Three Series Assembling! (Complete Translation)

Side-story from the KyoAni & Do Fan Days event involving Free!, Hibike! and Violet Evergarden. Another translation by @ultimatemegax can be found here.

The place was a certain concert hall in Kyouto. Starting from today, an event titled “KyoAni & Do Fan Days 2017: Sound! From Kyouto to the World” would be held there. In the performers’ waiting room, Oumae Kumiko, Nanase Haruka and Violet Evergarden were having their first exchange with one another.

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anonymous asked:

anyway can i make a request of the hc for the phantons? it was a thing i used to do in my friends, some times the s/o get their hand/arm and start to draw little things, it start simple like "s/o was here" to get more and more Elaborate, to the end that the s/o was drawing on their arm super Elaborate and beautiful draws, i want hc of the phantom Dealing with this s/o. bonus if later the s/o become a Tattoo artist and the s/o ask them to tattoo them

This is a really cool idea! *_* Thank you for the request!


  • good luck
  • S/O occasionally draws on Akira, but he can’t stay still long enough for them to finish because he keeps snickering and twitching away.
  • Thus, they have to do it when he’s passed out.
  • One day he was taking an afternoon catnap on the bed, his arm dangling off the edge.
  • S/O initially drew a silly cat face on his hand, but they took advantage of the opportunity and drew a really intricate star design.
  • He woke up midway through because he’s a light sleeper, but he just sleepily smiled at S/O and asked, “Having fun?”
  • Then he actually looked at the design and just stared in awe.
  • “Wow, that’s… really amazing.”
  • He was so disappointed when the water from the shower washed it off.
  • S/O still can’t draw on him, but when they become a tattoo artist, he lets them tattoo a tiny cat face behind his ear. and yes it’s a matching tattoo


  • As an excuse to avoid studying, Ryuji spontaneously drew a petite smiley face on S/O’s cheek.
  • The two drew on each other back-and-forth until he gave in, so S/O took his arm hostage and drew all over it.
  • He didn’t mind at all; he simply played on his phone while they had their fun. he’s such an angel
  • That is, until S/O said something to shock him.
  • “Take your clothes off.”
  • “Wha- now?!” he exclaimed, his eyes wide.
  • “Oh, sorry. Just your shirt.”
  • “God, I thought you were Inari for a second.” Then he glanced at S/O’s anticipated stare and sighed. “Alright, I’ll do it. Try not to stare.”
  • Although, he occasionally squirmed, S/O managed to successfully illustrate a sun-themed mural on Ryuji’s back.
  • S/O snapped a picture to show him the result, and he actually snatched the phone out of their hand due to his excitement. a human puppy
  • Needless to say, he was really impressed, and he fully supported S/O’s career as a tattoo artist.
  • He almost fainted at the sight of the needle, so don’t expect him to get a tattoo anytime soon.


  • Ann will actually initiate the drawing game, but… she’s definitely not an artist.
  • S/O thinks it’s hilarious and they can’t stop themself from laughing as Ann creates poorly-drawn flowers and strawberries(?).
  • She despondently gives up, so S/O draws on her arm to cheer her up.
  • It works; as S/O drew a pattern of roses along her arm, she simply gaped in astonishment by the level of detail.
  • “Whoa, S/O… it’s so beautiful; I don’t really want to wash it off.”
  • “I’ll draw a new one for you tomorrow if you want.”
  • “Tomorrow… wait, I have a photo-shoot tomorrow!”
  • S/O glanced at the clock that read ‘11:00 p.m.’ and nearly panicked. “Wait, we need to wash it off.”
  • Ann shook her head and winked. “Nevermind! I forgot it was a winter shoot, so I’ll be wearing more conservative clothes.”
  • “…But it’s the middle of summer. Won’t you be hot…ter?”
  • Ann snickered. “Pfft, what kind of save was that? Anyway, it’ll be indoors, so no worries,” she finished with a kiss on S/O’s flushed cheek. you’re so gorgeous panther
  • Eventually, she obtains a permanent rose tattoo right on the nape of her neck; courtesy of S/O, of course.


  • Yusuke was very confused when S/O suddenly began drawing on his hand.
  • “…What are you doing?”
  • He didn’t really mind, but he was curious nonetheless.
  • Then he became increasingly more intrigued as S/O continued their floral design up his arm.
  • “Impressive… using the subtle curves of my arm to enhance the realistic effect of the branches…” He chuckled deeply. “This is a splendid drawing.”
  • He drew a similar design on S/O’s arm, and the two gently held hands once they matched.
  • please just imagine yusuke with a sleeve tattoo for a second
  • It’s become a weekly routine now, and they eventually end up drawing these gorgeous designs all over each other.
  • Sometimes they have picnics in the park and just doodle on each other.
  • Yusuke doesn’t care for tattoos, but he wholeheartedly supports S/O’s artistic endeavors.
  • He’ll still let them draw all over him, too.


  • It all began when S/O drew a crown on Makoto’s wrist while she was cooking.
  • “S/O, you do know that drawing on skin can be dangerous, right?”
  • “You can draw on me if you want.”
  • Makoto only smiled and shook her head.
  • Eventually, S/O started to draw on her at the dinner table while she ate.
  • She actually fed S/O as they doodled. she’s a treasure that must be preserved
  • The whole aspect of it was intriguing to her and she rather enjoyed intently observing their work.
  • “You’re quite talented, S/O,” she remarked. “Perhaps you should consider a career in art.”
  • And that’s exactly what S/O did; Makoto’s crown-shaped tattoo on her wrist is proof of that.


  • Futaba started a war when she wrote ‘kek’ on S/O’s hand. i will never let that go sdhdjsj
  • S/O retaliated with ‘waffles XD’, and the two just drew memes all over each other’s arms for half an hour.
  • S/O’s doodles were oddly detailed and intricate, which made the entire ordeal that much more hilarious.
  • Futaba took copious pictures of her arms, and her favorite was the rendition of The Statue of David… with Pepe’s face. she sent it to the thieves and the only ones that liked it were akira, yusuke, and haru
  • She also dragged S/O to Leblanc with her to show Sojiro.
  • “Hey, Sojiro! Look what S/O did!”
  • He was about to pitch S/O across the universe until he realized the ‘tattoos’ were fake. he protecc but he also atacc
  • Later, when S/O became a tattoo artist, it was Futaba that asked for a tattoo.
  • She ended up getting the tag ‘<nav>’ written inside one of her fingers.


  • S/O was baking cookies with Haru one day, and while the two were waiting for the cookies to finish, S/O suddenly drew a little sheep on the back of her hand.
  • She just stared at it for a moment before softly making a sheep sound, “Mehh.”
  • oh my god
  • Blushing, S/O then scribbled a very regal design on her arm, and she was so amazed that she nearly forgot to check on the cookies.
  • “Hehe, maybe I should have you design the logo for my cafe,” she teased.
  • A few years later, S/O actually did design the logo, along with the ‘Café Noir’ tattoo inscribed on the inside of Haru’s arm.