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Originally I was gonna draw reigisa but makogisa doesn’t get enough love SO…

I did this mostly because I wanted to try out bluekomadori’s wonderful watercolor tutorial. Painting this was really fun and super easy and I feel as though I learned a lot from it. Can’t wait to try it out again. /o/


so on his birthday Nagisa requested everyone to give him a kiss and to his surprise they all complied because he is a lil ball of sunshine and everyone loves him :3

follow-up of this

(Rei is missing because i’m a reigisa addict so Rei’s part just evolved into a comic before i even knew it, gonna post it when it’s finished)

i actually sketched these on Nagisa’s birthday, but before i could color them sea vacation happened and i mean why posting a few days late when i can post a month late

killmewithcuteness  asked:

How about christmas prompt 24 for makoto x nagisa? I need more love for this ship. Also I hope you're having a good time ♥

[CHRISTMAS SENTENCE PROMPTS FIC #6] Free! (Makoto/Nagisa) - 24: “Is it snowing?” I LOVE THIS PAIRING. I don’t even know what I wrote but here I go. Sleepy cuddly christmas tickles for you~ Thnx for the prompt ^-^

Word Count: 921

Makoto opened one eye and smiled a little, feeling Nagisa’s tiny body curl into his arms. With their height difference, Makoto was being the big spoon as always, and he leaned forward and nuzzled Nagisa’s neck.

Nagisa hummed sleepily, seemingly half awake, and Makoto smiled against his neck, placing soft good morning kisses. He loved his cheerful and energetic boyfriend, but it was a rare and lovely case when he was calm and sleepy like this. Because it was only a matter of counting down until….

Mako-chan!” Nagisa chirped loudly, suddenly awake and disturbing the peace and calm as he squirmed in Makoto’s arms. Oh this precious boy full of energy, Makoto thought as he tightened his grip on him and continued to nuzzle his neck. Nagisa always had a reason to be excited. Swimming practice, a planned date together, appointments with the others, any activity, and this time–

“-Mako-chan is it snowing? They said on the news it would! Let me go! I have to go look!” Nagisa stretched his arms out at the window, making grabby hands but barely reaching the curtains. Yep, this cutie just loved snow. Too much

“Hmmmh…” Makoto sighed, and he continued to nuzzle his neck, pressing his tiny body tighter against him. Nagisa was so warm, and he felt so comfortable. Besides, they played games until late night. Makoto was tired. Why not stay in bed some longer while they were free for the holidays anyway?

“I need to look if it’s snowing! Mako-chaa-aahaha noho whyyy!” Nagisa suddenly whined through a spontaneous giggle fit, and Makoto smirked. As much as he loved snow, Nagisa was also deadly ticklish.  

“Because it’s only nine in the morning and you’re being too loud already,” Makoto sighed.

He was just lazily brushing Nagisa’s stomach with his fingers, just the spot where his hands were resting. All he did was curl his fingers a little and tickle the bare skin lightly, but Nagisa was already starting to giggle and snort, his little body arching and squirming in Makoto’s strong arms. 

“Mahahako-chan!” Nagisa began to shake as more giggles spilled from his lips. Makoto felt his own smirk tug at the corners of his lips, oh this cutie was just too adorable. Fingers brushing and scribbling all over those sweet spots, he let his hands travel up, and the squeal he wanted to hear sounded through the room once he tickled Nagisa’s ribs.

“But snoooow! Nohoho fair, I want to - aaahh!” Nagisa had oh so persistently managed to keep his arms stretched as he tried to escape his boyfriend’s clutches, but that was until Makoto slipped his hands under Nagisa’s arms. His warm armpits felt comfy and oops, it made him wiggle his fingers in satisfaction!

“NYAaahaha!” Nagisa pulled his arms back, squeezing them against his sides and trapping Makoto’s hands in the warmth of his armpits. Makoto didn’t mind at all.

“Heh. I keep telling you you’re too active in the mornings. How about we don’t, just once?” Makoto remained calm and playful, the big tease he was, and with a grin from ear to ear he gathered Nagisa’s hands in one of his huge hands and tugged his arms up over his head.

“Oh noohoho p-please eyahaha!” Makoto rolled from his side onto his back and pulled Nagisa’s stretched body on top of him, face up. 

With one hand he kept his hands together, and he placed soft gentle kisses on them as Nagisa clenched them into tiny fists. Meanwhile, his other hand was hungrily traveling down the length of Nagisa’s exposed torso, fingers wiggling down his underarms and ribs. 

“MAh-mahahako-chaaan!” Nagisa struggled and squirmed on top of him while sweet giggles poured from him, but Makoto kept him in place with ease. He lightly scribbled his fingers down his ribs, tweaked his side, and then clawed his tummy. That last move was very effective. Nagisa’s laughter got louder, a higher pitch, it was just lovely.

“EHEHE NO! Nononono not there!” Makoto chuckled and released Nagisa’s hands so his other hand could join in. Now with both hands he dug his fingers into Nagisa’s tummy, making the blond thrash and buck on top of him, his hands desperately trying to pry Makoto’s evil hands off.

“Cahahan’t breathe! Mako- you’re kihihilling me!” Killing his energy, right, Makoto thought with a satisfied smile. He could keep it up just a little bit more. His tummy was his weak spot, he could just keep going at it and..

“AHh!” One innocent finger wiggled in Nagisa’s belly button and it had him squealing and squeaking in the most adorable way. A couple of squeezes of his waist had Nagisa flop around like a fish out of water, right on top of Makoto, and the playful tickler only just escaped a couple of injuries.

“We’ll sleep a bit longer today, Nagisa-chan. Then we’ll check if it snows,” Makoto finally said as he stilled his hands, and Nagisa’s exhausted body slumped against him. 

Still lying on top of Makoto, Nagisa panted tiredly and nodded. Makoto let him slide back onto the mattress and soon they were both back in the same position as when they woke up. 

Makoto could feel Nagisa’s heaving body calm down as the tickle-tired boy drifted to sleep again, and he smiled a little before he got sleepy again as well. Tickling was so effective, and yup, Makoto got his desired rest: they slept until at least eleven. Oh and if it snowed for real? Poor Nagisa, but no!

This is one of my favorite official arts because it looks like an ad for an anime where everyone is in love with Makoto’s character and its like
Nagisa:I’ll wake up Mako-chan with my sweets because he’s sweet.
Rei:I say we let him sleep. He looks cute.
Rin:very cute, but I should cover him up before her gets cold.
Haru:Back off this boy here is mine.

真琴が本当にかっこいいです。That’s why he is my 2nd fav. character xD
渚がめっちゃかわいいじゃ。He is so so so cute in here and he is my 1st fav. character :D

and why there is no Ai???
Aiichirou is my 3rd fav. charater(but he is not even a main charater in Free! T3T) I hope there is picture of him together with Rin! ahahah~ I like it~ hehehk.

Photo by me! O3O pueh~ pueh~

Nagisa Hazuki: Mako-chan!
Makoto Tachibana: Uhm, Nagisa?
Nagisa Hazuki: I know you got a secret stash of sweets hidden somewhere!
Makoto Tachibana: … Oh, no.
Nagisa Hazuki: Where is it?!
Makoto Tachibana: … Oh, I don’t.
Nagisa Hazuki: Is it in your pockets?!
Makoto Tachibana: No, come on!
Nagisa Hazuki: I’m gonna shake it out of your pockets!

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