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Headcanons for when McCree, Soldier 76, Reaper, Hanzo, Roadhog and Genji's s/o's new uniform is a bit... revealing. No nsfw of course haha

Ahhh this took me a while to think of.


  • Would have a small blush on his cheeks
  • He wouldn’t stop anytime soon at looking at his s/o
  • McCree would be holding his s/o close and grinning from ear to ear
  • “You look mighty fine if I do say so myself”
  • Though he would have a mighty attitude if people even try to think anything dirty of his s/o

Soldier 76

  • He would be blushing madly under his visor
  • ‘W-What do you think y-you’re wearing?! That’s for my eyes only!“
  • He would take off his jacket and be covering them as best as possible.
  • S76 would yell at others who even have the intention to look at his s/o
  • He would immediately help them get a new uniform


  • He wouldn’t say anything and just look at them
  • "You look sexy”, he would say very bluntly, but truthfully  
  • He would be by their side whenever they’re wearing the uniform
  • Reaper would  scare off people who even dare glance at his s/o


  • He would be blushing madly
  • Hanzo would have to sit down before he passes out from blood rushing to his head
  • “Please do cover up a bit or else I will die on thinking how the rest of your body looks like”
  • He would then proceed to keep the memory of his s/o in the revealing uniform  for the rest of his life


  • He would be passing by his s/o and would almost trip when he first saw them
  • “…nice”
  • Roadhog would soon be with them all the time when they’re wearing the uniform
  • Though he does try to change their mind about the uniform so he can stop himself blushing all the time


  • He would have to do his best not to get his hands all over his s/o
  • “Ahem…do you not think that uniform is a bit… revealing?”
  • Genji would try his best to get his s/o a new uniform
  • He would try to control his blush and not lose control


anyways this is your daily reminder that mako “roadhog” “#1 pachimari fan” “can’t eat pork because he loves pigs too much” “thumbs up to the security camera” rutledge is, in fact, the perfect man, and nobody could ever surpass him

When Korra nonchalantly asked Mako if he’ll watch over and stick with the next Avatar, he was jarred and, although he agreed at the time, didn’t know for sure if he could commit to it when that time eventually did come. But he realizes that she wouldn’t have told him to do so for no reason; she knew he could do it because he’s done the same for her all those years. So he packs his bags and heads off to the Earth Kingdom with one promise in mind.

“I’ve got your back and I always will.”

俺にリプとかいいねした時点であなたとわたしは仲間さʕ ˘؈ ˘ )おやすみちょーだい

Thrill seeker

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by DontBeAZombie

With his side car in ruins Junkrat has to find a new place to sit

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