Fanfics Where A Character Has Mental Illness

Bad: I am no longer mentally ill because I fell in love! Mental illness begone! No more suffering! Nothing but good days from here on! :)

Good: I still have my mental illness, but I’ve found someone who will stick by my side and is there for me when I hit my lows. They support me and understand me and are more than happy to help me when I have my breakdowns/ help me recover because they love me and I love them. 

The Art of Writing Fanfiction
  • Phase 1:oh shit look at all these plot bunnies go this story's gonna be LIT AF
  • Phase 2:*actually starting to write* okay first paragraph you got this just punch the reader in the face with the awesomeness of this story
  • Phase 3:*two hours later* FUCK ME WHY IS THIS SO HARD
  • Phase 4:*break time*
  • Phase 5:ehhh this calls for some inspiration... *proceeds to read fanfiction of various levels of gayness*
  • Phase 6:*writing again* hey this isn't so bad story's progressing nicely, i can actually finish this on time
  • Phase 7:*writer's block* FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU-
  • Phase 8:*finally on the last paragraph* I CAN SEE THE END IN SIGHT
  • Phase 9:ahhh i feel accomplished i can finally rest ea-
  • Phase 10:*proofreading* why am i such an illiterate bastard
  • Phase 12:repeat.