makoto's glasses


tfw you’re trying to appreciate your hella cute bf who you’re so in love with but your little siblings are very strict about PDA

happy (belated) birthday, @cerberosthehellguard!!! Thanks for bein’ a super cool friend and a super cool human being! this was drawn at lightning speed but I hope you like it! <3


What the…?  LOL  
Though I don’t like the idea of them not getting along, playing with the dual-Akira fanon is pretty funny.  ^o^

“Haru, have you seen my glasses? I need them for class,”

“I can’t hear you- I’m Makoto and I’m just too smart to do things like lose my glasses. I should have listened to Haru and stopped leaving them around,”

Sassy MakoHaru moments are what I LIVE for.

SOUMAKO AU based on their singing voices. 
because i know you were just as supriced as i was when i knew makoto’s VA is the vocalist of OLDCODEX. and even more when i head sousuke’s singing with such soft voice. 
Sidenote: they both lost some muscle since they don’t have a competitive training regiment 


With the animation due to start next week, merchandises of both DR3 Future volume and DR3 Despair volume are already on their way to the shelves of anime shops! Such as these acrylic key chain chibis that will be sold by September 2016. There is a Despair Edition and Future Edition. One blind package is worth ¥580, and currently reservations are available in selected shops such as TAKARA TOMY.

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