I don’t know if you understand how much I love Christmas sweater season.

I asked for suggestions and got Help Hotline Haru receiving his own Tachibana family Weasley sweater.  To you who suggested it, YES. And here it is! These freaking dorks.

me to my friends: hey do guys dare me to write some gay fanfiction
them: … no
me: alright alright you twisted my leg
them: we didn’t tell you to do it
me: i can’t believe you guys are making me do this
them: wE DIDN’T-
me: wow! like you guys sure are crazy for daring me to do such a thing

Here’s my old drawing last year for my 1st event, I’m too lazy to change my logo inside, my circle it’s no more kochiikochii, now is poison.boyslovealert…

mostly done, but the scaner is shit and the quality is the worst I had seen in a long time, so, tomorrow I’m pinning it to a wall and taking a photo of this so I can edit it~

loved the water/air bubbles !! haha it’s really pretty how this turned out :3

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