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They’re not even breeders. A true, reputable “breeder” doesn’t look for clients and desn’t give their dogs to just anyone.

Agreed! I asked a few of them about their dogs, just to see what they’d say, and aside from a myriad of spelling errors and bad English, they can’t even spell the dog breed’s name right. What the hell is a German sheppard? 

My Day of Triumphant to the Mother Land!

So today my boyfriend and I, my parents, and a couple of our friends decided to hike to Harney Peak in the Black Hills. 

External image

All together the hike was 7 miles there and back.

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My parents go on the hike every year and this was my first time going. I was nervous but determined to reach the top!

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My objection was to get on top where you can see the needles.. 

I’m so glad I had my man there to keep me motivated. It really was a big help.. I wanted to give up so bad.. 

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But I’m glad I didn’t. The views were so beautiful and it felt so wonderful.


External image

This is a view from the very top. 

We went through mud, rain, and snow. But it was all worth it in the end. 

At the top there were men singing lakota prayer songs bringing the experience all together. 

Finally home and feeling the pain, my boyfriend and I are going to retire and watch Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows Part 1

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Disagreeing with fur is one thing. We all have our own opinions and beliefs. What I truly need to comment on is the people who are making death threats to you, and it's not even just you. Why do people feel the need to say someone should die because they do something they're interested in? It's sickening and way more revolting than any pelt. Someone told me the same thing once. That because I have pelts, I should die.

People are strange creatures indeed.