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Sounagi tickles with this plzplzplzplz:P

A/N: Omg Sou..nagi…yesyesyes I’m enjoying this one very much thank you :3 *yep I received quite some of these so I’m still writing them hahaha. sorry.* 

“It’s not enough…” Sousuke couldn’t believe it. How turning down a simple bread offer could make a teenage boy pout like he did, and how just a simple even not- so-convincing-change of mind could make him sparkle like a little angel again.

“Alright here here, eat! I’ll get some more!” Nagisa shoved the bread practically in his face, and Sousuke let out a frustrated “Hmpphh!” as he was forced to take the entire half of it in his mouth.

“Uffhphph!” Even though the thing was already in his mouth, the hyperactive Iwatobi student wouldn’t stop pressing it into his mouth, nearly choking him, so the first thing Sousuke did was grab him under his stretched out arms and try to pry him off him.

“GEfhfh off!” he tried to say. Nagisa did back off right there, accompanied by a loud squeal and a quick movement of bent arms pressing with his elbows against his sides as if he was trying to block away Sousuke’s touch.

“Hmmh?” Still with his mouthful of bread and with his hands holding Nagisa now, Sousuke steadied his grip on him, digging his fingers slightly and brushing against Nagisa’s ribcage right under his armpits.

“DAaahaha S-Sou-chahan!” Sousuke’s mouth almost fell open, but he didn’t want to spill the bread so he clenched his teeth, but still gaped at the hysterical blond in shock.

“Ah yes, Nagisa’s ticklish. If you didn’t know, Yamazaki-kun,” Makoto commented from the side. 

“Tffihcklish?” Sousuke wiggled his fingers a little, unable to help himself, and Nagisa let out the most melodious string of giggles he had ever heard.

“Naahahaa let goooo!” Nagisa’s arms were flailing slightly, and the moment Sousuke decided to lift him into the air, his short legs started to kick helplessly. All he had to do was wiggle his fingers, dig his thumbs in his slender ribcage and scratch at his armpits through his uniform: Nagisa was absolutely hysterical. It didn’t take more but a few innocent movements of his fingers. Heh, fascinating.

“Stopstopstooohohop!” Lowering the shortie back down to have him reunite with the floor, Sousuke pulled him closer and wiggled his fingers down his sensitive sides. Nagisa arched his back and thrashed against him, giggles, squeaks and squeals bursting out of him without control.

“You’re being cruel,” Rin said with a smirk, but all Sousuke could do was continue the slight movement of his fingers and blush at Nagisa’s adorable laughter. Collapsing against him, the tiny guy squirmed and struggled, helpless against Sousuke’s big hands that were now clawing at his ticklish sides.

“Sou-chaaaahahan! I’m gonna dieeehehe!” Nagisa whined through his laughter, and it was honestly so cute that this time his mouth really fell open, and the bread fell from his mouth on top of Nagisa’s head. His fingers instantly stopped their assault on the blond in his hold, and he let the awkward moment sink in while Nagisa caught his breath.

“I’m s-sorry,” he muttered quickly, and he let go of Nagisa so fast that the breathless guy sank on his knees. 

“Heh. Even Yamazaki-kun can’t resist Nagisa’s charms,” Makoto concluded, and Sousuke blushed and looked at all of them in embarrassment. Did he really do this? Did he really?! 

“Sou-chan!” He gazed back down at Nagisa who was still lively despite being slightly breathless, and oh that blush on his face… Sousuke swallowed away the dry feeling in his throat when Nagisa held up the bread he had dropped.

“Still want this?” The cheeky brat even winked at him, and feeling flustered as hell, Sousuke shook his head and stomped towards the bread stand. 

“Ack no, I’ll get ten more!” he barked, blushing like he hadn’t ever before. Oh boy, was that a little crush he was developing? No, no, nooo….

