Title: 60 Kagetsu Kakurenbo (Hide-and-Seek of Sixty Months)
Type: Doujinshi
Fandom: Haikyuu!!
Character(s) / Pairing: Yamaguchi Tadashi
Artist / Circle:  茶森 / tyamorix


Raw Provider: aerobird
Translator:  iluvfksy
Proofreader: soykawa, nnyei
Cleaner / Redrawer:  30boxes
Typesetter:  soykawa
Quality Checker: kurasuchi

Yamaguchi ponders about his life, Tsukishima and their interest towards volleyball.

P.S. This doujinshi contains manga spoilers. To those who only follow the anime, you have been warned!

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anonymous asked:

I love your blog!!! How would style five + sousuke react to hearing their shy, innocent s/o yell a really bad curse word after accidentally injuring themselves (nothing serious, like a paper cut or such)?

(oh my gosh what a fun request, thank you for your compliment!! ;u;)

Makoto: He almost covers his mouth in surprise at what they just said, but just laughs softly and walks over to them to inspect their little injury. “Oh, that surprised me. Are you okay?” It seems that they’re hopelessly embarrassed about being heard, so he pretends he didn’t hear it and smiles for their sake.

Haruka: “…It’s rare for you to say stuff like that.” He notes, finding the situation just a little amusing. Still, he doesn’t hold it against them and takes their hand gently to look at the paper cut. “It’s small, so let’s clean it up for now.” He also wouldn’t bring it up if they’re embarrassed.

Nagisa: His jaw drops. “__-chan, did you just say a bad word?! Really?!” It completely floors him that his shy partner would say such a thing, but he hops over to inspect their injury. “Oh, thank goodness it’s nothing much. You scared me, y’know!”

Rei: He jumps when he hears a foul curse leave their mouth in a frustrated scream, and he rushes over right away. “__-san?!” When he sees that they just got a paper cut, he sighs. “Over something so minor… I wasn’t expecting such language from you!” He says a bit scoldingly but honestly doesn’t hold it against them. 

Rin: “W-Whoa, you swore just now?” He blinks in surprise but hurries over to look at them. “Well, it’s nothing big. Can’t believe you were throwing all sorts of bombs around just for this!” He chuckles and rubs their head before tugging them up to the bathroom.

Sousuke: He lets out a low whistle. “That was a pretty bad one coming from you.” He comes over and takes their hand gently. “It’s nothing that bad, is it? Come on, we’re gonna wash your mouth with soap-” He laughs when they hit him on the arm. “I’m kidding, I’m kidding.”