Haru flirtation, probably.
  • Haru:Hey Makoto.
  • Makoto:What is it Haru?
  • Haru:Are you a whale?
  • Makoto:Actually I-
  • Haru:Cause we can humpback at my place.
  • Makoto:H-haru orca's and whales are completely different.
  • Haru:...
  • Makoto:...
  • Haru:Just fuck me up good.
  • Makoto:HARU!

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Iwatobi, Samezuka and Kisumi getting dragged into (or starting, knowing the candyfloss ass) a game of spin the bottle and the bottle lands on their crush?

a quick explanation for why i haven’t been writing as much - sometimes, my RSI (repetitive strain injury) flairs up.. not often, but it’s been doing it recently, making it hard for me to write properly ;-; i’ll try my best!


Haruka really didn’t want to play this game. He didn’t even know half of the people in this circle properly, how the hell was he supposed to kiss them? When the bottle landed on you, he was both endlessly relieved and similarly filled with dread. Having to kiss you in front of all these people, when you made him so nervous he could hardly bear speaking to you. As Haruka stared at you from across the circle of people, cheering him on, he felt his heart thump, heavy in his chest - maybe, just maybe, he might have to thank Kisumi for this game.

Makoto hadn’t complained much when Kisumi had dragged him into the circle, knowing that to try and resist the pink-haired boy was, ultimately, futile. Anyway… He had an ulterior motive. You were sat opposite him, and every time the bottle was spun, his heart stopped; yet, it never landed on you. Until his turn. Nearly every person in the circle knew of Makoto’s crush on you - the cheer that went up when the two of you were matched was almost deafening. Makoto didn’t much care, as, judging from your smile, you didn’t mind all that much, either - besides, he got a kiss from you… What could be better?

Nagisa was all too keen to partake in this game. Those sat around him had grown progressively more concerned as his turn approached - he had been grinning the whole time, eyes trained on you. Sure enough, when he spun the bottle, it found its target, landing precisely on you. Nagisa quite literally jumped up from his seat, swiftly marching over to you, placing his lips over yours.   besides, he got a kiss from you… What could be better? Feeling you respond in kind only made his heart leap; maybe he’d get more out of this than a kiss?

Rei honestly couldn’t believe he had even sat down in the circle in the first place - if it weren’t for Nagisa, he would be happily at home. He outright refused to spin the bottle, and, had he not been held down by an overly-zealous Nagisa whilst Kisumi – the pink-haired devil – spun the bottle for him, he would have never ended up in this situation. The situation being him, sat in front of you, on the verge of passing out from embarrassment as a result of the kiss the two of you had shared. When you placed a hand on his face, encouraging him to look into your eyes, and smiled, however, he figured that maybe Nagisa wasn’t always wrong…


Rin wouldn’t have had anything to do with this game if it weren’t for Kisumi dragging him into the mix, and even now, as he spun the bottle, he still wanted nothing to do with it. That mentality changed when he saw just where the bottle landed: Dead on you. Putting aside the overwhelming desire to run from the room, Rin focused on the positive - you, the person whom he had wanted to kiss for months, was now his companion in this game. And you can bet he made the best of that situation.

Sousuke had hoped that this situation might turn out this way - he wasn’t particularly keen on the idea of having to become intimate with anyone else in this circle. Even though he was mortified by the prospect of having to become so intimate with you in front of everyone else, this situation could have turned out much worse. Seeing you smile at him from across the circle was like a blessing; at least he knew that he wasn’t the only one that wanted this. 

Nitori had flat out refused to play the game, at first. He was more than happy, sat at the side, watching… But it wasn’t as if he was going to get away with that so easily. After much encouragement – and even a little blackmail – Nitori spun the bottle, and, upon seeing it land on you, damn near fainted. Would he, could he, just… Kiss you like that? A little shove – yes, a literal shove – later, and Nitori discovered he definitely could; and enjoy it.

Momotarou’s smile was so large you could have sworn his face would have split in half; he would never have anticipated such a great situation to come from this game, but here he was, preparing himself to kiss the person he’d been crushing on for nearly a year. Maybe he was a little too excited, for as he made his way over to you, he completely disregarded everyone else around him, and stumbled over a few empty drink cups, falling directly into your arms. Even this mishap didn’t deter Momotarou, for he simply leaned up, planting a kiss on your lips.

Seijuro had been planning to speak to you about potentially dating him at some point that evening anyway, so this simply proved to be the perfect opportunity. Seeing you respond so well to his spin landing on you only heightened his spirits, and Seijuro promptly moved to sit beside you, throwing an arm around your shoulders. There was absolutely no way he was going to let this opportunity go to waste.

OTHER (we need a name for this section other than ‘other’)

Kisumi, upon starting the game, had a plan. He didn’t care about who got paired with who, or what happened in the aftermath… So long as he got you. And, sure enough, with a few ‘tweaks’ here and there, when his turn came, Kisumi spun the bottle, grinning to himself as it landed perfectly on you. A mischievous smirk spread across his face as he watched you grow more flustered, his advances on you taking perfect shape - there was absolutely no way you were going to turn him down now. Kisumi couldn’t have been happier when he got that kiss; his plan had turned out just perfect. 

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How about how all the Free! boys look at their girlfriends when they think she isn't looking for your gifs? <3

I apologize but I can not do Seijuro because it passes the character limit. But feel free to re request him !

Iwatobi Swim Team

Haru my movie

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I did the outfit swap meme c: hanadoodles and soyomina’s characters!

rei > ace, makoto > lila (monferno outfit) and trevor
(pls ignore the mysterious unintroduced character behind the curtain in pippa’s luxio evo ;0 )


oh. my. god.