Prompt: mukuro naming her weapons by @ikusabamukuroo

A/N It’s been a while since we last talked about this but I never forgot. I hope you read this wherever you are now, friend. You will be missed. (She’s not dead or anything, I just really miss her.) Disclaimer: this is a mess of google searches, I’m so sorry.

What’s in a Name? - naekusaba

Corpse Warblade is what her name literally translates to. Back when she was a kid, she called herself “Corpsey Mcwarblade” and to this day, she still tries to be edgy.

She still has this leftover habit of giving nicknames and one day Makoto stumbles upon this fact by accident.

“Have you seen Reaper?” She asks frantically.

To which he gives her a confused look and asks, “Who’s Reaper?”

He later finds out that Reaper is actually the name she has for her favorite knife. He thinks it’s adorable and even voices out his opinion which makes her blush furiously. He asked for any other weapons she has names of and he could have sworn it was like a lightbulb was switched on in the room because of how bright she looked. Granted it was a red tinted lightbulb because she was blushing but that’s beside the point. She takes him to the “Armory” or the small closet where she keeps all of her weapons stored.

It’s only after being introduced to her other weapons that he finds out that she likes to name in more than one language.

“Sah mat here is my trusted sniper.” She proudly hold it up in her possession. “It’s Turkish for checkmate.”

“Rychlý is one of my oldest rifles.” She says with a touch of nostalgia sifting through her voice. “It’s Czech for fast.”

“This is Raspršiti, the best shotgun that I have.” She states and easily hefts it out. “Croatian for scatter.”

She pulls out the smallest gun. “This micro-pistol is Biche.” He looks almost scandalized at the name until she corrects his misconceptions. “French for doe.”

“And this is щит.” She says when she gestures to the bulletproof vest with a name that sounds like “sheet” but with her deadpan expression he suspects it’s supposed to sound like “shit” instead. She sees the face he’s making and she smiles, amused. “Don’t worry. It’s just Russian for shield.”

He inspects the rest of the cabinet’s contents and sees the smaller yet still deadly kinds of arsenal. “What about the discardable types of weapons? Do you also name them individually or just in general?”

“Just in general according to type.” She pulls one out and explains, “This is a smoke bomb or as I like to call it Fantôme ou fantosme. It’s French for phantom.”

“It’s a bit of a mouthful but I like the translation.” It’s a genuinely good name, he admits.

She puts it back and pulls out a different one. “This is Fantasme.”

He looks at it and he can’t quite tell the difference between this and the first one. “Oh, is that a smoke bomb too?”

“No, it’s actually sleeping gas.” She shakes her head. “It sounds close if you’re not learned but it translates to fantasy.” It’s her most romantic name he’s ever heard yet.

They go through her knife collection last.

“смерть.” She points at the first one.

“Oh, that sounds different.” He winces as he tries to think of which language it was but he honestly couldn’t tell. It’s unlike anything he’s heard of. “What does that mean?”

“It’s Russian.” She answers with a small smile. “It translates to death.”

“Interesting word choice…” Well he had to admit that it was fitting for a military knife although disturbing for the common citizen. He points at another. “How about that one?”

“Ölüm.” She supplies.

“Is that another language?”

“It’s Turkish.” She nods. “It means death.”

Huh, that’s an odd coincidence. He doesn’t let it bother him and points again. “And that one?”

“Mort.” She doesn’t even wait for him to ask. “It’s French for death.”

He feels like he’s detecting a pattern here. “And this one?”

“Muerte.” She answers and waits a beat before adding, “Spanish for death.”

Yes, definitely a pattern here. He points again. “And this guy?”

“Tod.” She says curtly.

He almost anticipates her to say it’s death again but the normalcy in its name catches him off-guard. “Huh, that actually sounds like English and surprisingly ordinary.”

She holds his gaze for a long moment. Until finally she continues, “It’s actually German for death.”

Ah, there’s the pattern again. He should have known. “And this?”

“Faca.” She carefully enunciates.

