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If you had to choose between making out with Snoke's neck or Reylo never becoming canon. Which one?

Daaaang anon, y u do dis to meeeee. Snoke is the wurst. I will take the neck for me reylo fam. I mak da sacrifice fur mi reylos. Dey needs to be canon….


Okay, So Maybe We Were Wrong. 7/30/17

Maybe the Sleepless Night With Phil was in “his room” and not Dan’s. What this has taught us is that we’ve been going about this all wrong. 

As usual, the phandom as a whole tricked themselves into believing something exciting is going to happen. Yes, we still have Dream Daddy. Yes, we still have gaming streams. Yes, we still have The Week In March™. But thinking all these events were rising action to a near climax… Was dead wrong. 

Yes, the phandom has figured out they sleep in the same room. The centipede, the mirror, the shoes… These are all valid, and in our opinions, correct. We thought this Sleepless Night With Phil would be the confirmation we were all waiting for. Of course, 2017 overwhelmed us. The Gay™ has been strong. For the last year, we’ve all thought this was going to be the year. That in 2017, we’d find out the truth about phan. But maybe we were wrong.

We’re not ones to go bursting bubbles here, but this Sleepless Night With Phil wasn’t a confirmation. In fact, we believe it’s the exact opposite. Phil’s trying to convey to us the message that he doesn’t sleep in the same room as Dan. We were right in saying the timing was perfect. We thought it was to confirm the theory, but in reality, it was to sink it. 

They aren’t ready to come out yet. We’ve all been thinking they are simply because their lives are progressing so much. They’re probably soon moving into their forever home. They’re getting so much more comfortable with so many more things that we all thought the time had come. Yet, we will continue to wait.

And that’s okay. Obviously they’ll tell us what they want to when they want to, and there’s nothing we can do about it but wait. It’s their lives, and that’s just the way it is. We’ll simply continue to wait. 

And if he was trying to kill the theory, maybe we should let it die down. We can’t let it die completely, because we do still believe that it’s true. But maybe this is a bit of a subtle message saying, “Hey. Can you not?” So I guess we can… not. Maybe this is one of those theories that we should keep in our heads from now on and not on the Internet. And if that’s what Dan and Phil want, then that’s okay. 

Yes, we were wrong. But at least now we all know the truth and their wishes. So, case closed. 

-Brook and MaK

A little gift for @doodledrawsthings / @artisticdoodler of their absolutely adorable character, Pam! I love that plant hair, so flo o f y

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Actually, You Know What? Case Reopened. 7.30.17

Due to additional evidence, we have come to the conclusion that we misunderstood what Phil was trying to tell us in the last video. Originally it came across as a bit of a slap in the face maybe a “listen here kiddos we have our own rooms.” But after some discussion and re-reviewing the evidence we have realized that Phil wasn’t telling us to back off he was just saying “simmer down kids don’t break the internet please” in his latest video.

Naturally, anticipation was high for this video. We thought in our demon phannie mindset that this would be a coming out of sorts. But we forgot that Phil Lester and Daniel Howell are and always will be sneakily subtle fellows. Phil made a tweet at 7pm my time, or 1am his time, that this was “another Sleepless Night With Phil night” (see picture below)

However, you can clearly see as he purposefully scrolls over to the download start time on Dream Daddy, he shows the time to be 8pm his time.

So what’s the truth? Phil clearly began to film this video well before 1am and then he tweeted that he would be filming one and lied about the times in the footage. He did so with such carelessness that it’s as though he hoped we would catch it. He clearly still wanted us to all chill out, so that’s what we should do. But he also left little hints for us.

For all we know he was sound asleep by 4am in his and Dan’s shared moon room. Or maybe all of us are just a little too demon-minded for our own good.

You decide.

-ash, MaK

Let’s put perspective on the latest video: During the past months, we were presented with changes and plenty of new information. But even through all of this there were calmer moments. Whenever it got to be “too much” or too much speculation, they would take a little step back to put the phandom on hold for a bit and let us calm down. And I guess that was just another one of these, but a bigger step back. Last week was too much, and we need to calm down a bit. It doesn’t mean everything is cancelled, it’s just “calm down, we know you can do it”. And if they want us to calm down a bit, we will.

- Yash