Danganronpa: Tanaka’s Monsters of Despair- cover


The Paranormal Branch of Future Foundation, with Naegi Makoto as its head, was created after the events of the Trial for Humanity against the giant monster: Godzilla (see Protectors of Humanity). Their role is to hunt down any kind of ‘paranormal threat’ (especially monsters) and eliminate them if necessary. Their first job: Tanaka’s Monsters of Despair.

When Gundam Tanaka was an Ultimate Despair, he had a laboratory where he created chimeras with the fallen animals of his army so he could have a never ending army of creatures. Only six of those creatures survived the attack of the Paranormal Branch and are bringing Havoc in the world after some strange changes.

It’s their job to stop them. But big problems occurs. And the not too long ago enemy of Humanity will come back to protect his world of this new form of threat from Despair.

lots of pairings in this fic, obviously Naegiri and Izaruru.

Despair Tanaka doesn’t appear immediately in the story, just in flashbacks from Ethos when he ‘worked for him’. 

The strange person in armor next to naegi? You’ll see in the story. (It’s not a new oc)

Tanaka left notes of his monsters behind him, represented by the pages turning into 5 of the monsters survivors. 

anyway, I hope you like this cover.

You can find the first prologue right here!

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