makoto kanno

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I didn’t notice this until I took the cover off to put the book into a protector sleeve but it’s really adorable. 

Hibiki giving Yamato a lolipop because he is “onii-san”  since Yamato is 17 and Makoto is so proud that he has a friend now just like a mother xD

Hibiki adding so much sugar into his drink and Alcor being speechless about it , Yamato is shocked and Daichi is used to it 

not sure if it’s been posted before but oh well It’s really adorable so thought I’ll share

If Devil Survivor 2 (Record Breaker) uses the Social Link System instead of the fate system then--
  • <p> <b>Fool (0):</b> Protag/The Team<p/><b>Magician (I):</b> Daichi Shijima<p/><b>Priestess (II):</b> Makoto Sako<p/><b>Empress (III):</b> Miyako Hotsuin<p/><b>Emperor (IV):</b> Yamato Hotsuin<p/><b>Lovers (VI):</b> Io Nitta<p/><b>Chariot (VII):</b> Airi Ban<p/><b>Strenght (VIII):</b> Keita Wakui<p/><b>Fortune (X):</b> Hinako Kujo<p/><b>Justice (XI):</b> Ronaldo Kuriki<p/><b>Hanged man (XII):</b> Otome Yanagiya<p/><b>Death (XIII):</b> Alcor<p/><b>Devil:</b> Fumi Kanno<p/><b>Star (XVII):</b> Jungo Torii<p/><b>Sun (XIX):</b> Yuzuru "Joe" Akie<p/></p>