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Moon Animate Make-Up 2!

I got to animate an eye catch for the project this year. I’m so glad I got to take part again and had so much fun animating all the inner senshis! A huge thanks to Kate for organising and pulling together the whole project. 

The whole episode can be viewed here xx

OMAKE - Sugita Tomokazu & Nakamura Yuuichi - ”Through the Other’s Eyes”

- their relationship from people around them point of view -

Kamiya Hiroshi: “I got enough with Sugita kun’s Nakamura this and that story! Someone please ban him from talking about Nakamura!”

Ono Daisuke: “‘Seiyuu that I want to be my lover. 1st place: Nakamura Yuuichi’… Eh? This one from Sugita-kun, isn’t it?”

Wakamoto Norio: ”No one knows whether they join at the hips or not”

Suzuki Tatsuhisa: “Nakamura san has a beautiful voice, no wonder Sugita san is charmed~” (Sugita mentioned before that beautiful voice is something that make him fall in love with someone) 

Shimazaki Nobunaga: (based on episode when Sugita set his goal on something precious) “Nakamura san definitely wouldn’t lose!”

Hirakawa Daisuke: “Oh… The one that Nakamura kun is intimate with, certainly Sugita kun”

Yusa Koji: (the first time he met Nakamura long time ago) “So.. you are the rumored Nakamura kun, aren’t you? Sugita kun said that you’reå really really close friend…”

Miyano Mamoru: (Q: Any place that Sugita possibility go to) “Nakamura san’s place!”

Terashima Takuma: “Can’t find Sugita san… Shouldn’t you asked Yuichi san instead of me?”

Okiayu Ryoutarou: “Sugita kun always ‘Nakamura this~ Nakamura that~’ until I want to call Nakamura to stop him”

Yasumoto Hiroki: “Sometimes I pity Nakamura, he always have to deal with Sugita kun declaration of love” 

Morikubou Shoutarou: “Both of you must be really close friend on your previous life~!”

Morita Masakazu: “I think that they really have deep connection, the bond that they share each other”

Yasumura Makoto: (told Nakamura) “You already have Sugita, right! He is your ‘Only One’.”

Yoshino Hiroyuki: “Nakamura san, I wish you forever happiness with Sugita san”


Mizuki Nana: “I know that both of them are lovey dovey. Even when three of us are eating together, the conversation are ‘Nakamura this~’ and ‘Nakamura that~’”

Kobayashi Yuu: “Best friend should be only one; like Nakamura san who will do anything to make Sugita san happy.”

Watanabe Akeno: “I went with them to electronic stores. I got enough….”

Kitamura Eri: “Women all over the world who after Sugita kun are lose to Nakamura kun”

Hanazawa Kana: “Right~ The relationship between those two are too good.”

Yuki Aoi: “When I’m in the same room as them, I feel like third wheel”

Kondo Kanako: “Sugita san and Nakamura san already been through a lot of things, together”

Asami Imai: “Please feel free to show your love for each other”

Asakawa Yuu: “Are they dating?”


Washizaki Takeshi: “Nakamura kun, I left Sugita kun in your hand.”

Kikuchi Yumi: “Sugita san, looks like that you’re busy in the night. Nakamura also.”

Endo Masaaki: “Only two of you also not bad, right? How about getting married?”

Mafia Kajita: “Sugita san and Nakamura san are codependence. They can’t live without each other.”


Done! Yay! I’m not supposed to post this one, because I just found it several hours ago accidentally! But this is so amazing, to be able to know how friends, colleagues, Sugita group member, think about their relationship. 

I just know that IF i don’t post this one right now, it will end as translated but never shared. Good thing must be shared :D although I think that you bored already with post with this two hahahaha.

*source available on request*

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Makoto and Sousuke finding out that they are having a girl, (little Rio of course) and when they get home from the appointment, they tell Koji and he is just the happiest

Look who came back from the dead!!

More mpreg

Makoto nervously bounced his foot up and down as he sat in the waiting room, nervously checking his phone every five seconds it seemed.

Sousuke was running a little late, but luckily for the man the doctors seemed to be running extremely late so he still had a good twenty minutes to turn up. But that didn’t stop Makoto checking the time obsessively.

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Sailor moon = my childhood. It’s also the reason why I’m in the animation industry. So I was naturally excited when I heard about the Moon Animate Make-Up project and so happy to be a part of it! 

The top is the original and the bottom is my contribution to the project. 

I requested a shot with Sailor Jupiter aka Makoto Kino; as she’s my favorite Sailor Scout <3 The best thing is…. I get to animate another major Jupiter shot <3 Stay tuned! xx 

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hello! can you do a mpreg!verse fic where makoto after having koji feels self consious and tries to lose the baby weight and maybe going a little orverboard and maybe passing out because he pushed himself too hard to quickly. he thinks sousuke doesn't find him attractive after having koji because the weight doesn't come off as quickly as he though it would. and sousuke is super worried about him and tries to help him get over it. angsty but with fluffy baby koji

Mpreg verse

“67… 68… 69…” Makoto groaned out each number with a sit up.

He had recently put Koji down for a nap and after cleaning the kitchen, sorting out the washing and preparing feeds for the rest of the day he decided it was time for a bit of exercise.

He had naively thought that after giving birth the weight would just drop off and he’d be back to his old self straight away. Instead he’d been left with stretch marks and a surprisingly flabby muffin top.

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My new short animation - Breakfasts. A compilation of modern day breakfasts. Enjoy! xx