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Request 4/11 for July 2015 - Requested by makos-lightningrod

I think they wanted it all as one word but it looks really beautiful broken up like this so I hope they don’t mind.

Lettering done all on Photoshop with my tablet and pen  - this photo was taken somewhere along the North Shore of Auckland city so there’s the gorgeous view of Rangitoto (Island/volcano) in the background.

I’m quite liking this loose script style for on photoshop, there’s a softness to it that I feel I can’t quite manage with my dip pens because I don’t have very good control over them. 


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Hey guys! Welcome to my first ever follow forever <333 This is to celebrate reaching 1K (and my birthday !!! !) and I wanted to share it with you all. I never thought I would ever reach this many followers, and I love and cherish every single one of you :)

My alpha pack. My trash squad. Blood of my blood. Ohana means family. And family means staying up until 1 am crying about your favorite characters.

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Beautiful Cinnamon Roll Too Good For This World, Too Pure. Really rad mutuals. Bolded are favorites (but I love all of you very much <3)


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I was hiding under your porch because I love you. You may not follow me, but I still spend an unhealthy amount of time obsessing over you.


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Lastly, I want to thank every single one of my followers. I love you all and I never could have done this without you <3

PS. if we’re mutuals and you’re not here message me so i can grovel at your feet and beg for your forgiveness

Hello all! In celebration of 1K + followers (a miracle, really), I made my first ever follow forever! You guys are all seriously awesome no joke I’ve made some really good friends here. And to those of you who have stuck with me since the beginning of this blog (a year now- what!?), I salute you. 

Mutuals italicized, friends bolded :)

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*if you consider us friends and I didn’t bold you please let me know and I can fix it ;)*

I know I did one for 2500 but I felt like doing another follow forever to thank everyone who’s following me and has helped me get to this point!

Thank you to all my followers that take the time to message me, the new ones and the ones who have been following me from the start, even if I don’t follow you back you’re all very important for me!

And last a special thank you to all my beautiful mutuals (bolded ones) and a thousand of kisses and hugs!!!

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Alright guys doing some tribute fan art for thelegendofkorra for the upcoming tribute show. I will be submitting these pieces that will hopefully be chosen to be showed at the event, still need to do Tenzin and Asami, maybe even Lin if I have the time! thelegendofkorrafreak thelegendofkorrathelastairbender thelegendofkorrafans thelegendofkorra-rp tlokscenery thelastairbenderfandom bolin bopalin makos-lightningrod korranation korralegend korraspirit korrastyle korra-naga

anonymous asked:

can you recommend some good atla/lok blogs


beautiful graphics/gif-makers
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myotakuwonderland, zaofus (writer), zukoshonour, amillion-smiles (writer), tophbeithong (writer)

i’m 109% sure i missed like a million people and for that i’m so very sorry. i tried to include blogs that post maybe 85% or more atla/lok but again, this covers maybe 1/10000000 of the blogs in this wonderful fandom. hope this helped though!

Awhile back I was asked to whip together another follow forever and since today is Valentines Day it seemed fitting to show my love/appreciation for some  blogs! These are blogs that at one point or another I thoroughly enjoyed following and have made me smile for hours, laugh for days, and or cry tears full of feels. Not only do these individuals reblog great content but some of them  post stunning original work (e.g. gifs, graphics, fan art, etc)! I personally want to take this time and thank these individuals for making my avatar experience here on tumblr enjoyable and memorable. <3

 If you ever need a place to drown yourself in Avatar feels these blogs will get the job done. Be sure to check out all of the lovely blogs below and show them some love!

F O L L O W   F O R E V E R:

16stolenxpaperthin / -noatak  /  adorkablezuko   aer-dna  /  aqnikai / avatar-fangirl   avatarparallels   azuila  / baelor / bbolinn  /  benditlikekorra  /  blue-wave-789  /  cabbagebending   cainora   cloudbabies   cloudbending   crossroads-of-destiny   dongbufeng  /  earthchakra (hairloopy)   ebonynightwriter  /  eskalationsethereal-airbender / fanbending /  fatherlordzukoz  /  gifbending  / heartcoma  / iahfy  /  ikkinthekitsune  / ilse-chan-san  /   kais-thais / kathuon  /  korra-naga  /  korrapted  / korraspirit  / korrasane (sadly deleted)  /  korrastyle  /  korratea  /  kyoshhi  /  kyoshi-s  /  l-a-l-o-u  /  la-vaniteuse  /  linbeifong  /  makofied  / makorralin /  makos-lightningrod  / masterarrowhead nikadonna  /  nuktuk  /  nymre  /  ohmykorra  / one-hundred-percent-zutara /  otterbender  / penguinsledding / pretentiousfork  /  scarredprince  /  sokkascactusjuice  /  suyinbeifongs  /  taikova/taikorra  /  tophsbeifongs  / viria  / vvivaa whitejadeflower  / wingbeifong / zukothefirelords /  zuzuthefirelord 

***I may have forgotten a few blogs, so I apologize in advance but I’ll be sure to come back and edit them in!***

I’ve recently reached 22k followers, so I decided to make a Follow Forever as a thank you message to you guys. I want to thank you for your kindness, for sticking with me for all this time, for making my dashboard beautiful and for making Tumblr a better place. When I first joined Tumblr, I was hoping I could find people who truly understood me and my obsession about A:TLA and LOK. And I did! I have made a lot of friends here and I am thankful for each one of you. I love you guys so much!

official blogs

korranation | bryankonietzko | michaeldantedimartino

0 - c

0fficermako | aangtics | adorkablezuko | avatar-fangirl | avatarious | avatarparallels | avatarproblems | avatarskorra | avatati | baelor | basingtei | bbolinn | benditlikekorra | bilbolin | booliin | cainora | cerezsis | cloudbabies | courageouskorra

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PS: For those who are wondering, I will still be updating this blog even after LOK ends, as Kai would say, it takes more than that to get rid of me! ♥

Sooo it’s been a year since I’ve joined tumblr and I would have never imagined I would get here: 2270 followers!
Time for a follow forever !
Even though I can’t follow everyone I apprecciate every single one of you amazing followers, it’s you who make my tumblr experience amazing!
A special thanks goes to my babe talesfromberk, thank you so so much cutie pie! And once again, thank you so much to my old and new followers, it means a lot!

