maksim kalanep


And here we go, that’s the last post of my instagram pictures from Norway!

Some pictures of hairy beasts, cute ceramics and herring! We ate a lot of herring because a) We were in Norway b) We had a massive craving for herring! And herring there was divine! Yummmm!

Majority of the time I was just too busy having my jaw open from the amazement and surrounding beauty, so more pictures will come when Max will develop and sort out the films (which will be thousand times better than iPhone snapshots!). Looking forward.

So.. go to Norway and see it all for yourself! 

The End.

Around Haugesund



While in London for the House of Vans opening, Cardiel visited Slam City Skates and sat down with them for a rad interview about Hosoi, London, the new crop of 18ers and more.

“Get it while you can! Go for fucking broke! Kill yourself trying because you might not get another chance.”

Photo: Maksim Kalanep