“Let me guess, it means death?” He says almost jokingly.

She shakes her head. “No, it’s just Portugese for knife.”

He pauses and blinks at his mistake. “Oh.” Well that was… unexpected and embarrassing.

There’s still one last knife and Makoto recognizes it as the one he gave to her as a gift.

“How about this one?” He says with a blush dusting on his cheeks. He shouldn’t be so embarrassed about it but he can’t help but feel shy still.

“Oh, that one…” Mukuro pauses far longer than she’s supposed to and when she does speak up, it’s barely above a whisper, “Ma…cutie.” She doesn’t meet his eyes and it takes all of his will just to stare at her in shock. They’re both blushing madly.

And Makoto thinks that as much as he likes Mukuro’s edgy naming sense, he likes the cuter ones too.

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Their male best friend tells them he's gay. (Can I get Haizaki too)


note: a swear word cause haizaki

Hara Kazuya

Chuckling, the boy raised his hand and called over to Hanamiya, “Hey, Hana- I was right about ma man [Y/N] being gay! You owe me 10!” 

Haizaki Shougo

He smirked, nudging you playfully, “Well, when you get it, tell me whether dick’s any good.” 

Furuhashi Kojiro

“And?” he looked at you, not bothered or affected by the news, “what do you expect me to say?” 

Seto Kentaro

“Got it” he stifled a yawn as he leaned on you, “take me to some gay bar sometime so I can finally watch you blush.”

Hanamiya Makoto

“You thought I didn’t know?” the captain smirked as he swung an arm around you, “Since when did I look stupid?”

Yamazaki Hiroshi

“Oh….” the boy exhaled slowly as he nodded to himself, “so that’s why you don’t blush around girls?” 

Celebrity Romance - Naegiri Fanfic Prompt

From @otp-imagines-cult

Imagine your otp being famous and in a relationship except its hidden so nobody knows about it until one day they wake up and find it on all the front covers of newspapers and magazines. What happens next is whatever

Makoto Naegi was buttering some toast on top of the center island island in Kyoko’s kitchen when a notification sound went off on his phone. He set down his knife next to the toast in front of him, then picked up his phone to find a text message from Komaru.

“Check out celeb news. You guys are hot gossip.”

Upon reading it, Makoto furrowed his brow in confusion. “Huh?” he said softly to himself. Not knowing where to even find such a thing, he typed “celebrity news” into the search engine and tapped the first link he got.

He was greeted by a giant image of himsef and Kirigiri at the top of the web page. They were walking, talking, and holding hands at the park. The headline “ULTIMATE LOVE?” was plastered across the top.

He immediately returned to the search page and checked the next link on the list.

This one had a photo of the two of them on a park bench, where Makoto was leaning into Kiri’s shoulder as she smiled at him. The words in the top-right corner said “New Hope Through Love.”

A nervous laugh escaped Makoto’s mouth. This was just weird. He once again touched “Back” on his phone, then tapped the third link.

Now it was a long-distance shot of the two of himself and Kyoko kissing. It was a little blurry, and the leafy edges betrayed that it was taken from between some trees, but the headline still appeared proud as it pronounced, “Romance From Despair.”

“What the hell?” Makoto blurted to no one.

Kyoko Kirigiri entered the kitchen at that moment, still slipping into her jacket as she did so. “What’s the matter? Is the toaster acting up again?” she asked.

Makoto was already developing beads of sweat on his forehead. “It’s the… you and me… ”

Kyoko strolled to the opposite side of the island from him and pushed a button on the coffeemaker, where her mug was already resting expectantly. She then turned back towards Makoto to shoot him an expectant look. “We what?” she prodded, smiling slightly.

Makoto held up his phone anxiously, showing her the last headline. “Apparently we’re… news?” he said at last.

Kyoko’s mouth quickly turned into a small frown as she leaned forward to look at the phone more closely, then reached up and snatched it out of his hand. Makoto watched her scrolling, tapping, and generally working the phone with a greater speed than he could manage himself. As she did so, her scowl deepened.