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I’m not a person of big words, so Soramaru says everything necessary: Thank you. ♥ And I wish you a happy new year that will hopefully be a year full of joy! :D

bolded = mutuals

italicized = fave blogs

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anonymous asked:

Ikkin talk to me about how Zaheer helped Korra, my jaw dropped at that scene and also the makorra, tell me how in this episode the makorra contrasts makorra in the past, I think this is my second favorite episode in Book 4 so far.

(I kind of feel like this would be better off as two separate asks, since there’s significant meta possibilities for both of them.  XD;

For now, I’m going to avoid the shipping request, though feel free to make a separate ask for that.  The Zaheer half is plenty to talk about in a single post)

I’m kind of surprised that I haven’t seen anyone approach the Zaheer-and-Korra scene from a mental health perspective yet.  I guess it could be out there, but no one I follow reblogged anything of the sort, so I guess my Google Fu will have to suffice.

The thing with that, of course, is that I kind of have to rely on what’s readily available, and most of what’s readily available about PTSD treatments seems to be very general descriptions.  =P

…then again, it’s not like the show could go into details anyway.  There just isn’t enough time to be fully realistic about things like this; all the show can do is represent the general concepts.

I think it does that quite well, though, starting from the framing of Korra’s issues as an inability to find meaning in her suffering: “I am trying to understand why this happened to me.  Nothing makes any sense.”

Korra’s confrontation with Zaheer continues that, drawing a bit from some of the forms of therapy for and theories about the resolution of PTSD.

The first of these is Cognitive Processing Therapy, which involves “addressing ways of thinking that might keep you ‘stuck’ and get in the way of your recovery from symptoms of PTSD and other problems” (1).  It’s meant to help people think about trauma in a different way so they can make sense of what happened and learn to cope with it (2). 

Zaheer’s way of doing this is blunt and forceful, but it shades every interaction he has with Korra (even before she convinces him to help her get into the Spirit World).

He’s being a real jerk here, of course — he’s basically triggering her on purpose — but the point is to shatter her unhelpful illusion that seeing him in chains would make her fear go away.  Every part of his action is a statement, including the chain holding him back, and what he’s saying is that her fear is not affected by her conscious knowledge that he can’t really hurt her.

Once she accepts that she’s still afraid, he’s more direct about telling her that the way she’s acting is getting in her way of her recovery:

She seems to accept what he said, too; her anger at him quickly shifts to despair at ever being able to recover.  But he rejects that, too:

Korra had been assuming that she’d never be the same in the sense that she’d never get better.  But Zaheer reframes that to say, “Of course you’re not the same, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use the resources you have to become something better.”

Korra doubts that’s possible, since her experience has left her feeling limited by external forces.  Zaheer’s response is to reframe the trauma itself into proof that she has no limits:

What an amazing way to understand what Korra went through!  She’s been associating that event with weakness and helplessness and failure all this time, when the very fact of her survival shows that she’s capable of doing the impossible. 

Korra’s actions after being poisoned demonstrated near-unimaginable strength.  She endured minute after agonizing minute of the poison’s effects trying to stave off the Avatar State, and fought for even longer after it triggered.  But she couldn’t see any of that; all she could see was how close she came to dying.  Zaheer has to tell her how much power that must have taken for her to even consider what that means.

Even after Korra starts re-experiencing what happened to her, Zaheer continues to challenge her beliefs.  She doesn’t believe she can let her flashback play out; he insists that she can.  She believes she has no control; he reminds her that she has a choice in how she responds to her experience.

The flashback sequence reflects a supplementary treatment and a theoretical understanding of how PTSD works, too.

Interestingly enough, meditation is considered to be a complementary treatment for PTSD because of its ability to help with relaxation and stress reduction (3).  Prolonged Exposure Therapy uses breathing exercises to help people relax (2), but one can imagine that Zaheer might have seen meditation as providing the same benefits.

The other thing to note in the above gif is that Zaheer asks Korra to focus on his voice — the very voice that she hears in her nightmares! — and thereby creates a direct contradiction in her perception.  The voice she associated with torture and death is the one offering her comfort and encouragement.

And that, I think, reflects the idea that fear associations are either broken down or replaced by the incorporation of incompatible information.

The first theory of how exposure therapy works, the Emotional Processing Theory, posits that confronting a feared stimulus activates a “fear structure” including ideas about the stimulus, its meaning, and how to respond to it.  According to the theory, when that structure is activated in a context where some of its elements are incorrect, a new structure is developed to take it into account and replaces the old one.  Another model, the Inhibitory Learning Model, rejects the idea that old associations are removed, and says instead that the old meanings still exist even after contradictory evidence is provided, but new meanings are created that compete with the old ones (4).

Either way, it seems like Zaheer’s acting to show Korra that her memory is a different thing from her initial experience, and that she’s in no real danger from either it or him.  That the memory transforms into the Spirit World at the end is a way to make that separation final.

In general, it seems like the writers put a lot of thought into making this scene reflect the process of healing from trauma, even if the end result is a permanent end to the flashbacks.  It seems pretty impressive to me!

Sources: [1] [2] [3] [4]

Gifs by Makos-Lightningrod: [1] [2] [3]

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