in his hand & he tells me “I got this, I know how to work this” & I start laughing w/ him & tell him how nervous I am, he says don’t be nervous, he takes a few selfies w/ me, I gave him the photo of him& Janel at the GMA cast announcement& he’s like “wow, thank you, well I already have it on my phone, but it’s always better to have a hard copy.Thank you!” I ask him to sign my photo & he does, he tells me to stay longer & enjoy & he hugged me!! (I felt all his sweat & muscles & it was awesome! I nearly fainted!), after I go to the food table, take a cake pop, & I see that Maks is done w/ his interviews so all these women begin to approach him (including me), there were so many trying to take pictures w/ him that he had to take a break, he went off to greet Henry & Yaron. So I went off, eating & enjoying, & I see Zendaya coming in, right after, Danica came in w/ her fiancé (I believe) & I started fangirling, Zendaya disappeared so I caught Danica after her interview & asked her for a photo (she’s so tiny & adorably awkward lol), I start walking towards the food table again & I see Serge & I ask him for a photo & he gives me the biggest smile when he says yes, we take the photo & I tell him that I loved his skeleton dance, that I voted so much& that he deserved to be in the top 10, he was touched, tells me thank you & says that Emilio was in the building, I seriously didn’t know how I was alive at that point lol. After my sister points out that Maks had come down from upstairs & is taking photos, I rush over there & he was such a hot commodity that he had a bodyguard standing next to him! Finally, after 15 women later, I go up to him, & he says hi, I say hi, he sees that I have photos & a marker, he asks me, “do you want me to sign this?” (Looking at the GMA photo) I tell him, “This photo’s for you!” & he says “Oh wow, for me?!” & I was gathering my photo to be signed but through the corner of my eye, I saw that he admired the picture for a good minute & I saw him smile (I asked my sister who got to see his full reaction & she said that he seemed so flattered & had a genuine big smile on his face which describes a Meryl Smile right?) I get him to sign the wedding photo & again another smile (according to my sister) & I took a photo with him (his hands are strong & big & he grabbed my hip & I melted lol) I said thank you & he said thanks for this (referring to the photo), he had to do everything quickly so I couldn’t really interact w/ him but I died at that moment! I walked away & saw that Tommy Chong was being interviewed (didn’t get a pic a/ him) & then I see Zendaya, I ask her if I can take a photo (she’s so tall!), she says sure, we take it, I tell her that she should’ve won the MBT & she high-fived me! I look to the entrance, & I see Nicole come in w/ her friends (couldn’t get a pic w/ her bcuz she mainly stayed upstairs :( ) & then I see Lea Thompson & Artem. After they finished their interviews, I walked up to Artem, ask him for a photo & he says “sure” in this sexy British-Russian accent (I melted!), I got the photo, he told me to have a great night…I’m walking back in& ask Papa C for a photo & he gave me a big smile after I told him thank you. I see Peta come in & I’m about to ask her for a photo but they pulled her to do interviews, I saw Henry at the corner of my eye & asked him for a photo & he said sure, we took a few & I said thank you (he has the nicest booty lol) I saw Jhanna walking my way & I asked her for a photo, she’s so kind! Right after, I see Janel is on the carpet taking photos & doing interviews, I touched in w/ my PLL fangirl side & died even more, as I was waiting for Janel to finish, I see Yaron & ask him for a selfie, when I touched the button to take the photo, my assist touch popped out & I apologized to him & he says, “it’s okay babe, what is that?” I explain to him what assist touch is, we take a selfie & he said thank you to me & I did as well, he was so polite and awesome! Janel finished her interview& I was about to ask her for a photo when Val snatched her away to go meet Danica & Zendaya (The Janel, Danica, & Zendaya conversation I was talking about), they were so delighted to meet each other & Val seemed happy that his partners had met, finally I got Janel & I took a photo w/ her & told her that I love Mona Vanderwaal & she smiled! About 5 minutes later, I got to Peta before the special show began, we took a photo, I told her that she’s an amazing pro dancer & she said that it meant a lot for her to hear that from a fan…Alex cleared the floor for the special show, he began to introduce what DWM is about, how they were thrilled to finally land in LA, thanked Elena & Rib for their hard work, after that came some performances by the workers/student dancers, they danced the cha-cha, rumba, and salsa. After that, Maks introduced Emilio for a sneak preview into a dance he had been working on for tour & told us to put our cameras down. The dance was so sick, I had goosebumps! After Maks introduced Serge(after playfully teasing him) & Alla, they danced their SYTYCD audition dance to “Maps”, so beautiful and vibrant, loved it! After, Papa C, Michelle (the manager),Val, Maks, & Rib got to speak on how family is what is emphasized by this organization & how they were so grateful to have everyone there, the dancers handed Elena & Jhanna a bouquet of roses, two dancers went onto the floor to jive to “Happy” & then started to take people out to dance. I was trying to avoid dancing & that was when I spotted Keo & asked him if I could take a photo, he said “yes,yes!” (He’s so tall, muscular, & smelled amazing!) after I said thank you to him, he said “no thank you!” After, I was about leave when I went for a cake pop before I left, I thanked Alex for letting me have an amazing experience, he said “aww thank you, thank you for coming, I’m glad you had a great time!” I ended my night with making eye contact w/ Serge & him saying bye to me! 😊
BEST EXPERIENCE OF MY LIFE!! I had never met famous people and especially people that I look up to, so I think that’s what released my inner fangirl, but it was such a dream! I was so happy & while writing this, I’m smiling like an idiot! What I loved is that the atmosphere seemed very humble and family-oriented, very welcoming, & that’s what I enjoyed most of the night.
So there you have it ladies! Sorry for taking so long & writing so much!! Much love to all you ladies!! ☺️😘😭❤️