“I should’ve expected this,” Kyoko grumbled. “I even noticed the photographer while we were on our lunch date yesterday. I thought he was just doing nature shots.”

“I didn’t see anybody,” Makoto offered.

“He didn’t want you to,” she told him. “He was sneaking behind the trees and bushes, though it’s only ‘sneaking’ in hindsight. I didn’t pay much attention since I thought he was doing close-ups of the foliage, and my own mind was…” Her frown disappeared instantly, transforming into a pleasant smile as she finished, “It was elsewhere.” She looked up at Makoto again, holding the smile, and Makoto blushed silghtly as he stared back into her eyes.

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''Aren't you going to kiss me?'' for Haru, Makoto, Rei, Rin and Sousuke >u< thanks in advance, and please take your time! No rush tehee

I don’t have any idea where you got that prompt, anon-chan! That sounds like a writing meme, but whatever. I’m still gonna write this one because it’s cute.


Haru: He felt a warm pair of arms coming around his waist as he prepared dinner that evening. The smaller girl behind him hummed and inhaled his scent, giggling as she nuzzled her nose on his back. 

“Aren’t you going to kiss me?” She asked and a smile was etched on his face. He turned around to cage her in his arms before giving her what she was demanding. Haru smirked against her lips as he felt her kissing him back. 

Makoto: He immediately blushed when his girlfriend requested such thing from him. She smiled innocently, making it impossible for him to not comply. Once he made sure that no one was around, he stooped down as she tip-toed to meet her lips halfway in a kiss. She wrapped her arms around his neck, bringing him closer and making him whimper slightly as she nibbled on his bottom lip. 

Rei: “W-why would you even want me to kiss you!?” He stuttered, face flushed as she inched towards him and tried to empty the spaces between them. Rei avoided this by taking a step backward every time she’d take one step forward that he eventually stumbled back, giving her an opportunity to sit on his lap and trap him in his place. When he felt her lips on him, he found out that what she was asking for wasn’t actually so bad after all. 

Rin: He placed an arm around her shoulders and leaned down to kiss her when she asked for it. He loves kisses, and so does she, and they always made sure to make the other feel loved through actions clearly showing their affection such as kissing. While he was kissing her, Rin couldn’t help but feel lucky to find someone like her. 

Sousuke: He was first very reluctant to his girlfriend’s request as she sat down next to him on the couch. He was reading a book and was very determined to finish it that day, but the way she spoke to him and stared using those bright and huge eyes, he suddenly found himself emptying the gap between their faces and kissing her until she’s breathless. 

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Number 8 has to confess their love to number 1 -bubhh

Already that much…I’m glad i’m not number 8!

I’m not either, who is it? And who is Number 1?

Hum…That’s me.

*looks pointedly at Kirigiri*

Do you have a problem Togami-san?

I know you rigged the numbers. It’s for you little shipping thing, right?!

Sorry but i didn’t. But that means that you have the number 8, right?

AHAHAHAH ! I like this game !

Tch !

C’mon ! Do it man, or are you going to declare defeat?

*looks at Byakuya*

What do i even have to say? Okay, fine. Makoto, i don’t think you’re as bad as the others commoners. For a cockroach you’re pretty fine.

No no no ! This is supposed to be a confession of love right? That won’t do ! Listen, you need to tell him something nice and then tell him you love him !

You should tell him something like “I always treat you badly because i love you !”

This is totally stupid ! Okay Makoto, listen. I really like having you around, you’re nice to me even when i’m not and your tendancy to never give up is something that i really admire…You…*looks at the others who urge him to continue*You’re very important to me, i…Iloveyou.

…!!!! *turns bright red*

There! You happy now? I did your stupid order ! Don’t misunderstand Makoto, it was for the game okay? Let’s continue to the next order now.